Winner Area Youth Attend State Trap Championship

Eight Winner area youth attended the South Dakota Youth Trap Championship on Aug. 5 at the Mitchell Gun Club.

Katie Welker won the junior girls double championship and Luke Hennebold was the senior boys reserve champion in handicap.

The youth attending were Parker Baker, Wade McClanahan, George Clark, Oren Sargent, Jude Sargent, Katie Welker, Jesse Larson and Luke Hennebold.

The youth shot 16-yard trap, handicap according to their 16-yard score and doubles.

Jason Clark is New SDSU Extension Soil Fertility Specialist

Unanswered questions led Jason Clark to pursue a Ph.D. in land and atmospheric sciences with an emphasis in soil fertility and plant nutrition.

“I wanted to know more about how field management practices were impacting the soil and its ability to provide nutrients to the crop,” explained Clark, who received his Ph.D. in 2018 from the University of Minnesota.

Through his new role as an SDSU Extension soil fertility specialist, Clark will help South Dakotans answer questions related to soil fertility.

“Soil fertility is essential to sustainably growing crops and raising livestock. It is also essential to supporting the families who raise these crops and livestock and to sustain a healthy environment for the long term,” Clark said.

Clark is currently updating the state’s nitrogen recommendations for corn and conducting research that is working on identifying the timing and rate of fertilizer applications that optimize crop yield and reduce potential loss due to rainfall.

“Jason’s research experience and enthusiasm for helping South Dakotans improve their soil’s health and bottom line is impressive,” said Alvaro Garcia, SDSU Extension agriculture and natural resources program director & professor.

More about Jason Clark
Growing up on his family’s crop and dairy farm in Utah, Clark developed a close connection to the soil and its role in production agriculture. He also gained a personal understanding of how Extension staff can work with farmers to improve outcomes.

“We always had Extension staff and others help my family learn how we could improve things on our farm. I look forward to helping South Dakota farmers in the same way,” he said.

Clark received his master’s in plant science and a degree in crop science with emphasis in agronomy from Utah State University.

To contact Clark, e-mail him at or call 605-688-4395.

Winner Pedal Pull Winners

4 year old
Skylar Harter, Pierre
Aramina Evans, Winner
Destiny Jones, Winner

5 year old
Presley DeSersa, Winner

6 year old
Kyryn Biggins, Chamberlain
Lexie Boerner, Winner
Kori Ringsmeyer, Pierre

7 year old
Draya Haase, Winner
Kingsley Ludwig, Winner
Brooke Jarrett, Colome

8 year old
Ryann Assman, Mission
Alexis Bennett, Winner

9 year old
Jaelyn Assman, Winner
Chloe Jarrett, Colome
Rihanna Widow, Colome

10 year old
Deborah Harris, Colome
Kylah Biggins, Chamberlain

11 year old
Tessa Sieh, Winner

12 year old
Cassidy Seeking Land

4 year old
Hudson Kaup, Winner
Dylan Boerner, Winner
Rylan Rolston, Winner

5 year old
Draven Haase, Winner
Marshall Watzel, Colome

6 year old
Aaron Chauncey, Carter
Roman Evans, Winner
Easton Erickson, Platte

7 year old
Cooper Craven, Winner

8 year old
Ryken Kaup, Winner
Apollo Willuweit, Winner
Rylan Assman, Winner

9 year old
Jed Blare, Winner

10 year old
Carter Foster, Winner
Owen Lopez, Monroe
Micah King, Winner

11 year old
TayShaun Jones, Winner
Jad Leber, Colome
Austin Blare, Winner

12 year old
Gage DeSersa, Casper, WY
Joseph Laprath, Dallas

Tripp County Community and Family Extension Leaders Sponsored the 2018 Open Class Portion of the Mid Dakota Fair

Tripp County Community and Family Extension Leaders sponsored the 2018 Open Class portion of the Mid Dakota Fair with 45 exhibitors and 129 exhibits. Following are the results of that competition:

Wilma Harter blue(1); Joyce Heath, Best of Show, blue(2); Mabel Schmit, blue(1), red(1);

Dianne Fisher, blue(1); Wilma Harter, blue(1); Audrey Keierleber, blue(1); Mabel Schmit, blue (3), red(3);

Sabrina Egeland-Meeder, Best of Show; Jean Schmidt, blue(1);

Sara Colombe, blue(1); Dianne Fisher, blue(1); Jessica McCall, blue(1);


Sebrina Egeland-Meeder, blue(1);

Leslie Bachmann, Best of Show; Dawn Covey, blue(1); Mabel Schmit, red(2);

Divina Baker, blue(1); Antione Bordeaux, blue(1); Nichi Brinda, red(1); Janine Chauncey, blue(1); Nicole Farley, blue(1), red(2); Terri Fisher, blue(1); Keith Gebhart, blue(2); Debbra Haworth, Best of Show; Neil Hight Elk, blue(1); Trace Larson, blue(1); Emery Long Crow, red(2); Sativa Looking Cloud, blue(1); Lisa Mammen, blue(1); Doris Martinez, red(1); Susan O’Bryan, blue(1), red(1); Jean Schmidt, blue(1); Candence Senter, red(1); Amanda Welker, blue(1)

Sandra Atteberry, Best of Show; Rebecca Marso, blue(1);

Sandra Atteberry, blue (2); Mary Marso, red(1); Mabel Schmit, blue (2), red(4);

Janine Chauncey, blue(1)

Sandra Atteberry, Best of Show, red(1); Aaron Chauncey, blue(1); Dianne Fisher, red(1); Mabel Schmit, blue(2), red(1);

CLASS 18 – HERBS- fresh:
Mary Marso, red(1); Mabel Schmit, blue(1);

Sandra Atteberry, Best of Show, blue(2);
Sandra Atteberry, blue(2), red (1); Mabel Schmit, blue(1);

Sandra Atteberry, blue(3);

Aaron Chauncey, red(1); Janine Chauncey, blue(1); Brad Kahler, blue(1); Laura Kahler, red(1);

