The Avenue of Flags

flags at cemetery

In the early 1960s in a small rural community of Winner, an idea came to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #4674 Commander.  His idea was to line the “streets” of the Winner Cemetery with flags on Memorial Day.  His idea became a reality when 16 casket flags flew on the streets of the cemetery.  The reason 16 flags were flown was to honor the memory of those from the community who had paid the ultimate price in combat.  For an unknown reason, the number was much higher than 16, but that was all they were aware of at that time. This number of flags continued to be flown for several years on Memorial Day.

In the 1990s the three veteran’s organizations in town met and decided they would form an organization called “The Avenue of Flags Foundation”.  Members from the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Disabled American Veterans, all from the Winner community, met and laid out the bylaws and purpose of the organization. About 430 flags were being flown by 1996.

The need for more man power was readily identified, followed by more flag poles, wagons to hold the poles, cement holes, bigger cedar lined chests to hold the flags and funds to purchase the needed items.  The call went out to the community along with the needs list.  Many hours were donated during the weeks before Memorial Day to perform those tasks that make up such a huge project. The people responded; men, women and children all came at 5 am to help put the flags up and again a 5 pm to take them down.   The sight is breath-taking with the flags flying so majestically in the morning breeze.  Each flag pole has the name of a veteran on a plaque.  By 1999, a metal building was built to house the materials used for Memorial Day.

This year, over 850 flags will fly on Memorial Day at the Winner cemetery in a visual honor of those who bravely served. The cemetery, which is kept well-manicured by the city workers throughout the year, is the final resting place for so many who have served with pride and have now gone to their heavenly home.  See these beautiful flags wave with pride as you join fellow community members in remembering these men and women, at the annual Memorial Day service which begins at 11 a.m. on Monday, May 29.

Long Term Care Residents Enjoy Prom

nursing home prom king and queen

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

Marian Burtz never attended a prom in high school.  The resident of the Winner Regional Longterm Care Center attended her first prom on May 18.  The staff came up with the idea of hosting prom for the residents.  Burtz was dressed in formal and was all smiles when she was introduced at the grand march.  Burtz could not sleep the night before the prom because she was so excited.

DeeAnn Woods, activities coordinator at Winner Regional, said the event was phenomenal.  The activities room was decorated in pastel colors to go with the spring prom theme. There were lots of lights. The dining room and chapel were also decorated.

Ryan Kindt, a CNA at Winner Regional, mentioned to Woods that it would be nice for all the residents to get dressed up. Kindt made the comment shortly after the Winner High School prom.  Woods said it just clicked and she went into a planning mode and had lots of help from the staff.

Prom dresses were donated by Once Upon a Story boutique of Sheridan, Wyo. The sister of a Winner regional employee owns the business.  So, 50 prom dresses were given to the center and Woods was surprised to learn they did not have to be returned.

The men wore button down shirts and ties. Each man had a boutinar and the women had a corsage.  For the women, staff went room to room with makeup. Woods explained she fixed a lot of hair that day.

Bob Vrbsky provided the music for the dance.

There was a king and queen chosen. Bob Hansen was the king and Emma McKee was the queen.  Woods noted the special care unit had its own king and queen with Bill Brodrecht as the king and Mae Arcoren as the queen.

Woods said there was excitement all week leading up to prom.  “The best thing was the smiles,” said Wood. “You could see how happy they were,” she added.  Woods said the prom was so successful that it will be done next year.

