Meet the Candidates

Name: John Meyer

Occupation: Owner – Office Products Center

Why are you running for the Winner City Council? I have invested a lot of time and money in my home, business and employees. I want Winner to be a successful up and coming community. I want Winer to be a place your proud of.

What do you see as the biggest issue facing Winner? Maintaining our communities infrastructure without raising utilities and taxes. Keeping our young people here and attracting new people to work or own and operate a business.

What experience can you bring to the city council? I presently serve on the city council and economic development, and have for over 14 years. I own and have successful operated a business for over 40 years. Over the last 40 years of traveling I see and hear what works and what doesn’t in communities.

I am out among the citizens of Winner and listen to what they want and need. My focus is on the entire community and its citizens. My business is based on communicating with people. By communications with the mayor, city council, city employees and Winner citizens we can accomplish our goals.

Name: Brad Schramm

Occupation:  Maintenance, Golden Prairie Manor

Why are you running for the Winner City Council?

I believe Winner has a great future.  I want to help shape that future.  I may have made mistakes when I served previously, but I have learned from them.  I would like to be a part of improving Winner in a fashion we can afford.  I believe council members should represent the wishes of the citizens of Winner.

What do you see as the biggest issue facing Winner?

Jobs!  We need to foster an environment that will encourage entrepreneurs to want to fulfill their dreams in Winner.  With technology it can be done, we need to ensure Winner has that technology.

We also need to continue to promote “regional services” available in Winner.  Healthcare, jail facilities, etc., need to be promoted throughout south central South Dakota to keep them viable.

The second biggest issue in my opinion is our old infrastructure.  We need to figure out how to maintain our streets, water and sewer without exorbitant fees many residents can’t afford.

What experience can you bring to the city council? 

I have been reasonably successful at recruiting businesses to locate in Winner.  Even before working for the development corporation 150 year-round jobs came to Winner with my help.  Serving six years as the development director I recruited many new business to locate in Winner and most are still operating and employing people. 

There is only one race in Winner this year, so I am asking you to make a special trip to city hall to cast your vote.  I would appreciate you giving me a chance to once again represent the citizens of Winner.

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