Krolikowski “Stirring the ‘Kroc’ Pot”

By Colton Hall
Staff writer

Krockett Krolikowski is living the dream in Brookings.

The redshirt-sophomore from Winner was a part of a South Dakota State University football team that went undefeated at home (7-0) on its way to finishing 10-3.

Krolikowski proved the be a big reason for the Jackrabbits success while “stirring the pot”, registering four sacks which was good enough for second on the team. Everything was going his way.

That’s when tragedy happened.

Krolikowski suffered a torn ACL which would put him out of the last two games, but that wasn’t enough to keep him down for long.

According to Krolikowski, he’s scheduled to be back in time for fall camp, and he’s looking to pick up where he left off.

“Rehab’s going good,” Krolikowski said in a phone interview. “I’ll be back in time for fall camp, and I’m going to be excited to be back with the boys. I just want to get back, be to do what I love.”

Krolikowski, a construction management major, burst onto the college football scene after recording a career high seven tackles, while mustering one and half sacks against Easton Stick and North Dakota State Bison in week three.

Before Krolikowski’s injury, he even blocked kicks in back-to-back games against The University of South Dakota and Duquesne. Krolikowski was heating up.

“It felt good to get in a groove,” Krolikowski said. “It takes a little bit of time to get stuff clicking. I just want to keep playing better, and continue to improve. You work so hard to get to a certain point, and it’s amazing when everything pays off. Now it’s all about building off of last year.”

While a horrific injury like an ACL tear might be enough for some athletes to call it quits, Krolikowski seems to be shaped by the injury. He’s not letting it slow him down, and it all starts with a different mindset.

“There’s going to be adversity in everything,” Krolikowski said. “You can run with it, or you can crumble. One day, you’ll tear your ACL, that can be career ending. It’s different things everyday. You have to push yourself everyday. You have to have the mindset to get through. I’m going to take it one step at a time, and have playing the sport I love.”

His love and work ethic for football is a major reason for his success, but Krolikowski doesn’t forget the people that helped him out along the way. In fact, those people are another reason he plays as hard as he does.

“My favorite part is the guys that I’m around,” Krolikowski said. “I’m not playing for me anymore, its for the guys. I play for the guys right beside me and my family who have continued to push me to get here. I continue to want more, and my desire to continue to get better is what’s going to help me get better. With my faith, and the way that coach Stiegelmeier runs the program , and I like how our team is based around faith.”

In college football, the little things can make the difference between a good or great player. Krolikowski wants to put more of an emphasis on the little things. He just wants to keep getting better.

“It’s the little tendencies,” Krolikowski said. “Learning more mentally from the game can only help you get better. The smarter you get, the better you get with your hands, and I”m learning how to watch film better. I’m paying attention to all the details that can help me be successful. I’m looking at things from a different perspective, and I’m able to pick on the little things better. Our team is more competitive. We’ve been getting better and better, and we’re close. It’s time for the glass to break.”

Make no mistake. Krolikowski wants to get better, but his team is on the verge of being one of the better teams in the country. At some point, all the hard work and dedication will pay off. Something will give.

“We want to win the national championship,” Krolikowski said. “We’ve got to close it out. We’re changing up and things are looking different. We’re more competitive. We’re getting better. It’s time for the glass to break.”

Duffy Tradition Ends

By Colton Hall
Staff writer

There’s a country song by Brad Paisley called “last time for everything”.

If you haven’t listened to it, it’s about the fact that the best things in life don’t last forever. That’s why it’s important to remember those times and cherish them while you’re in them.

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For The Love of Racing

By Colton Hall
staff writer

If you were to walk in to Central Auto Body, all you would see is copious amounts of trophies.

For a racing career that started in 2003, Broc Stout has certainly made a name for himself in the Wissota Street Stock Racing Circuit. The barrage of trophies certainly speak volumes for the success that Stout has sustained.

“I started racing because of my dad,” Stout said. “I started pretty young, and it’s been really fun since. I just love racing.”