WHS Honor Roll


WHS 4th quarter Honor Roll

Honor – Chloe Bartels, Sidney Bohnet, Drew DeMers, Shannon Duffy, Luke Engel, Wyatt Ewing, Brea Heth, Sydney Hollenbeck, Mackenzie Irick, Skyler Jermolenko, Chase Kingsbury, John Kludt, Krockett Krolikowski, Cameron Kuil, Abigail Leyden, Kyran Meek, Isaac Naasz, Sam Schuyler, Molly Sperlich, Jacob Woods
Merit – Trevor Bertram, Nick Blare, Kayleb Brozik, Nathan Erickson, Avery Gilchrist, Bailey Harter, Liz Jankauskas, Kaycee Konvalin, Trace Larson, Alex Meiners, Rhys Middlesworth, Hannah Peterson, Jayden Schroeder, Rachel Sherman, Ryan Sherman, Jordan Turgeon, Jace Voegeli, Tristan Watzel
Honor – Meredith Calhoon, Riley Calhoon, Madyson Frazier, Madelyn Hanson, Ronae Klein, Zachary Lapsley, Samantha Marts, Levi McClanahan, Brekkyn Nagel, Lauren Norrid, Charles Novak, Macy Olson, Ian Tunnissen
Merit – Aidan Bachamann, Michaela Bachmann, Dalton Baker, Carter Brickman, Elisabeth Duffy, Macie Ferwerda, Justus Gregg, Hannah Hanson, Matthew Hartley, Daesha Klein, Hanna LaCompte, Nick Lantz, Lexie Nedved, Destiny Ruden, Alex Schaeffer, Mason Schuyler, Matthew Smither, Nathan Smither, Riley Sund, Savannah Vogel
Honor – Bayli Beehler, Sierra Hansen, Gabriel Kocer, Sophia Lewis, Gracie Littau, Abigail Marts, Makenna Petersen, Alexis Richey, Casey Stickland, Andrew Taylor, Madison Thieman, Logan Tunnissen, Brandon Volmer, Tyson Westendorf, Sadie Woods
Merit – Taylor Audiss, Brielle Bachmann, Elijah Blare, Shea Connot, Jeanette Cook, Kassandra Cox, Jeslyn Felix, Liliann Jelinek, George Kraft, Katy Lantz, Tyler Olson, Nolan Sachtjen, Hunter Shopene, Wyatt Turnquist, Tedra Vrbka
Honor – Austin Bicek, Jacob Clay, Kiersten Durrin, Kara Ewing, Morgan Hammerbeck, Emmarie Kaiser, Isabelle Leyden, Ryder Mortenson, Ethan Niehus, Jayce Palmer, Trevor Peters, Addy Root, Heather Rowe, Saige Schuyler, Charlotte Shopene, Alicia Stands, Kenndal Turnquist
Merit – Joren Bruun, Jaynee Gregg, Phillip Jorgensen, RaeLynn Kemp, Zane Mandl, Riley McClanahan, Kameron Meiners, Loren Moeller, Nathan Monk, Austin Olson, Abigail Pajl, Shaelyn Peneaux, Marlee Schaeffer, Isaac Schramm, Ethan Vesely, Gage Watson
Eighth Grade
Honor – Meagan Blare, Bailey Brown, Megan Brozik, Shannon Calhoon, Evan Farner, Brady Fritz, Hayley Hanson, Katherine Jankauskas, Maggie LaCompte, Mackenzie Levi, Steven Lin, Delanie Nelson, Preston Norrid, Landon Thieman
Merit – Brennan Bachmann, Zach Bohnet, Taya Burleson, Kady Cable, Jesse Colson, Owen Duffy, Jackson Hansen, Taylor Headrick, Dawsyn Kahler, Arista Kaiser, Mercedes Klein, Allie Lapsley, Aissa Long Crow, Aryn Meiners, Kayla Natoli, Gennefier Schuppan, Marlie Schuyler, Shelby Scott
Seventh Grade
Honor – Finn Bartels, Ellie Brozik, Jenna Hammerbeck, Hattie Hespe, Emma Jorgensen, Kaden Keiser, Adrienne Lewis, Elvis Lin, Marissa Meiners, Michael Olson, Kaleb Osborn, Kolbie Osborn, Elijah Peterson, Charley Pravecek, Kelsey Sachtjen, Keyleigh Stands, Bella Swedlund
Merit – Parker Baker, Shayla Bice, Adam Bohnet, Alex Bohnet, Torre Buus, Joey Cole, Taralynn Cordier, Katie Dreyer, Shelby Guerue, Raelen Heinzman, Hailey Hollenbeck, Hannah Kaiser, Ashton Klein, Gilon Kraft, Kylar Meek, Aaron Monk, Owen Monk, Alani Old Lodge, Sidda Schuyler, Ryan Sell, Caylin Swift Eagle, Jackson Vesely, Trinity Vrbka, Madaline Watzel, Achilles Willuweit
Sixth Grade
Honor – Kendyl Bachmann, Brindy Bolander, Melanie Brozik, Faith Covey, Maggie DeMers, Justin Hausmann, Ainsley Henderson, Cam Irick, Tessa Mann, Kelbi Meiners, Aleya Miller, Pierce Nelson, Dalton Petersen, Rylee Root, Blake Volmer
Merit – Ethan Bartels, Mali Beehler, Kaden Bennett, Luke Boerner, Penelope Chasing Hawk, Silas Chasing Hawk, Illyanna Crabb, Shayne Day, Kiley Felix, Joselin Kludt, Tayden Mathis, Rowdy Moore, Riley Orel, Hunter Osborn, Jack Peters, Sutton Schweigert, Clay Sell, Mallory Thayer, Leah Wiechelman

