Kalenda retires from law enforcement

Dan Bechtold/Winner Advocate Photo
Lori Kalenda, right, was presented with this gift from the Winner law enforcement corrections department. In front from left are Sis Bice, Karen Robertson, Kathy Mach and Kalenda. In back are Ethan Vobr, John Rehak and Jeff Augspurger.

By Dan Bechtold


After 34 years in law enforcement, Lori Kalenda has decided to retire.

Twenty of those years were served in Winner where she was the jail administer.

A retirement open house was held on Friday, Sept. 8.

Judge Bobbi Rank has worked with Lori ever since she became a judge. “Lori is highly respected among the judges, lawyers and everyone that works with her. She is going to be missed,” said the judge.

Public safety commissioner Justin Day said the lessons Lori taught him went far beyond a corrections officer “because of who you are and because of how you are made.”

Day added: “You were involved in my family and the lessons you have taught me on how to care for people, what it means to be a leader and care for those underneath you were life lessons,” he said.

“This plaque is on behalf of the city of Winner,” said Day.

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