Winning is something that drivers or spectators might be worried about, but with Stout, who has won three of his last four races, it’s just another part of the sport that he loves. Stout won first place in Miller at Miller Central Speedway on Saturday, June 22.

“Everything went fine,” Stout said of his victory. “It was just another great day to race, and nothing bad happened. I was just out there to have fun, and that’s what I did.”

Winning just seems to be a regular thing for the quiet Stout. He’s not flashy, but he loves what he does and that’s what might make him most successful. You won’t find him gloating about how many trophies he’s won, or about the people that he’s come in contact with.

“One of the best things about racing is the people you meet,” Stout said. “With the environment, and all the good people you meet, it just makes the sport of racing that much more fun.”

Stout also placed ninth in national points in Wissota Street Stock racing, and third at the Leonard Ferguson Memorial race.

While some would think that the grind would be the hardest part of racing or the pressure of winning, there’s a lot more that makes the sport so pressure packed. Something as simple as travel proves to be difficult as Stout will travel to Rapid City to race at the Black Hills Speedway on Friday.

Despite the pressure and travel, Stout just continues to do what the thing he loves most.

“The travel is difficult,” Stout said. “But, I love what I do and it’s all worth it in the end.

Stout’s father, Dave, helps with repairs and gives advice to his son. After all, it was Dave who got his son interested in racing.

“I think that the most important thing that I’ve learned is to take care of your equipment,” Dave Stout said. “You’re always going to find something, and you have to keep checking on everything to make sure that everything runs properly. Anything you can get to, you better check.”

Winning isn’t everything, and that’s something that people will be able to infer when meeting the Stouts.

“I’ve really enjoyed the experience,” Stout said. “All of my sponsors have made it really fun to represent them, and I love racing. I’m grateful for all the people that have helped me along the way.”

Cowboys Have New Football Coach

By Colton Hall
Staff writer

One year removed from a state championship in 2018, the Cowboys were looking for a new head football coach.

They got one.

Gene Bertram will be the new head football coach for the Colome Cowboys.

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No Shortcuts for Sacred Hoops

By Colton Hall
Staff writer

Winner legend Frank Leahy once said, “There are no shortcuts in life, only those we imagine.”

It’s a pretty straightforward saying. Basically if you want to get somewhere, shortcuts aren’t the answer. It’s going to take hard work to get where you want.

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Winner/Colome Legion takes Down Chamberlain

By Colton Hall, Staff Writer

Winner/Colome pitcher, Carter Brickman unleashes a pitch against Chamberlain.

It wasn’t mistake free, but the Winner/Colome Legion baseball team churned out a 6-2 victory over Chamberlain on Wednesday night at Leahy Bowl.

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Aaker Elected to SDHSAA Board of Directors

By Colton Hall

Dan Aaker is one of the best football coaches in the state.

Aaker has a career winning record of 149-38, and has lead the Winner Warriors to four state championship titles in 2009,2012,2015, and 2016. Aaker finished with back-to-back undefeated seasons in 2015 and 2016.

At one point, Winner hadn’t lose a game in two years.

Winning championships garners some major things. Things like respect, and a reputation.

Because of his excellent coaching career and reputation, Aaker will be the voice for the West River as a part of the South Dakota High School Activities Association Board of Directors. Aaker will be the “West River at Large Representative” on the board.

“It’s nice to be able to represent our school district,” Aaker said in a phone interview. “I’m looking forward to representing the entire west river as a voice. Its a guaranteed position that will give the board another voice to consider.”

Assuming that Aaker would voice his opinions on sports is an accurate presumption, but Aaker wants to voice his opinion on other activities.

“I just want to make the best decisions for student athletes and students that are involved in the fine arts as well,” Aaker said. “Students that are involved in the fine arts are just as important, and they deserve a voice”.

Aside from begin a winner in Winner, Aaker, who is from Bison, knows what it’s like to be around a small town.

“I was born and raised in small town,” Aaker said. “I know the impact that these decisions can have on the kids, and I’m here to be an advocate for them. I’ve worked as an administrator for a while, and I feel like I have a good perspective.”