Sandra Atteberry, blue(1); Dianne Fisher, red(1); Keith Gebhart, blue(3); Debbie Steinke, blue(1); Marlajean Waters, red(1);

Sandra Atteberry, blue(1); Randy Kludt, red(2); Mabel Schmit, blue(2), white(1);

Sandra Atteberry, blue(1); Debbie Steinke, Best of Show, blue(1);

Sandra Atteberry, blue(1);

Teri Biggins. red(1); Nichi Brinda, blue(2); Calah Covey, blue(2), red(1); Brooke Fisher, blue(2), red(3); Wilma Harter, blue(2), red(1); Heather Heying, Best of Show, blue(4), red (1); Jessica McCall, blue(1); Elaine Meeder, blue(1); Darbi Nelson, blue(1); Shaun Soles, red(1); Carol Turgeon, blue(3); Amanda Welker,blue(1);

Mary Marso, red(1);




2018 Fair Display Results

Aerospace & Rocketry: Purple-Ayasha Jarrett, Deborah Harris, Evan Littau, Hunter Osborn, Jaden Graber, Katie Pederson, Lena DeMers, Parker Mathis, Selah Harris, Shaleena Kingsley

Child Development & Family Life: Purple– Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Jack Anderson, Joselin Kludt, Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber

Blue– Jocelyn Soles, Maggie DeMers, Savanna Swedlund (2)

Red– Arista Kaiser

Clothing & Textiles:

Selected Outfit Purple– Bailey Fisher (2), Deborah Harris (2), Evan Littau (2), Hayden McMurtrey, Jaelyn Assman, Joselin Kludt, Katie Pederson, Kendyl Bachmann, Kylie Sachtjen, Lena DeMers (2), Livia Audiss, Madisan Graber (2), Maggie DeMers (1), Miranda Fisher, Olivia Swedlund, Paisley Hossle, Parker Mathis (2), Peyton Jensen (2), Savanna Swedlund, Zoe Harris (2)

Blue-Jocelyn Soles (2)

Red- Madaline Watzel

Constructed Outfit Purple- Evan Littau, Lena DeMers, Maggie DeMers, Peyton Jensen

Blue- Katie Welker

Fashion Revue Purple- Livia Audiss, Bailey Fisher (2), Madisan Graber, Deborah Harris (2), Evan Littau (2), Jocelyn Soles, Katie Pederson, Kendyl Bachmann, Kylie Sachtjen, Olivia Swedlund, Madisan Graber, Maggie DeMers (2), Parker Mathis (2), Savanna Swedlund, Zoe Harris (2)

BlueJocelyn Soles, Peyton Jensen (2), Madisan Graber, Miranda Fisher,

Community Service: Purple– Clay Sell, Hanna Rowe, Ryan Sell

Electricity: Purple– Katie Welker

Engineering: Purple-Austin Blare (2), Jedediah Blare (2)

First Aid (Health): Purple– Katie Welker, Rylee Schroeder

Blue– Rustin Schroeder

Food Preservation: Purple– Elijah Blare (2), Faith Covey, Lena DeMers, Maggie DeMers, Meagan Blare, Sydney Hollenbeck (2)

Blue- Miranda Fisher (2)

Foods & Nutrition: Purple- Abe Kaiser, Alexis Richey, Arista Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Ayasha Jarrett, Elijah Blare (2), Hudson Peters, Jaelyn Assman, Jedediah Blare, Jesse Larson, Jocelyn Soles (2), Joselin Kludt, Katie Moody, Kayla Natoli,Kierra Bainter, Klayton Heath, Kyla Mammen(3), Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber, Meagan Blare, Oakley Schenefeld, Rustin Schroeder, Sydney Hollenbeck

Blue- Abe Kaiser, Amanda Blare, Ash Kaiser, Austin Blare (2), Bailey Kahler, Elijah Blare, Elizabeth Moser, Evan Littau (2), Hudson Peters, Hunter Shippy, Jocelyn Soles(2), Kash Heath (2), Katie Welker, Kierra Bainter, Kyla Mammen(5), Leah Wiechelman, Meagan Blare (2), Miranda Fisher, Paisley Hossle, Raelynn Kingsley, Rustin Schroeder, Sully Shippy

Red– Elijah Blare (2), Faith Covey, Jaden Graber, Klayton Heath, Kyla Mammen

Health: Purple-Deborah Harris, Lena DeMers (2), Madisan Graber (2), Olivia Swedlund, Zoe Harris

Blue: Amanda Blare, Ava Craven, JadeLynn McCall, Selah Harris, SierraAnn McCall

Hobbies & Collections: Purple– Amanda Blare, Austin Blare (3), Bailey Fairbanks (2), Burner Schenefeld, Deborah Harris, Elijah Blare, George Clark, Hayden McMurtrey, Hudson Peters, Hunter Shippy, Jaden Graber, Jedediah Blare (2), Jesse Larson (2,) Jocelyn Soles, Katie Pederson, Keygan Biggins, Kylah Biggins, Lena DeMers (2), Madisan Graber (2), Maggie DeMers (2), Meagan Blare (2), Melanie Brozik, Oakley Schenefeld, Paisley Hossle, Payton Fisher, Rustin Schroeder

Home Environment: Purple– Abe Kaise,r Arista Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Jocelyn Soles(2), Kyla Mammen, Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber (3), Maggie DeMers, Megan Brozik, Melanie Brozik, Savanna Swedlund, Selah Harris

Blue-Alisha Ammon (2), Ash Kaiser, Jesse Larson, Jocelyn Soles, Katie Moody, Katie Welker, Kylah Biggins, Lena DeMers, Maggie Demers Megan Brozik (3), Micah King, Miranda Fisher, Olivia Swedlund

Red– Matthew Brozik

Horticulture, Gardening & Landscaping: Purple– Alexis Richey (3), Amanda Blare, Austin Blare (2), Ayasha Jarrett (2), Benjamin II King (2), Elizabeth Moser, Evan Littau (3), Jacob Manke (2), Jedediah Blare, Kyla Mammen, Lena DeMers (3), Maggie DeMers (3), Meagan Blare (3), Micah King, Miranda Fisher (2), Sydney Hollenbeck (5), Zoe Harris

