04/29/2020 – Caps Out And No Where To Go

Dan Bechtold, Editor

Lots of caps and no where to go

My baseball caps sit very lonely in a tote. They have no where to go.

They cover the head of that photographer Dan Bechtold from the Winner Advocate.

But that photo guy has no place to go and his trigger finger does not want to get out of practice of taking pictures.

With the coronavirus the South Dakota High School Activities Association has cancelled all spring sports which includes track, golf and club baseball.

Those hats are just itching to go to Howard Wood Relays in Sioux Falls. It is a great venue to see the best high school and college athletes compete.

Those hats want to provide some shade for Dan as he snaps pictures of Brady Fritz crossing the finish line in the 100. Or of Brady competing in triple jump.

The hats want to sit on the grass with Dan as he captures Kade Watson or Sidda Schuyler run the open mile.

Those caps over the years have shared in the joy of a state track meet. And this year they were looking for a return trip to Sioux Falls for the state finals. And a week earlier those caps would have been in Winner covering the regional track meet. But the caps will sit idle this year in a darkened room instead of in bright sun where the are supposed to be.

The caps were looking forward to spending time at Leahy Bowl covering the Winner/Colome club baseball team. The Royals were going to have a good season under coach Kory Foss. Baseball is going to have to wait till his summer and hopefully the virus will have passed to allow teams to play some ball.

Dan can social distance on the baseball field. He usually stands on the third base line or is capturing a player scoring a run.

He will just have to not mingle so much with the players in the dugout. That means the cap will have to do its job as Dan will have to spend more time in the sun. Keeping that increasing balding head from getting too much sun.

The caps are itching for a beautiful day at Winner Country Club as Dan covers the girls golf team.

And though Dan never wears a baseball cap inside at basketball games, he is really sad that he did not get a chance to cover the Winner girls at the state basketball tournament. But he certainly understands the reason why there was no state basketball tournament. But a baseball cap would certainly sit in the car with him on the ride to Rapid City. A ride that never materialized.

And so on an afternoon off, Dan just might put on a cap, take a walk and dream of covering spring sports.

Or better yet, maybe Dan and his cap could participate in the Winner FFA Wednesday Walks.

The caps would enjoy that.

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