Lady Warriors Jump to 17-1

Lady Warriors down Gregory

Winner volleyball team, ranked No. 3rd in Class A, defeated Gregory in three sets on Oct. 2. The scores were 25-10, 25-9, 25-7.

Ellie Brozik and Mackenzie Levi were 100 percent in serving. Brozik and Morgan Hammerbeck each had 4 ace serves.

Hammerbeck had 9 kills, Kalla Bertram, 6 and Brozik, 5.

Levi had 21 set assists and Addy Root, 4

Maggie LaCompte had 17 digs and Brozik, 8.

Hammerbeck had 1 solo block and 1 block assist.

Abby Marts had 1 block assist.

As a team, Winner was 98 percent in serving with 9 ace serves, 29 kills, 27 set assists and 46 digs.

We came out focused and ready to play,” said coach Jaime Keiser. “We were aggressive and did a great job of attacking and serving the ball which kept Gregory on the defensive end. We played three consistent games. The girls played as a team and were having fun,” said Keiser.

The Lady Warriors improve to 16-1 with the victory.

Lady Warriors defeat Arlington

The Winner Lady Warriors volleyball team defeated Arlington in 4 sets at the Chester Challenge on Saturday.

The scores were 25-14, 22-25, 25-16, 25-19.

Morgan Hammerbeck was named the MVP of the match.

Hammerbeck and Maggie LaCompte were 100 percent in serving.

Ellie Brozik had 4 aces and LaCompte, 3.

Abby Marts had 23 kills and Hammerbeck, 13.

Mackenzie Levi had 27 set assists and Addy Root, 22.

Hammerbeck had a 2.20 serve receive rating and LaCompte had a 2.06 serve receive rating.

Hammerbeck had 27 digs and LaCompte, 25.

As a team, Winner was 95 percent in serving with 8 aces, 59 kills, 56 assists and 122 digs.

Arlington is a very experienced, scrappy and well coach team,” said coach Jaime Keiser.

We came out ready to play and had the momentum most of the first set. The second set we gave Arlington too many unearned points. We switched our defense in the third set and it helped get to Arlington’s tips, down balls and attacks.

Arlington was very scrappy and would get to every ball we hit to them. We did a great job of attacking the ball over and over wearing them down. I was very proud of the girls and their effort. They played with a lot of heart and intensity. It as a total team effort,” said Keiser.

The Lady Warriors defeated White River in three sets on Thursday. Winner won 25-17, 25-10 and 25-12.

Ellie Brozik was 94 percent in serving and Littau was 90 percent.

Brozik had 4 aces and Littau 2.

Hammerbeck had 14 kills and Abby Marts 9.

Levi had 18 set assists and Root, 9.

LaCompte had 10 digs and Brozik and Hammerbeck with 8 each.

Kalla Bertram had 1 solo block and 3 block assists and Brozik had 2 block assists.

As a team, Winner was 87 percent in serving with 8 aces, 36 kills, 34 set assist, 44 digs and 4 blocks.

The first set we made too many serving and attacking errors. Then we settled down and did a great job of attacking the ball, which kept White River out of system and chasing the ball all over the place,” said Keiser.

The next action for Winner will be Oct. 15 hosting Mt. Vernon/Plankinton and Oct. 16 hosting Wagner.

Colome Falls in Action with Nebraska teams

Colome volleyball team played Ainsworth, Neb. and Stuart, Neb., in a quadrangular on Oct. 2.

The Cowgirls were defeated by Ainsworth 3-2. Colome took the first set 25-20 and the fourth set 25-15. Ainsworth won the other three sets.

Baylie Hoffine scored 9 points, Haley Krumpus and Makayla Shippy had 8 points each.

Kaydee Heath had 16 kills. Shippy had 30 set assists.

Kaydee Heath had 20 digs and Shippy 13.

Stuart defeated Colome 3-0, 12-25, 25-27 and 23-25.

Shippy had 15 points and one ace.

Kaydee Heath had 7 kills. Shippy had 16 assists.

Shippy and Hoffine each had 8 digs.

Colome will host White River on Oct 11 and play in the Andes Tournament on Oct. 13.