Blue- Amanda Blare, Jocelyn Soles (3), Kyla Mammen (2), Selah Harris

Red- Alexis Richey, Kierra Bainter (2)

Photography: Purple- Abe Kaiser, Alexis Love, (3), Amanda Edwards, Arista Kaiser (2), Ash Kaiser (3), Athena Willuweit (3), Ayrn Meiners, Bailey Fairbanks (4), Bailey Fisher (4), Bailey Kahler (2), Brianna Gilchrist, Brindy Bolander (4), JadeLynn McCall, Jaden Graber, Jocelyn Soles (4), Katie Welker (3), Keygan Biggins (2), Khiara Evans, Kylah Biggins (2), Lena DeMers, Luke Hennebold (3), Madisan Graber (8), Maggie DeMers (4), Megan Brozik, Miranda Fisher, Oakley Schenefeld, Olivia Swedlund (2), Payton Fisher (6), Roper Moore (3), Savanna Swedlund, Selah Harris (2), SierraAnn McCall, Sully Shippy (3), Sydney Hollenbeck (3), Wade McClanahan (10),

Blue- Abe Kaiser, Alexis Richey, Alisha Ammon (2), Arista Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Athena Willuweit, Ayrn Meiners, Bailey Fairbanks (4), Bailey Fisher, Bailey Kahler, JadeLynn McCall (3), Jaden Graber, Jocelyn Soles (2), Katie Welker, Lena DeMers, Luke Hennebold, Maggie DeMers, Megan Brozik, Miranda Fisher (2), Payton Fisher, Roper Moore, Savanna Swedlund, SierraAnn McCall, Sully Shippy (2), Sydney Hollenbeck, Zoe Harris (2)

Red– Bailey Kahler, Sully Shippy

Plant Science, Crops & Weeds: Purple- Jesse Larson, Lena DeMers, Maggie DeMers

Poultry & Eggs: Purple– Ayasha Jarrett, Hunter Shippy (2), Kyla Mammen (2), Micah King, Miranda Fisher, Raelynn Kingsley

Blue Benjamin II King (2), Miranda Fisher (2), Shaleena Kingsley

Red Micah King

Range Sciences & Pasture Management: Purple– Ayasha Jarrett, Raelynn Kingsley, Shaleena Kingsley

Robotics: Purple- Evan Littau

Blue– Hayden McMurtrey

Safety: PurpleJoselin Soles

Shooting Sports: Purple- Katie Welker

Swine: Purple- Lena DeMers

Veterinary Science: Purple – Bailey Fairbanks, Trista Kierstead

Visual Arts: Purple– Abe Kaiser (3), Alisha Ammon (2), Amanda Blare, Amanda Edwards, Andrew Taylor, Arista Kaiser (3), Ash Kaiser (2), Athena Willuweit (2), Austin Blare (3), Bailey Fisher (4), Bailey Kahler, Benjamin II King, Brianna Gilchrist, Burner Schenefeld, Caroline Ekberg (2), Deborah Harris, Elizabeth Moser (6), Heather Rowe, Hudson Peters, Hunter Osborn (3), Hunter Shippy, Jaden Graber, Jaelyn Assman (3), Jalen King, Jedediah Blare (2), Jesse Larson (2), Jocelyn Soles (3), Kacie Petersen (2), Katie Moody, Katie Pederson (2), Katie Welker (3), Kayla Natoli (2), Kendyl Bachmann (5), Kyla Mammen (4), Kylah Biggins (2), Leah Wiechelman, Lena DeMers (3), Lliam Harley (2), Madaline Watzel (3), Madisan Graber (3), Maggie DeMers (3), Melanie Brozik (2), Micah King, Miranda Fisher, Nathan Taylor, Oakley Schenefeld, Olivia Swedlund, Paisley Hossle, Payton Fisher (2), Payton Sargent (3), Peyton Jensen (2), Roper Moore, Ryken Orel, Sarah Taylor, Savanna Swedlund (2), Selah Harris (6), SierraAnn McCall, Sully Shippy, Trista Kierstead (3), Zoe Harris (3)

Blue– Abe Kaiser, Amanda Blare, Amanda Edwards, Austin Blare (3), Bailey Fairbanks, Bailey Fisher, Brianna Gilchrist (2), Deborah Harris, Elizabeth Moser, Evan Littau, Hunter Shippy (2), Kacie Petersen (2), Katie Welker, Keygan Biggins, Kyla Mammen (2), Kylie Sachtjen, Lena DeMers, Madaline Watzel (2), Madisan Graber (4), Maggie DeMers, Meagan Blare, Miranda Fisher, Olivia Swedlund, Savanna Swedlund (2), SierraAnn McCall (2), Katie Pederson

Red– Andrew Taylor

Welding Science: Purple-Austin Blare, Bailey Kahler, Elijah Blare, Kash Heath, Klayton Heath, Meagan Blare

Blue– Abe Kaiser, Burner Schenefeld

Wildlife & Fisheries: Purple-Katie Welker

Blue- Keygan Biggins

Wood Science: Purple– Alexis Love, Athena Willuweit, Ava Craven, Deborah Harris, Hunter Shippy, Keygan Biggins, Parker Mathis, Tayden Mathis

Blue Alexis Love, Evan Littau, Katie Welker, Micah King

Best of Shows

Arrow Space & Rocket:

Beg: Even Littau

Jr. Selah Harris

Child Development:

Beg: Lena DeMers

Jr.: Jack Anderson

Clothing: Constructed Outfit:

Beg: Lena DeMers

Jr.: Maggie DeMers

Clothing: Selected Outfit:

Beg: Savanna Swedlund

Jr.: Kendyl Bachmann

Sr.: Zoe Harris

Community Service:

Jr.: Clay Sell

Sr.: Hanna Rowe


Sr.: Katie Welker


Beg.: Jedediah Blare

Jr.: Austin Blare

First Aid:

Jr.: Rylee Schroeder

Foods & Nutrition:

Beg: Rustin Schroeder

JR.: Klayton Heath

Sr.: Elijah Blare

Food Preservation:

Beg: Lena DeMers

Sr.: Meagan Blare


Beg: Olivia Swedlund

Hobbies & Collections:

Beg: Madison Graber

Jr.: Jaden Graber

Sr. : Jesse Larson

Home Environment:

Beg: Madison Graber

Jr.: Selah Harris

Sr.: Arista Kaiser


Beg: Lena DeMers

Jr.: Austin Blare

Sr.:Zoe Harris


Beg:Athena Willuweit

Beg: Brianna Gilchrist

Jr.: Bailey Fairbanks

Sr.: Wade McClanahan

Plant Science:

Beg: Lena DeMers

Jr.: Maggie DeMers

Sr.: Jesse Larson

Poultry & Eggs:

Beg: Ayasha Jarrett

Jr.: Hunter Shippy

Range & Pasture Management:

Beg: Ayasha Jarrett

Jr.: Shaleena Kingsley


Beg.: Evan Littau

Shooting Sports:

Jr. : Katie Welker

Vet Science:

Jr.: Bailey Fairbanks

Visual Arts:

Beg: Ryken Orel

Jr.: Hunter Osborn

Sr.: Arista Kaiser



Jr: Sully Shippy

Sr.: Bailey Kahler

Wildlife & Fisheries:

Jr.: Katie Welker

Wood :

Beg: Athena Willuweit

Jr.: Hunter Shippy

Grill Off Winner: Abe Kaiser

2018 Animal Results


Breeding Beef Show

Angus Breeding Heifer Purple- Roper Moore (2)

Blue- Madisan Graber

Hereford Breeding Heifer Purple– Joselin Kludt

Simmental Breeding Heifer Purple– Maggie DeMers

Blue– Jaden Graber

Commercial Breeding Heifer Purple– Athena Willuweit, Sydney Hollenbeck, Hunter Shippy, Jesse Larson, Saylor Schuyler, Jalen King

Blue– Ash Kaiser, Abe Kaiser, Bailey Kahler, Payton Fisher, Stetson Shelbourn

Grand Champion Breeding Beef: Joselin Kludt

Reserve Champion Breeding Beef: Saylor Schuyler

Market Beef Show:

Chianina Market Steer PurpleRustin Schroeder,

Shorthorn Plus Market Steer Purple Maggie DeMers, Rylee Schroeder

Crossbred Market Steer Purple– Jaden Graber, Lena DeMers, Rustin Schroeder, Hunter Shippy, Madisan Graber(2), Saige Schuyler, Madaline Watzel

Grand Campion Market Beef: Maggie DeMers

Reserve Champion Market Beef: Rylee Schroeder

Grand Champion Market Beef Average Daily Gain: Madaline Watzel

Reserve Champion Market Beef Average Daily Gain: Hunter Shippy

Grand Champion Weight per Day of Age Gain: Sage Schuyler

Reserve Champion Weight per Day of Age Gain: Hunter Shippy

Beef Carcass:

PurpleMaggie DeMers, Madaline Watzel, Hunter Shippy

RedRylee Schroeder, Lena DeMers, Rustin Schroeder (2)

Grand Champion Beef Carcass: Maggie DeMers

Reserve Champion Beef Carcass: Madaline Watzel

Home Raised Beef Results:

  The winner of year 1 is Maggie DeMers, and in 2nd place is Saylor Schuyler

The year 2 winner is Sydney Hollenbeck, and in 2nd place is Luke Hennebold

The winner of year 3 is Sydney Hollenbeck

Beef Showmanship:

Beginner Purple– Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Athena Willuweit, Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber, Roper Moore, Rustin Schroeder

Junior Purple Hunter Shippy Jaden Graber Joselin Kludt Maggie DeMers Payton Fisher Rylee Schroeder Saylor Schuyler Stetson Shelbourn

Senior Purple– Bailey Kahler, Jalen King, Jesse Larson, Madaline Watzel, Saige Schuyler, Sydney Hollenbeck

Feeder or Bucket Calf

Bucket Calf

Purple- Kylie Sachtjen, Lena DeMers

Blue- SierraAnn McCall, Oakley Schenefeld

Grand Champion Bucket Calf: Kylie Sachtjen

Reserve Champion Bucket Calf: Lena DeMers

English or English Cross Heifer:

Purple-Jack Anderson, Sully Shippy, Bailey Shelbourn, Bella Wilcox, Hunter Shippy, Rylee Schroeder, Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Athena Willuweit, Bailey Kahler, Coy Assman, Ryann Assman, Arista Kaiser, Coy Shelbourn, Luke Hennebold, Stetson Shelbourn, Joselin Kludt, Landon Thieman, Sydney Hollenbeck (2), Madison Thieman, Roper Moore, Rowdy Moore

Grand Champion English Feeder Heifer: Roper Moore

Reserve Champion English Feeder Heifer: Sydney Hollenbeck

Exotic or Exotic Cross Heifer

Purple Avery Gilchrist, Austin Blare, Bailey Fisher, Maggie DeMers, Meagan Blare, Rustin Schroeder, Amanda Blare, Elijah Blare, Jesse Larson, Savannah Vogel, Saige Schuyler, Saylor Schuyler

Grand Champion Exotic Feed Heifer: Savannah Vogel

Reserve Champion Exotic Feed Heifer: Maggie DeMers

Grand Champion Feeder Heifer: Roper Moore

Reserve Champion Feeder Heifer: Sydney Hollenbeck

English or English Cross Steer

Purple- Rylee Schroeder, Arista Kaiser, Bella Wilcox, Coy Assman (2), Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Bailey Kahler, Landon Thieman, Sydney Hollenbeck

