Lariat Loopers Meet & Donate Money

lariat loopers 4h

By reporter Wiley Heath

The Lariat Loopers met at the Heath Home on January 9, 2015, 18 members were present.  The thank you committee completed the thank yous to the businesses that support 4-H and delivered all the candies.  The club decided to get new t-shirts.  Club members were supposed to go home and make a design and come back with the design for the next meeting.  Members were also encouraged to go out for the Hippology Team.

The Lariat Loopers gathered at the Heath Home on February 21, 2015.  There were 20 members present for the meeting.  The club met to discuss the Chili Cook-off at the Colome American Legion on February 28, 2015.   Our club made the “Fair” Chili that included lamburger and sausage from the animals shown at fair and then homeraised beef.  A committee was selected to design the t-shirts.  The club also talked about a date to do the bi-annual trash pickup on the highway.  While at the meeting the club also gathered all donations that were to be sent to the Nordby Hall in Huron.  The Nordby Hall replaces the old Clover Hall at Huron.  Twenty-seven  members donated money to this project.  Donations totaled $1320, some members sold half and half tickets at the Colome football games and most donated money from their Premium Check at the Mid-Dakota Fair.    Three members gave demonstrations at the end of the evening. Brandon Moody demonstrated on how to tie a square knot with a scarf, Zoe Harris gave a demonstration on solar energy and the final demonstration was caring for a turtle by Selah Harris.


Winner Hospice of the Plains has received a $2,500

donation from Tripp County farmers Judell and Lee Weidner and America’s Farmers Grow Communities, sponsored by the Monsanto Fund. The donation will help the organization care for patients and support their families.

“If something is not covered by Medicare or private insurance, it becomes an out of pocket expense for the patient or family,” said Karey

Thieman, director. “Donated funds are used to help cover those additional costs. Donations like this from the Weidners and the Monsanto Fund make it possible to avoid unnecessary costs to the patient’s and their families as they are already experiencing a stressful time in

their lives. We will also provide education and resources to patients, their families, and facility staff that may provide care.”

For five years, America’s Farmers Grow Communities has collaborated with farmers to donate over $16.5 million to over 7,300 community organizations across rural America. This year winning farmers will

direct another $3.3 million to nonprofits to help fight rural hunger, purchase life saving fire and EMS equipment, support ag youth leadership programs, buy much needed classroom resources, and so much more.

America’s Farmers Grow Communities is part of the America’s Farmers initiative. Since 2010, the America’s Farmers campaign and programs have advocated on behalf of farmers and their efforts to meet society’s needs through agriculture. Today, consumers are more interested than ever in agriculture and how food is grown.

Winner 3rd Quarter Honor Roll


Honor – Jayce Assman, Bailey Baker, Kelsey Bertram, Colton Best, Nathan Galbraith, Brenden Harter, Arthur Huges, Kelly Kidwiler, Kaitlyn Labahn, Dusti Littau, Casey Norrid, Coleton Schuyler, Sydney Schuyler, Tawny Sherman, Lesley Soles, William Woods

Merit – Brandon Bicek, Brooke Bohnet, Lyric Delgarito, Tyrel Haley, Deloris Herman, Nick Hossle, Angelica Laurent, Haley McKenzie, Sam Naasz, Darbi Nelson, Trevor Sachtjen, James Sharkey, Baleigh Turnquist


Honor – Molly Connot, Colby Curtis, Hayley Halverson, Kylie Horstman, Luke Jedlicki, Devon Leiferman, Eleanor Moleterno, Karissa Odenbach, Sydnie Peters, Cohl Turnquist, Bailey Volmer, Chase Watson, Grant Winter

Merit – Windsor Barry, Cameron Biggins, Calah Covey, Marcie DeHaan, Sid Durrin, Payton Eagle, Duncan English, Riley Frazier, Sydney Fritz, Jaydn Gregg, Sam Hossle, Pete Hughes, Dacey Kocer, Michael Massa, Seth Olson Lattrel Terkildsen, Skyler VanDenHul