Colome Honor Roll


Colome students have been named to the fourth quarter honor roll at Colome High School and junior high.   Students with perfect attendance are also listed.

The honor roll for fourth quarter includes:
SUPERIOR (ALL A’s) SENIORS: Wiley Heath, Noah Hermsen, Isaac Kortan, Nathan Krumpus, Adrianna Larson, Jordan Shippy JUNIORS: Zane Rohde, Caleb Vandenbark SOPHOMORES: Jaclyn Laprath FRESHMEN: None 8th GRADE: Baylie Hoffine, Abby Kortan 7TH GRADE: Riley Shippy, Maya Vandenbark, Elizabeth Yeaman 6th GRADE: Landi Krumpus, Taylor Nelsen, Alec Thieman EXCELLENT (All A’s & B’s – NO C’s): SENIORS: Will Cahoy, Anette Flores, Callie Heath, Garrett Salonen, Megan Seegers JUNIORS: Jeremiah Yeaman SOPHOMORES: Beau Bertram, Grace Campbell, Taylor Chasing Hawk, Rayne Hermsen, Alexa McKenzie, Abby Pechota, Hanna Rowe FRESHMEN: Eli Kortan, Julianna Larson 8TH GRADE: Casey Assman, Rhet Bertram, Lanie Bolton, Luke Bolton, Saydee Heath, Makayla Shippy, Michael Supik 7TH GRADE: Aaron Campbell, Abby Eliason, Drew Musilek, Katie Welker 6th GRADE: Devan Dougherty, Kash Heath, Aidan Muller, Paige Paulson, Kaden Pechota, Libbie Petersek, Jordyn Ring, Toree Ringing Shield, Sully Shippy “B” AVERAGE – NO D’s: SENIORS: Matt Campbell, Dakota Dougherty, Darcy Maier, Kelly O’Bryan, Chastity Paulson JUNIORS: Lynn Baker, Samantha Hauk, Maggie McCarty SOPHOMORES: Wyatt Cahoy, Chase Dufek, Kaydee Heath, Jackson Kinzer, Jaikob Week, Matrix Noteboom,,Riggin Shippy FRESHMEN: Jacob Beckers, Carleen Burger, Megan Charles, Haley Krumpus, Sara O’Bryan, Jordyn Seegers 8TH GRADE: Isaac Beltman, Allan McKenzie, Hailey Thieman 7TH GRADE: AJ Davis, Tanea Potter, Brayden Seegers 6TH GRADE: Sophie Hofeldt, Ashlyn Hoffine


SUPERIOR (ALL A’s) SENIORS: Wiley Heath, Adrianna Larson, Jordan Shippy, Holden Thieman JUNIORS: Zane Rohde, Caleb Vandenbark, Jeremiah Yeaman SOPHOMORES: None FRESHMEN: None EXCELLENT (All A’s & B’s – NO C’s): SENIORS: Will Cahoy, Anette Flores, Callie Heath, Noah Hermsen, Isaac Kortan, Nathan Krumpus, Darcy Maier, Kelly O’Bryn, Megan Seegers JUNIORS: Samantha Hauk, Maggie McCarty SOPHOMORES: Beau Bertram, Grace Campbell, Taylor Chasing Hawk, Rayne Hermsen, Jaclyn Laprath, Alexa McKenzie, Abby Pechota, Hanna Rowe FRESHMEN: Eli Kortan, Julianna Larson “B” AVERAGE – NO D’s: SENIORS: Matt Campbell, Dakota Dougherty, Chastity Paulson, Garrett Salonen JUNIORS: Lynn Baker, Becca Marso, Kolton Salonen SOPHOMORES: Wyatt Cahoy, Chase Dufek, Kaydee Heath, Jackson Kinzer, Jaikob Week, Matrix Noteboom,,Riggin Shippy. Layton Thieman FRESHMEN: Jacob Beckers, Megan Charles, Haley Krumpus, Sara O’Bryan, Jordyn Seegers


Junior: Jeremiah Yeaman
Sophomores: Jackson Kinzer, Alexa McKenzie
8th Grade: Baylie Hoffine
7th Grade: Katelyn Welker
6th Grade: Taylor Nelson, Toree Ringing Shield

Dean’s List


USD Deans List

Area students have been named to the spring semester dean’s list at the University of South Dakota.

