Colome hoping for nationals

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These members of the Colome FFA attended the District IV Leadership Event in Mitchell. Three of the members will be going on to Pierre to compete in the state competition for Marketing plan. Pictured from left to right is Retta Tate, Juli Larson, Morgan Gill, Riley Shippy, and Colome FFA Advisor Sarah Manderfeld.

By Colton Hall
Staff Writer

Marketing is important for any business, and learning to do it in an effective way can make or break that business.

The Colome FFA learned from a local business in Grossenburg Implement on how to learn how to form a mock-marketing plan for Grossenburg Implement, and who better to help the students out than Barry Grossenburg himself.

Grossenburg gave the students some pointers and tips on how to make a company more marketable and wanted the students to focus on using the Grossenburg website.

“Barry was very helpful,” Colome FFA Advisor Sarah Manderfeld said. “He gave a lot of great advice and wanted the students to provide more of a personal touch to their presentation.”

Colome FFA will be heading to state leadership event on Dec. 8-9 to compete at state for a chance to go to nationals in Indianapolis. Manderfeld and her squad are excited for the opportunity.

Colome will be competing against 13 different teams from seven different regions for the chance to go to nationals. Manderfeld and the Colome FFA team are ready to experience a leadership program that will prepare the members of the FFA for a stronger future.

“This is a leadership development event,” Manderfeld said. “It develops leadership qualities in these members. Specifically the marketing plan aims at agriculture businesses in the area, and it helps promote those marketing tools so that the kids who are interested in it as far as owning or running a business, and they can learn how to do it.”

For future farmers and students that want to have their own brand, the marketing teachings go a long way in preparing the members of FFA to promote their brand at a high level.

Members like Riley Shippy who dream of having their own brand will take the experience and run with it.

“This is a valuable thing to learn,” Shippy said. “For people like me who want to have their own brand, learning how to promote your healthy farm or ranch is a big area to learn. That way, that can translate into being more successful.”

Even Colome student and FFA member Juli Larson will look to have livestock of her own in the future.

“I look forward to having my own cows in the future,” Larson said. “An experience like this just better prepares me to be able to advertise my business in a more effective way.”

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