Grand Champion English Feeder Steer: Landon Thieman

Reserve Champion English Feeder Steer: Sydney Hollenbeck

Exotic or Exotic Cross Steer

PurpleAmanda Blare, Joey Anderson, Rustin Schroeder, Austin Blare, Jedediah Blare, Madaline Watzel, Clay McMurtrey, Madaline Watzel, Meagan Blare, Payton Fisher, Ben Cavegelli

Grand Champion Exotic Feeder Steer: Payton Fisher

Reserve Champion Exotic Feeder Steer: Madaline Watzel

English or English Cross Bull

Purple– Brindy Bolander, Luke Hennebold, Evan Littau, Savannah Vogel,

Grand Champion English Feeder Bull: Savannah Vogel

Reserve Champion English Feeder Bull: Evan Littau

Exotic or Exotic Cross Bull

Purple- Joey Anderson, Saylor Schuyler, Saige Schuyler, Austin Blare

Grand Champion Exotic Feeder Bull: Saige Schuyler

Reserve Champion Exotic Feeder Bull: Joey Anderson

Grand Champion Feeder Bull: Savannah Vogel

Reserve Champion Feeder Bull: Saige Schuyler

Bucket or Feeder Calf Showmanship:

Beginner Purple– Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Athena Willuweit, Bailey Fisher, Bailey Shelbourn, Clay McMurtrey, Coy Shelbourn, Evan Littau, Jedediah Blare, Joey Anderson, Kylie Sachtjen, Lena DeMers, Oakley Schenefeld, Roper Moore, Rustin Schroeder, Ryann Assman

Junior Purple– Amanda Blare, Austin Blare, Brindy Bolander, Coy Assman, Hunter Shippy, Jack Anderson, Joselin Kludt, Maggie DeMers, Payton Fisher, Rowdy Moore, Rylee Schroeder, Saylor Schuyler, SierraAnn McCall, Stetson Shelbourn, Sully Shippy

Senior Purple– Arista Kaiser, Avery Gilchrist, Bailey Kahler, Bella Wilcox, Ben Cavigeilli, Elijah Blare, Jesse Larson, Landon Thieman, Luke Hennebold, Madaline Watzel, Madison Thieman, Meagan Blare, Saige Schuyler, Savannah Vogel, Sydney Hollenbeck


Grand Champion Feeder Calf Beginner Showmanship- Rustin Schroeder

Reserve Champion Feeder Calf Beginner Showmanship- Roper Moore

Grand Champion Feeder Calf Junior Showmanship-Rylee Schroeder

Reserve Champion Feeder Calf Junior Showmanship- Joselin Kludt

Grand Champion Feeder Calf Senior Showmanship- Savannah Vogel

Reserve Champion Feeder Calf Senior Showmanship- Sydney Hollenbeck


Breeding Swine- COUNTY ONLY

Breeding Gilt

Purple- Joey Anderson, Rustin Schroeder, Rylee Schroeder, Savannah Vogel

Grand Champion Breeding Gilt: Rylee Schroeder

Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Joey Anderson

Market Swine

Commercial Market Barrow

Purple Bella Wilcox, Coy Assman, Ryken Orel, Arista Kaiser, Brindy Bolander, Jocelyn Soles, Savanna Swedlund (2), Jaden Graber, Kyla Mammen, Lena DeMers, Bailey Fairbanks, Faith Covey, Savannah Vogel, Madisan Graber, Maggie DeMers, Rustin Schroeder, Rylee Schroeder

Blue- Ayrn Meiners, Bailey Fisher, Bella Wilcox, Kylie Sachtjen, Parker Mathis, Ryann Assman, Ash Kaiser, Coy Assman, Jocelyn Soles, Tayden Mathis, Payton Fisher, Abe Kaiser, Maggie DeMers, Carter Craven, Miranda Fisher, Ryann Assman

RedHunter Kahler, Michaela Bachmann, McKenzie Bachmann

Commercial Market Gilt

Purple Carter Craven, Ava Craven, Olivia Swedlund, Ava Craven, Joey Anderson

Blue Alexander Week, Bailey Fisher, Kylie Sachtjen, Miranda Fisher, Payten Week, Payton Fisher, Olivia Swedlund

Grand Champion Market Hog: Kyla Mammen

Reserve Champion Market Hog: Savannah Vogel

Grand Champion Swine Average Daily Gain: Payton Fisher

Reserve Champion Swine Average Daily Gain: Miranda Fisher

Swine Carcass:

Purple– Ryken Orel, Jocelyn Soles, Brindy Bolander, Arista Kaiser, Bella Wilcox, Jaden Graber

Blue– Joey Anderson, Ryann Assman, Coy Assman, Rustin Schroeder, Maggie DeMers, Rylee Schroeder

Red- Abe Kaiser, Madisan Graber, Lena DeMers, Kyla Mammen, Bailey Fairbanks, Maggie DeMers, Miranda Fisher

Grand Champion Swine Carcass: Ryken Orel

Reserve Champion Swine Carcass: Jocelyn Soles

Swine Showmanship

Beginner Purple Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Bailey Fisher, Carter Craven, Hunter Kahler, Jocelyn Soles, Joey Anderson, Kyla Mammen, Kylie Sachtjen, Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber, Olivia Swedlund, Payten Week, Rustin Schroeder, Ryann Assman, Ryken Orel, Savanna Swedlund

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Kyla Mammen

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Rustin Schroeder

Junior Purple Alexander Week, Ava Craven, Bailey Fairbanks, Brindy Bolander, Coy Assman, Jaden Graber, Maggie DeMers, Miranda Fisher, Parker Mathis, Payton Fisher, Rylee Schroeder, Tayden Mathis

Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Rylee Schroeder

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Jadne Graber

Senior Purple Arista Kaiser, Ayrn Meiners, Bella Wilcox, McKenzie Bachmann, Savannah Vogel

Grand Champion Senior Showmanship: Savannah Vogel

Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship: Arista Kaiser

Dairy Cattle:

Holstein, Grade Dairy Cattle

PurpleAlisha Ammon, Athena Willuweit (2), Bailey Shelbourn (2) Jalen King, Leah Wiechelman, Micah King, Bailey Fairbanks, Miranda Fisher, Burner Schenefeld

Jersey Dairy Cattle

PurpleLeah Wiechelman, Roper Moore

Crossbred Dairy Cattle

Purple- Jack Peters, Hudson Peters (2)

Grand Champion Dairy Animal: Hudson Peters

Reserve Champion Dairy Animal: Miranda Fisher

Dairy Cattle Showmanship:

Beginner Purple– Athena Willuweit, Bailey Shelbourn, Hudson Peters, Micah King, Roper Moore

Junior Purple Bailey Fairbanks, Jack Peters, Leah Wiechelman, Miranda Fisher

Senior Purple– Alisha Ammon, Burner Schenefeld, Jalen King

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Athena Willuweit

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Roper Moore

Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Bailey Fairbanks

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Miranda Fisher

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Jalen King

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Burner Schenefeld


Dairy Goats

Unrecorded Grade Dairy Goat

Purple– Alisha Ammon, Bailey Fairbanks, Jalen King, Micah King, Miranda Fisher, Sydney Hollenbeck, Burner Schenefeld, Alisha Ammon, Jalen King, Sydney Hollenbeck

County Only Dairy Billy Goat Under 6 Months

Purple– Bailey Fairbanks, Micah King, Miranda Fisher

Grand Champion Dairy Goat: Alisha Ammon

Reserve Champion Dairy Goat: Bailey Fairbanks

Meats Goats

Market Meat Goat Wether

PurpleBurner Schenefeld, Oakley Schenefeld, Brianna Gilchrist, Jackson Ducheneaux, Avery Gilchrist, Khiara Evans, Trista Kierstead, Parker Mathis, Parker Mathis, Rustin Schroeder

Blue– Abe Kaiser, Arista Kaiser

Grand Champion Meat Goat: Rustin Schroeder

Reserve Champion Meat Goat: Brianna Gilchrist

Grand Champion Market Goat Average Daily Gain: Parker Mathis

Reserve Champion Market Goat Average Daily Gain: Parker Mathis

Breeding Meat Goat

Purple– Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Bailey Kahler (2), Kyla Mammen, Oakley Schenefeld

Blue- Arista Kaiser, Burner Schenefeld, Jack Anderson (2), Kyla Mammen, Oakley Schenefeld, Miranda Fisher

Grand Champion Breeding Meat Goat: Bailey Kahler

Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Goat: Ash Kaiser

County Only Billy Goat Under 6 Months

Purple– Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Oakley Schenefeld

Goat Showmanship

Beginner Purple– Abe Kaiser, Ash Kaiser, Brianna Gilchrist, Khiara Evans, Kyla Mammen, Micah King, Oakley Schenefeld, Rustin Schroeder

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Rustin Schroeder

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Khiara Evans

Junior Purple- Bailey Fairbanks, Jack Anderson, Miranda Fisher, Parker Mathis, Trista Kierstead

Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Jack Anderson

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Trista Kierstead

Senior Purple– Alisha Ammon, Arista Kaiser, Avery Gilchrist, Bailey Kahler, Burner Schenefeld, Jackson Ducheneaux, Jalen King, Sydney Hollenbeck

Grand Champion Senior Showmanship: Avery Gilchrist

Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship: Bailey Kahler


Breeding Sheep

Purple- Bailey Fisher, Kylie Sachtjen, Payton Fisher, Ayasha Jarrett, Alisha Ammon, Jalen King, Benjamin II King, Micah King

Blue- Alexis Richey, Hunter Kahler

Grand Champion Breeding Ewe: Payton Fisher

Reserve Champion Breeding Ewe: Kylie Sachtjen

Market Sheep

Purple Hunter Kahler, Kylah Biggins, Raelynn Kingsley, Hunter Shippy (3), Kylie Sachtjen, Bailey Fisher, Keygan Biggins, Payton Fisher

Blue Alexis Richey, Brianna Gilchrist, Shaleena Kingsley

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Payton Fisher

Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Hunter Shippy

Grand Champion Sheep Carcass: Kylie Sachtjen

Reserve Champion Sheep Carcass: Hunter Shippy

Sheep Showmanship

Beginner Purple– Ayasha Jarrett, Bailey Fisher, Benjamin II King, Brianna Gilchrist, Hunter Kahler, Kylah Biggins, Kylie Sachtjen, Micah King, Raelynn Kingsley

Grand Champion Beginner Sheep Showmanship: Bailey Fisher

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Brianna Gilchrist

Junior Purple– Hunter Shippy, Keygan Biggins, Payton Fisher, Shaleena Kingsley

Grand Champion Junior Sheep Showmanship: Payton Fisher

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Keygan Biggins

Senior Purple– Alexis Richey, Alisha Ammon, Jalen King

Grand Champion Senior Sheep Showmanship: Alexis Richey

Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship: Alisha Ammon

Champion Round Robin Livestock Showman: Savannah Vogel

Small Animal Show


Purple– Raelynn Kingsley, Benjamin II King, Cadence Senter (3), Miranda Fisher (2)

Blue Shaleena Kingsley, Alisha Ammon, Micah King (2), Miranda Fisher (3), Benjamin II King, Paisley Hossle

Red Shaleena Kingsley, Jalen King

Grand Champion Poultry: Cadence Senter

Reserve Champion Poultry: Miranda Fisher

Poultry Showmanship

Beginner Purple-Paisley Hossle, Raelynn Kingsley, Micah King

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Raelynn Kingsley

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Paisley Hossle

Junior Purple– Cadence Senter, Miranda Fisher, Shaleena Kingsley

Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Cadence Senter

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Miranda Fisher

Senior Blue– Alisha Ammon

Red- Jalen King


Holland Lop

Blue Brindy Bolander

Mini Lop

Purple– Avery Gilchrist, Brianna Gilchrist, Nicole Farley, Aaron Gilchrist(2), Oakley Schenefeld (2) Brianna Gilchrist