Named to the list are: Josey Blare, Carter; Mariah Kinzer and Sarah Shippy, both of Colome; Michelle Novak, Tracy Routh, Cohl Turnquist, Colby Curtis, Bailey Volmer, all of Winner and Dacey Kocer, Wood.

Two students were named to the academic honors list. This is for students who are part-time with fewer than 12 hours. The Winner students on the list are Becky Brown and Sissy Orel.

SDSU Deans List

Winner area students have been named to the spring semester dean’s list at South Dakota State University, Brookings.

Named to the list are: Kamber Hossle, Nick Hossle, Eleanor Moleterno, 4.0 GPA, all of Hamill; Jayce Assman, Colton Best, Nathan Farley, Hayley Halverson, 4.0, Kylie Horstman, Trace Meyer, 4.0, Sydnie Peters, 4.0, and Coleton Schuyler, all of Winner.

Wood residents named to the dean’s list are Allie Kingsbury and Haley Sherwood.

Lake Area Presidents List

Two Winner students have been named to the president’s list at Lake Area Technical Institute.
Named to the list are Cameron Biggins and Michael Massa.

Mitchell Tech President List

Area students have been named to the spring president’s list at Mitchell Technical Institute.
Included on the list are Forrest Cerv, Cody Heath, Chase Hrabanek, Taylor Hrabanek.

Winner boys place 4th at state track meet

state track kuil winning 400

The Winner High School boys track took fourth place at the state track meet this weekend and senior Cameron Kuil was named the MVP of the meet.

Kuil won the 400, 200 and took second in the 100. He also ran on a relay.  Kuil was the gold medal winner in the 400, which means he had the top time in all three classes. Kuil won the 400 in :48.52 which was close to a state record.
He won the 200 in :22.26 and was second in the 100 in :11.08.

“It has been a fun day,” Kuil said. “I was really looking forward to this last state meet. It is the last time of putting on the Winner jersey and it means a lot.”

The Winner senior was one one-hundredth of a second from being a triple winner as he was second in the 100. Jake Aanderud of St. Thomas More won the 100 in :11.07   Kuil said that was a tight race and he knows Jake. “I wouldn’t have wanted to give up the 100 title to anyone but him.”

Kuil said at the state meet he just did what he usually does. “I knew if I just did me, it would work out and it turned out pretty good.”  When asked what was his best race, Kuil said the 400.

Winner track coach Larry Aaker said he is so proud of the team. “Friday was a good day. Jayden Schroeder placing in the shot put was big for us and the boys 4×100 relay making finals was also a boost,” said Aaker.  The coach added he is super proud of Cameron.  He noted that everyone ran well from top to bottom.

Aaker explained there were some athletes who just missed placing like Brady Fritz in the triple jump and Schroeder in the discus.

The Warriors took third in the 4×200 in 21:3l.21 setting another school record and eighth in the 4×100 in :45.16.

In the 800, Kayleb Brozik took fifth in 2:03.04.

In the shot put, Schroeder had throw of 48-03.25.

On the girls side, Sidda Schuyler took sixth in the 2 mile run in a time of 11:48.14. In the mile run on Saturday, Sidda Schuyler was 13th in 5:28.64.

Samantha Schuyler was 8th in the 400 in 1:01.90.

On Friday in Tea, the Lady Warriors ran the preliminaries of several relays.

O’Bryan Double Winner for Colome at State Track Meet

state track kelly in long jump


Colome boys track team took fifth place at the state track meet this weekend in Sioux Falls. The Cowboys scored 36 points.

Kelly O’Bryan won both the triple jump and the long jump.  Matt Campbell finished his high school track career by taking second in both the shot put and the discus.