Honor – Chloe Bartels, Sidney Bohnet, Drew DeMers, Shannon Duffy, Luke Engel, Wyatt Ewing, Sydney Hollenbeck, Kenzie Irick, Chase Kingsbury, Krockett Krolikowski, Camerson Kuil, Abi Leyden, Isaac Naasz, Samantha Schuyler

Merit – Payton Antoine, Shane Antoine, Trevor Bertram, Amanda Boerner, Kayleb Brozik, Bethany Cable, Nathan Erickson, Aaron Hacecky, Bailey Harter, Brea Heath, Liz Jankauskas, John Kludt, Trace Larson, Kyran Meek, Alex Meiners, Rhys Middlesworth, Emily Moser, Hannah Peterson, Jayden Schroeder, Rachel Sherman, Ryan Sherman, Jordan Turgeon, Jacob Woods


Honor – Dalton Baker, Meredith Calhoon, Riley Calhoon, Madyson Frazier, Hannah Hanson, Matthew Hartley, Ronae Klein, Hanna LaCompte, Nick Lantz, Zach Lapsley, Samantha Marts, Brekkyn Nagel, Lexie Nedved, Lauren Norrid, Macy Olson, Ale Schaeffer, Ian Tunnissen, Taylor Watzel

Merit – Aidan Bachmann, Michaela Bachmann, Ty Bolton, Carter Brickman, Macie Ferwerda, Justus Gregg, Daesha Klein, Levi McClanahan, Tanner Moeller, Charles Novak, Matthew Smither, Nathan Smither, Savannah Vogel

8th Grade

Honor – Sophia Lewis, Gracie Littau, Abigail Marts, Makenna Petersen, Alexis Richey, Logan Tunnissen, Brandon Volmer, Sadie Woods

Merit – Taylor Audiss, Bayli Beehler, Elijah Blare, Shea Connot, Jeslyn Felix, Sierra Hansen, Autumn Harris, Luke Hennebold, Gabby Kocer, Katy Lantz, Natalie McKenzie, Nolan Sachtjen, Colton Schroeder, Hunter Shopene, Casey Stickland, Madison Thieman, Wyatt Turnquist, Tedra Vrbka, Tyson Westendorf

7th Grade

Honor – Austin Bicek, Jacob Clay, Kiersten Durrin, Kara Ewing, Jaynee Gregg, Morgan Hammerbeck, Emmarie Kaiser, Isabelle Leyden, Trevor Peters, Addy Root, Saige Schuyler, Kenndal Turnquist

Merit – Joren Bruun, Landon Debus, Jackson Ducheneaux, Phillip Jorgensen, Kameron Meiners, Loren Moeller, Nathan Monk, Ryder Mortenson, Abby Pajl, Heather Rowe, Marlee Schaeffer, Angelic Shaw, Charlotte Shopene, Ethan Vesely, Gage Watson, Jady Whitley

6th Grade

Honor – Megan Brozik, Kady Cable, Shannon Calhoon, Evan Farner, Hayley Hanson, Taylor Headrick, Katherine Jankauskas, Arista Kaiser, Maggie LaCompte, Mackenzie Levi, Steven Lin, Preston Norrid, Shelby Scott, Landon Thieman

Merit – Brennan Bachmann, Zach Bohnet, Bailey Brown, Taya Burleson, Jesse Colson, Owen Duffy, Tamika Eisenbraun, Kaylee Eli, Carly Fischer, Brady Fritz, Robert George, Jackson Hansen, Jaime Juarez, Dawysn Kahler, Allie Lapsley, Aissa Long Crown, Aryn Meiners, Kayla Natoli, Delanie Nelson, Gennefier Schuppan, Marlie Schuyler, Deja Thompson

Cast Chosen for All-School Play

Winner High School will present the all-school play “Twelve Angry Jurors” April 9, 10 and 11 at the Winner Community Playhouse.