Blue Miranda Fisher

Mini Rex

Purple Avery Gilchrist (3), Jaelyn Assman, Cadence Senter, Kayla Natoli Blue Avery Gilchrist


Purple Brianna Gilchrist (2) Jaelyn Assman

Blue Khiara Evans (2)

Any other class

Purple Kayla Natoli, Brianna Gilchrist

Blue Selah Harris

Grand Champion Rabbit: Avery Gilchrist

Reserve Champion Rabbit: Avery Gilchrist

Rabbit Showmanship

Beginner Showmanship:

Purple Brianna Gilchrist, Jaelyn Assman, Khiara Evans, Oakley Schenefeld Grand Champion Beginner Rabbit Showmanship: Brianna Gilchrist

Reserve Champion Beginner Rabbit Showman: Khiara Evans

Junior Showmanship:

Purple-Selah Harris

Blue– Brindy Bolander, Cadence Senter, Miranda Fishe,r Nicole Farley Grand Champion Junior Rabbit Showman: Selah Harris

Senior Showmanship

Purple- Avery Gilchrist

Blue- Aaron Gilchrist, Kayla Natoli

Grand Champion Senior Rabbit Showman: Avery Gilchrist



PurpleAsh Kaiser, Brindy Bolander, Deborah Harris, Hanna Rowe, JadeLynn McCall, Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber, Maggie DeMers, , Selah Harris(2), SierraAnn McCall, Sully Shippy, Zoe Harris

Grand Champion Cat: Selah Harris

Reserve Champion Cat: Zoe Harris

Kitten/Cat Showmanship

Beginner Purple– Lena DeMers, Madisan Graber, Deborah Harris

Junior Purple– Selah Harris, Sully Shippy

Senior Purple– Zoe Harris

Blue-Hanna Rowe

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Deborah Harris

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Madisan Graber

Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Selah Harris

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Hanna Rowe

Grand Champion Senior Showmanship: Zoe Harris

Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship: Hanna Rowe

Best Decorated Cat Cage Champion: SierraAnn & JadeLynn McCall

Best Decorated Cat Cage Reserve Champion: Zoe Harris

Small Animal Grand Champion Round Robin: Zoe Harris

Small Animal Reserve Champion Round Robin: Avery Gilchrist


Dog Showmanship:

Beginner Purple– Anna Fott, Clay McMurtrey, Jocelyn Soles, Noah Manke,

Grand Champion Beginner Showmanship: Clay McMurtrey

Reserve Champion Beginner Showmanship: Noah Manke

Junior Purple Ava Craven, Melanie Brozik, Parker Mathis

Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Ava Craven

Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Parker Mathis

Senior Purple-Kayla Natoli

Grand Champion Senior Showmanship: Kayla Natoli

Dog Obedience:

Purple– Anna Fott, Clay McMurtrey, Jocelyn Soles, Ava Craven, Melanie Brozik

Blue– Noah Manke, Parker Mathis

Red- Kayla Natoli

Grand Champion Beginner Dog Obedience: Jocelyn Soles

Reserve Champion Beginner Dog Obedience: Anna Fott

Grand Champion Junior Obedience: Melanie Brozik

Reserve Champion Junior Obedience: Ava Craven

Livestock Judging Contest:

Senior Champion: Avery Gilchrist

Reserve Champion: Jalen King

Junior Champion: Rylee Schroeder

Reserve Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Beginner Champion: Rustin Schroeder

Reserve Champion: Bailey Fisher


Consumer Decision Making:

Senior Champion: Hanna Rowe

Reserve Champion: Jalen King

Junior Champion: Melanie Brozik

Reserve Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Beginner Champion: Kierra Bainter,

Reserve Champion: JadeLynn McCall


Warriors Open Season on Aug. 17

Winner High School football team is working hard in practice getting ready for the opening game of the season.

The Warriors will open the season on Aug. 17 when they play at Sioux Falls Christian. The Warriors will play at the University of Sioux Falls stadium.

Sioux Falls Christian is the defending Class 11B champs and defeated Winner last year in the opening game of the season.

They jumped on us early,” said Winner coach Dan Aaker who is starting his 17th year at the helm of the WHS football team.

There is no better way to find out who we are than playing the defending state champs,” said the coach.

There are 45 athletes on the Winner team. This includes 10 seniors, 11 juniors, 10 sophomores and 14 freshmen.

The Warriors lost 10 seniors from last year’s team.

Winner ended the regular with a 6-2 record and overall the Warriors were 7-3.

The returning lettermen are: Elijah Blare, Adam Bohnet, Zach Bohnet, Joren Bruun, Jacob Clay, Joey Cole, Shea Connot, Owen Duffy, Evan Farner, Brady Fritz, Aaron Gilchrist, Jackson Hanson, Phillip Jorgensen, Sam Kruger, Jerry Long Crow, Zane Mandl, Kameron Meiners, Loren Moeller, Bosten Morehart, Ryder Mortenson, Preston Norrid, Trevor Peters, Oscar Pravecek, Nolan Sachtjen, Colton Schroeder, Casey Stickland, Landon Thieman, Logan Tunnissen, Ethan Vesely, Brandon Volmer, Trey Welch and Tyson


The Warriors have three returning starters returning on offense and defense. Among those starters are Shea Connot, Phillip Jorgensen, Brandon Volmer and Elijah Blare.

Even though there were only three starters a lot of the other athletes got to play a lot on both sides of the ball.

Battling for the quarterback spot are Brady Fritz and Volmer. “It is nice to have two guys who know their position and can do some things,” said Aaker.

Jorgensen played a lot in the backfield last year. Trey Welch played a lot the first two games and then suffered a knee injury. Aaker says Trey is back and at full speed.

The coach added sophomore Preston Norris has looked good not only as a fullback but as a line backer.

Nolan Sachtjen was hurt last year but is back and will get a lot of carries.

The sixth running back will be sophomore Sam Kruger.

Aaker says Bruun can play some running back but will be more of a wild receiver.