O’Bryan won the triple jump Friday with a leap of 43-11.25. The triple jump mark set a new Colome school record that has stood for a long time. Mark Kinzer held the old Colome triple jump school record.  On Saturday, the Colome senior won another championship in the long jump with a leap of 21-03.75.

O’Bryan said the triple jump was battle between himself and Allan McDonnell of Wall. The Wall athlete took second in 43-04.25.  “It seemed like every time I would jump I would beat him and every time he would jump he would beat me. I just happened to have the last jump and a last bit of energy to bust out a personal best and set a new Colome school record.”  The previous Colome school record held by Kinzer was 42-1.

The Colome senior said coming into the state meet he did not come in with the idea of winning the triple jump. “My coach got me pumped up and the weather was nice. It was just the right day to do it,” he said.  A humble O’Bryan explained he did not compete in the triple jump at regionals in order to allow other Colome athletes to qualify. O’Bryan had already pre-qualified for the state meet.  O’Bryan said his goal was to get the school record and just make it on the podium, he did not care if that was 8th place or first. He was quick to add that first place was just icing on the cake.

“There is no better way to go out as a Colome Cowboy than as a state champion,” he said.

Colome track coach Charles Hosford said the triple jump was the most exciting thing he has been a part of as a coach. “To see a kid reach his potential is just amazing,” said Hosford.  “When you know it is there and you see it happen in front of your and the competitive manner in which is happen was so great.”  Hosford says this shows what kind of athlete O’Bryan is.

Following his champion on Friday, on Saturday in the long jump, the Colome senior also came away as a champion. His first jump was 21-03.75 for first place. He just had to hold off other competitors. O’Bryan said he was nervous waiting to see if anyone would beat his mark.  He was happy to see that his jump held and he was able to stand in the spotlight on the podium one more time.

The senior said the triple jump fired him up to do well in the long jump.  He said he could not be happier to be double winner and bring a banner back home to Colome.

Matt Campbell also had a good day with a second place finish in both the discus and the shot put.  Campbell had a throw of 54-06 in the shot put and 165-04 in the discus.  Hosford said Campbell has been an awesome athlete and is the hardest worker on the team.

Hosford said Campbell’s throws were not as well as he wanted. “For Matt, 164 in the discus is a great throw but he wanted to be up there at 180 and his shot put at 54 was great,” said Hosford.

The Colome girls 4×100 relay took sixth place in :53.09. Runners were Callie Heath, Saydee Heath, Kaydee Heath and Matrix Noteboom.

Callie Heath placed 8th in the 100 in :13.31.

Esther Helena Rang, 87

rang obit

Esther was the second child, including two brothers and two sisters born into the Rang family. In 1935 the family moved to a farm south of Burke, South Dakota where one more brother was born. She attended the McCumber School and had to leave school after the third grade because she was blind in one eye. She taught herself to read. She made her home on the farm until her dad sold the farm and moved into Burke. It was in Burke where she loved to work in the yard and with her flowers. She also loved to sew, especially making dolls. She was a nanny to her nieces and nephews, the neighbor kids and their dog Skamp.

Esther remained here until she entered the senior housing in Burke, where her sister, Edith, looked after her. Due to declining health, she entered the Lake Andes Health Care Center where she was a resident for the past 19 years.

Retail Gas Price Average in South Dakota Still at $2.35, AAA Says


AAA South Dakota reports the state’s pump price average is $2.35 per gallon for regular, the same price the blend was one week ago.

“It’s kind of funny,” said Marilyn Buskohl, spokeswoman for AAA South Dakota. “There are a number of factors pushing and pulling gasoline prices right now, but for every one that is putting upward pressure on prices, there’s another that is keeping prices low.”

AAA projects that more than 34 million Americans are planning to take a road trip this Memorial Day weekend– which is 800,000 more drivers than last year. The rise in road travel could pressure pump prices to continue to increase into the summer months, potentially returning to the higher national averages seen in April.

Current Price Averages per Gallon of Regular Gasoline

Sioux Falls – $2.24, down 9 cents from one month ago … up 6 cents from 5/22/16
Rapid City – $2.43, unchanged from one month ago … up 19 cents from 5/22/16
South Dakota – $2.35, down 5 cents from one month ago … up 10 cents from 5/22/16
U.S. – $2.36, down 6 cents from one month ago … up 8 cents from 5/22/16