The cast includes: Brody Woods, Peyton Antoine, Angelica Laurent, Alex Meiners, Shannon Duffy, Kenzie Irick, Duncan English, Sadie Woods, Jace Voegeli, Emily Moser, Mathew Hartley, Meredith Calhoon, Nick Blare, Jacob Woods, Eleanor Moleterno and Trace Larson.

The stage and technical crew are Molly Connot and Bailey Baker.

The play is directed by Roger Wonnenberg with Dan Patmore as the technical director.

Auxiliary Gym Proposal Presented to School Board

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

A proposal to build an auxiliary gym near the Armory was presented to the Winner School Board in a special meeting Monday night.

Supt. Bruce Carrier explained the school district has the funds to build a 90 x 100 foot structure without raising taxes or a bond issue. He said the estimated cost of the project would range from $1.8 to $2 million.

Carrier presented drawings of four proposed locations for a new auxiliary gym. One would be south of the administration building, another would be east of the Armory, a third proposal would be in the southwest corner of the Armory and the final one would be between the high school and the Armory and would have a connection to the high school.

The proposed gym would be large enough to have two basketball or two volleyball matches going cross court for middle school and/or grade school use. It would seat 200 to 250 people and have a wood floor.

The building would contain six baskets, two on the main court and four on side courts.

There would be a movable screen to separate the main court when needed.

There would be a small reception area which would contain restrooms and a small concession area plus would have two dressing rooms.

There would be two storage areas for physical education and athletic equipment.

In addition, there would be a custodial area and small office area for physical education teacher and officials.

Dan Aaker, activities director, said with the current middle school auditorium downtown the middles school students have to be bussed for practice.

He said the tile floor is slick and is a safety issue. He noted it is an aging facility that will need continuous maintenance and upgrades to use at the current level.

Aaker said an auxiliary gym would prevent wear and tear on the Armory as physical education classes would be held in the new building. He said it would reduce the set up/takedown of breakfast and lunch tables and be more flexible for setting up games and concerts.

Aaker added it would help in flexibility with practices and games. On double header nights a C and JV games can be played at one site.

He added that other schools Winner’s size have auxiliary gyms including Wagner, Bon Homme, Parkston, Mobridge and Miller.

Business manager Laura Root explained the funding plan for start of the 2016-2017 school year.

She said from the 2015-2016 budget $400,000 would be used for capital outlay and $250,000 form impact aid.

From the 2016-2017 budget, $200,000 would be used from capital outlay and $250,000 from impact aid.

This would give the district $1.1 million toward the project. The remainder of the cost would come from a combination of reducing the capital outlay fund balance and borrowing the  funds for five years.

Root said funding for the auxiliary gym for the start of the 2017-2018 school year would use $400,000 from capital outlay and $250,000 from impact aid from the 2015-2016 budget; $200,000 from capital outlay and $250,000 form impact aid from the 2016-2017 budget and $400,000 from capital outlay and $250,000 from impact aid from the 2017-2018 budget.

This would give the district $1.75 million toward the project. The remainder of the cost would come from reducing the capital outlay fund balance $250,000.

Root said the $88,000 payment made from capital outlay budget for the high school heating and cooling project will end Jan. 20, 2017.

No architect has been hired and no decision was made on the project at Monday’s meeting.

Tovi Bartels, who works with the youth basketball and coaches a Y ball team, says one of the biggest underserved areas is youth. She said she would like to see an auxiliary gym plus keep the middle school gym.  Bartels said there is a need for gym space for kids to practice. Bartels says she supports the proposal.

Carrier explained if a new gym is built the school would continue to operate the current middle school gym.

Board member Rusty Blare questioned if the school district could afford to do both.

The superintendent explained financially the school district could handle both buildings.

Wayne Meyer suggested the school eliminate the current administration building on 7th street and suggested putting the auxiliary gym in that location.

Carrier said the discussion of whether to hire an architect will be on the April 13 meeting agenda. If the school board gives the OK to move forward with the project at the April meeting, a committee will be formed to select a location for the proposed building.

In other business, the school board hired Darrel LaDeaux as a fifth grade teacher. Also hired was Tania DeMers as middle school and high school special education teacher.

