Jackley Looking at Run for Governor

marty jaclkley with megan assman

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

Marty Jackley, South Dakota’s attorney general, is making plans to run for governor in 2018.  Thursday afternoon Jackley was in Winner to meet with supporters and sat down for a one on one interview with the Winner Advocate.  While no formal announcement has been made, Jackley has formed a statewide candidate committee called Marty Jackley for Governor.

Jason Glodt who is now a volunteer on the Jackley for Governor campaign was also in Winner and explained the candidate committee is another step in the process of running for governor.   Jackley is barred by term limits from serving another term as attorney general.  Jackley was U.S. attorney for South Dakota before he was appointed the attorney general in 2009, then elected and re-elected in 2010 and 2014.

The attorney general said when the opportunity arises and his travel schedule allows he has been meeting for a year with different groups statewide listening to their concerns. He has had meeting with groups over coffee, at a dinner in a person’s home, or eating hot dogs on a Saturday.

“I have been traveling the state listening and talking about the vision for this state,” he said.  When asked what people are saying he said there are a lot of concerns. He noted people are concerned about jobs, new and better jobs. “I hear a lot about education and I hear a lot about health care.”

Jackley said with the new Trump administration there may be opportunities as a state to address some of the Medicaid concerns.

He noted the people of the state are concerned about public safety and Jackley tells them about his No Meth Ever program.

Residents like the qualify of life in South Dakota. “We enjoy a wonderful qualify of life here. I talk about pheasant hunting and the number of people who come to state to enjoy this sport. It also brings a lot of revenue to our state,” he said.

As governor, Jackley would like to bring better and more jobs to our state and provide opportunities for young people to stay in this state.  “I have had the opportunity in the jobs I have held to learn about leading people,” he said.

Not only on the state level, but also the national level Jackley has been a leader as the chairman of the national attorneys general.

He said the opportunity to run for governor “presents a wonderful opportunity to build on the good things we have going in South Dakota. “When you look at our state we balance the budget every year, we have the nation’s best state employee retirement program and public safety wise we are a safe state.”

Prior to going to law school, Jackley received an engineering degree from the South Dakota School of Mines. Engineering jobs is an area that interests him and he noted the state has strong opportunities with the engineering schools at South Dakota State University and the School of Mines.

He said there is a research component to bring more and better jobs to South Dakota.

Agriculture is a big part of the Jackley family. The family has a farm near Vale and his in-laws are ranchers. “I grew up working on the farm and appreciate the importance of agriculture in our state,” said Jackley.

“When you look at the different positions I have held it has prepared me to lead a team to continue to build a better South Dakota,” he said.  The attorney general added that the positions he has held are executive experiences leading people and dealing with budgets.  “These positions have helped me be a better executive but they also helped me understand a lot of different areas of state government.”  He noted that as attorney general you get to see every aspect of the state. He said this experience will serve him well as it has other former attorney generals who have become governor including Bill Janklow, Frank Farrar and George Mickelson Sr.

Jackley received his law degree from the University of South Dakota in 1995. From 1995-97 he served as a law clerk for the U.S. federal district court—District of South Dakota in Rapid City.  He then joined the Rapid City law firm of Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson and Ashmore LLP.

In 2006, Jackley was appointed and unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate as United States Attorney for South Dakota.

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