Over the years the Warriors have been at a double tight end set but this year will run more receivers. “This is just because we do not have the beef at tight end,” said the coach.

The tight ends who will receive the most snaps will be Casey Stickland and Tyson Westendorf. Aaker added Ethan Vesely has looked good at this position.

Up front the team will rely on guys like Blare, Connot, Oscar Pravecek and Colton Schroeder. Logan Tunnissen and Bosten Morehart are battling for the center position.

One of the areas of concern is the offensive line. The Warriors are solid with who they put on the line however there is not a lot of depth. “We have to allow time to get those big guys off the field for some rest,” said Aaker.

On the defensive side, there will be about six defensive backs in the mix. Volmer is a returning starter.

Sachtjen, Bruun, Fritz and Sam Kruger have looked good along with Trevor Peters at strong safety.

Connot returns as a linebaker and will be running the defense.

Jorgenen played a lot at linebacker last year. Working into this mix will be Norrid, Thieman and Welch.

At defensive end is another place Winner needs to get more depth.

In the middle will be Colton Schroeder, Pravecek, Morehart and Achilles Willuweit.

Volmer and Welch have been doing the kicking.

There will be some younger players who will have to play right away

We are athletic but we need to get physical. With just a few days of practice the team had not done a lot of hitting.

Winner football has always been known as a physical team. One of the things Aaker will be looking at in practice will be how physical the team can be.

The Warriors had a team camp for five days before the official start of practice. “We put a lot more into the camp knowing we only had 11 days to get ready for the first game,” said Aaker.

Winner will play a tough schedule this year. They are in the SESD Conference which was won by Wessington Springs/Woonsocket last year.

Stanley County, Chamberlain, Wagner, Woonsocket and Winner make up the SESD.

Some of the non-conference games include West Central at home and Mt Vernon/Plankinton for homecoming on Sept. 21.

One of the goals of the team is to win the SESD Conference and want to be a high seed to host the playoffs.

We have to come together as a team and we have to have leadership,” said the coach.

Aaker noted this Warrior team has big upside. “If we do the little things well and treat each day as a way to get better we can make some big steps.”

Assistant coaches are Trent Olson, Kevin Keiser, Sam Olson, Glenn Carlson and Austin Calhoon. Calhoon is a new addition to the coaching staff.

The 2018 WHS football schedule includes:

Aug. 17—at Sioux Falls Christian

Aug. 24—Stanley County, home

Aug. 31—West Central, home

Sept. 14—at Valentine, Neb.

Sep. 21—Mt. Vernon/Plankinton, home (homecoming)

Sept. 28—at Chamberlain

Oct. 5—at Wagner

Oct. 12—Wessington Springs/Woonsocket/Sanborn Central, home

Oct. 18—First round of playoffs

Oct. 25—Second round of playoffs

Nov. 2—Semifinals

Nov. 9—Championship in the Dome in Vermillion

Cowboys Return a Lot of Experience

Colome Cowboys have lofty goals this year as they open the 2018 season at home on Aug. 17 against Centerville.

The returning lettermen for the Cowboys are Alan McKenzie, Jacob Beckers, Chase Dufek, Wyatt Cahoy, Jaikob Week, Casey Assman, Rhet Bertram, Nathaniel Hansen, Evan Cole, Layton Thieman, Beau Bertram, Calvin Ringing Sheild, Dawson Varilek, Jackson Kinzer, Adam Cole, Michael Supik.

Others on the team are Cailob Week, Riley Shippy, Brayden Seegers, A. J. Davis, Dusty Sell, Aaron Debus and Drew Musilek.

8th graders are Sully Shippy and Aiden Muller.

Lost from last year are Kolton Salonen, Nash Atteberry, Jamin Dougherty, Zane Rohde and Cody Assman.

Last year’s record was 9-2 with only losses to Corsica/Stickney and Sully Buttes in playoff semifinals.

The Cowboys have seven returning starters on offense and defense. The returning starters are: Jackson Kinzer, Layton Thieman, Chase Dufek, Beau Bertram, Wyatt Cahoy, Even Cole and Dawson Varilek.

Dufek will return as one of the running backs and last year he rushed for over 1,000 yards.

Thieman was an all state free safety with Beau Bertram as the all state defensive end and Jackson Kinzer as an all state running back.

Ben Connot is in his second year as the head coach of the Cowboys. He says there is a lot of good positive energy in practice. The team has been practicing from 6-9 a.m.

We have a lot of experience coming back,” said Connot.

As far as expectations, we would like to be playing in November. The pressure is not there as it was last year. We are just going to play football and have fun.”

In 2016 the Cowboys were the Class 9B champions and had that target on their back last year.

Connot says the schedule is similar to last year.

When asked who he sees as the top teams in Class 9B, Connot says Sully Buttes is again the favorite. He added Colman-Egan and Castlewood will be tough.

The coach says the team goals are to win the Great Plains Conference, to stay healthy and win a state championship.

The assistant coaches are Gene Bertram, Terrance Kinzer and Chase Hrabanek.

The 2018 Colome football schedule includes:

Aug. 17—Centerville, home

Aug. 24—at TDA/ACDC

Aug. 31—at Burke

Sept. 7—bye week

Sept. 14—Gayville-Volin (homecoming)

Sept. 21—Alcester-Hudson, home

Sept. 28—at Scotland

Oct. 5—at Corsica/Stickney

Oct. 12—Avon, home

Oct. 18—first round of playoffs

Oct. 25—quarterfinals of playoffs

Nov. 2—Semifinals of playoffs

Nov. 9—Championship in the DakotaDome in Vermillion

Marts Wins Golf Tournament

Samantha Marts was the champion of the Winner Ladies city golf tournament.

Second place in the championship flight went Laura Root with Kari DeMers, 3rd.

First flight winners were Jennie Fenenga, 1st; Abby Jorgensen, 2nd; Becky Olson, 3rd.

Second flight winners were Stacy Rayman, 1st; Addy Root, 2nd and Donna Howland, 3rd.