The board accepted the resignation of 5th grade teacher Crystal Sinkler who was taught in Winner for 10 years.

The board met in executive session to prepare for contract negotiations.

Good Friday Closings

Some government offices in Winner will be closing early on Good Friday in observance of the Easter holiday.

The Tripp County Courthouse will be closing at noon on Friday, April 3. The Tripp County Library will also close at noon on Friday.

All state offices in Winner will be closing at noon on Good Friday.

The Winner city office will be open regular hours.

Financial institutions that will be open regular hours on Friday will be First Fidelity Banks of Winner and Colome, Wells Fargo and Sentinel Federal Credit Union.

BankWest of Winner will be closing at noon on Good Friday.

The Winner Advocate will be closing at 3 p.m. on Good Friday.

There will be a noon meal at the Winner Senior Citizens Center on Good Friday.

Southern Plains Behavioral Health Services will be open regular hours on Friday.

Main Gate Counseling in Winner will be closed all day Friday.

There will be no school in Winner and Colome on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Plan Ahead For Winner Bow Hunter Education Course

The Winner Bow Hunter Education course is going to be held April 11at Rosebud Arrow, Rod, and Gun Club from 8 am-6 pm. Successful completion of a Bow Hunter Education course is required to legally purchase a South Dakota bow hunting license. The class is designed to teach the fundamentals of being a safe, skilled and responsible hunter. The most important part of the course is how to handle archery equipment responsibly. The class is taught by certified volunteer instructors and assisted by the local Wildlife Conservation Officer.

The class is free, registration should be done online prior to April 11. But you can still register that morning. Students must attend the entire session to pass  the course.

The Bow Hunter Education course is designed for all persons wanting to bow hunt in South Dakota. Persons who are 11 may participate, but will not be issued a Bow Hunter Education certification card until their 12th birthday, unless the card is clearly marked that the card is not valid until the person’s 12th birthday. Exception: If a student’s 12th birthday falls on or between September 1 and December 31, he/she will be issued a card and is eligible to obtain a license and hunt beginning September 1 of that year. Once again the class is free, so I invite everyone to attend.

More info about Bow Hunter Education and registration is available online at  HYPERLINK “”  If you have any questions contact Wildlife Conservation Officer Chris Dekker 842-0894 or email

5 Crowned Champion at State AAU

Maxton Brozik-2

Winner had five  champions at the state AAU wrestling tournament this weekend in Brookings.

The champions were Kylah Biggins (3x State Champion), Ryken Orel, Maxton Brozik (4x State Champion), Kaden Keiser (2x State Champion) and Wyatt Turnquist.

Results include:

6 and under: Roukyn Robbins, 6th

7 and 8—Ryken Orel, 1st; Kylah Biggins, 1st; Rylan Robbins, 7th

9-10—Maxton Brozik, 1st; Konner Osborn, 3rd and Karson Keiser, 5th

11-12—Kaden Keiser, 1st; Owen Duffy, 2nd

13-14—Trevor Peters, 5th; Kaleb Osborn, 7th; Xavier Cadotte, 7th and Landon Debus, 8th

15-1—Wyatt Turnquist, 1st and Jamin Dougherty, 6th

Kaden Keiser-3

WHS Performs in Opening Track Meet

track luke to izak

Winner High School track team had a successful opening of the track season as they competed at the Bill Pistulka Invitational on Friday.

The athletes ran in all types of weather conditions from cold, wind to sun later in the day.

No team points were kept at this meet.

Deloris Herman won both the shot put and discus. Herman won the shot with a throw of 35 feet and the discus with a throw of 107-8.

The Lady Warriors won both the 1600 and sprint medley relays.

In the mile relay, Winner crossed the finish line in 4:38.39. Runners were Chloe Bartels, Kylie Horstman, Alexis Richey and Hayley Halverson.

In the medley relay, Winner finished in 5:03.69. Runners were Sydney Fritz, Kelsey Bertram, Hayley Halverson and Alexis Richey.

Other results of the Lady Warriors include:

100—Rachel Sherman, 3rd, :14.24

200—Sherman, 3rd, :29.6 and Sydney Schuyler, 4th, :29.9

400—Chloe Bartels, 2nd, :67.56

800—Bartels, 2nd, 2:39.12

300 hurdles—Skyler VanDenHul, 5th, :55.29

400 relay—3rd, :58.96, Fritz, Bertram, Schuyler and VanDenHul

800 relay—4th, 2:05.4, Fritz, Bertram, Horstman and Schuyler

Shot put—Kyran Meek, 2nd, 31-10 ¼; Casey Norrid, 5th,   30-8

Discus—Brindi Felix, 2nd, 95-8; Casey Norrid, 3rd, 89-2 and Meek, 5th, 83-6

On the boys side, Winner almost had a sweep of the relays winning three of  four relays.

Results of the Winner boys include:

100—Riley Calhoon, 5th, :12.1

200—Isaac Naasz, 3rd, :24.34

800—Coleton Schuyler, 1st, 2:06.77; Luke Engel. 3rd, 2:22.99

300 hurdles—Tyrel Haley, 4th, :44.27

800 relay—1st, 1:38.9, Nick Hossle, Sam Naasz, Tyrel Haley and Nathan Galbraith

1600 relay—1st, 3:43.85, Coleton Schuyler, Sam Naasz, Tyrel Haley and Nathan Galbraith

3200 relay—2nd, 9:22.9, Kayleb Brozik, Coleton Schuyler, Luke Engel and Izak Moleterno

Sprint medley relay—1st, 4:13.95, Nick Hossle, Sam Naasz, Kayleb Brozik and Isak Moleterno

High jump—Brozik, 2nd, 5-8

Long jump—Cameron Kuil, 2nd, 20- ¾; Nick Hossle, 5th, 18-2 ¼; Riley Calhoon, 7th, 17-7

Triple jump—Windsor Barry, 1st, 37-2

Isaac Naasz, 2nd, 34-10

Shot put—Brendan Harter, 1st, 43-7; Jayden Schroeder, 3rd, 39-2 ¾ and John Kludt, 4th, 38-5 ¼

Discus-Harter, 2nd, 126-5; Wyatt Ewing, 3rd, 111-3 and Kludt, 4th, 109-1

800 relay bertram to hostrm

Heath Wins 400

colome track morgan to jaclyn

Callie Heath won the 400 at the Bill Pistulka track meet in Winner on Friday.

The runner’s time was 1:06.8

Other results of the Colome girls include:

200—Heath, 2nd, 28.6

800—Taylor Hrabanek, 5th, 2:53.2; Lauren Week, 7th, 34:07 and Morgan Hofeldt, 8th, 3:12.4

1600—Jaclyn Laprath, 5th, 6:22.1

100 hurdles- Emmalie Duley, 3rd, :21.3

300 hurdles—Hofeldt, 8th, 1:00.9

400 relay—5th, 5:17.1, Morgan Hofeldt, Mariah Kinzer, Maggie McCarty and Lauren Week

4×800 relay—2nd, 12:26.4, Jaclyn Laprath, Lauren Week, Callie Heath and Morgan Hofeldt

Long jump—Hrabanek, 1st, 14-9.5; Heath, 2nd, 14-1.5; Maggie McCarty, 5th, 11-8; Anna Ferre, 6th, 10-3

Triple jump—Week, 1st, 27-9.75

Shot put—Colby Taggart, 3rd, 31-8.25

Results of the Colome boys include:

100—Reed Harter, 6th, :12.2

200—Harter, 4th, :24.58; Chase Hrabanek, 5th, :24.60

400—Hrabanek, 4th, :57.4

800—Andrew Laprath, 8th, 2:36. 8

Medley relay—2nd, 4:16.5, Reed  Harter, Cole McCarty, Chase Hrabanek and Cody Heath

Long jump—McCarty, 8th, 17-6

Triple jump—Laprath, 3rd, 32-4.75

track chase 100