Civic Plaza takes on new look

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The civic plaza at 4th and Main is being revitalized thanks to work by the Winner Rotary Club. In the future there will be six large murals hanging on the wall of the building. The murals are being designed and painted by Ruth Novotny of the Hobby Shoppe.

By Marsha Risseeuw

The Civic Plaza at the corner of 4th and Main takes on a new and fresh look. Murals to depict life in Tripp County created by local artist Ruth Novotny will be added in the near future.

Over the past month, members of the Winner Rotary Club have dedicated time and labor to refreshing this area. The Rotary club took on this challenge as one of their many community projects.

President Norma Olson presented this idea and Dr. Tony Berg, long time Rotarian, stepped up to lead the group. Following a few meetings, a plan was underway with the removal of overgrown shrubs, worn out ground cover etc.

With a lot of hard work , a bed of river rock, shrubs donated by Runnings and everblooming lilies from the Insurance Center, the Plaza took on a new

Many members volunteered in one way or another. But, a few were steady on the job including, Tony Berg, Jack Burns, Gary Fenenga, Bob Benson, Chuck Keiser, Jeff Schramm, Lana Stickland, Monica Metzer, Norma Olson,
Doug Long and Casey Berndt, just to name a few

The clock is currently under repair. Rotarians, Dan Patmore and Doug Nelson are in charge of this is project. Due to a storm and power outage, the clock has been disabled. Getting the needed part has been challenging, due to circumstances of ordering and delivering items. They are hopeful, the clock will be back in service soon.

One very large enhancement to the Plaza will be murals, created and prepared by Ruth Novotny of the Hobby Shop. These panels will depict the
goals/objectives of Rotary and scenes reflecting the local area.

The plans are to attach the murals to the north side wall of the Elks building and the west side of the Schramm building. It should be exciting and fascinating to watch this develop.

That’s what’s happening now. But there is another part to the story. The civic plaza was developed to celebrate the city of Winner’s Centennial.

Alpha Phi chapter of ESA proposed the idea of purchasing a clock and developing what is now recognized as the Civic Plaza to the other two ESA chapters, and so it began.

The members raised over $10,000 dollars. In record time, primarily through bake sales and concessions at sporting events. .What seemed a rather daunting challenge was easily funded by those events, contributions and matching funds.

The next step was to get the project off the idea board and onto realization.

Many a good people helped. Scott Schramm gave permission to use his lot for this development. Local contractor Al Ferwerda helped lay out the space, Mathis Bro’s provided the concrete work, Tad Vosika and Grossenburgs donated the metal sign, Dennis Schroeder, City engineer and the City of Winner managed the electrical work etc.

The clock was paid for and because the company was delivering clocks to Mitchell and Pierre, it was economical to coordinate, thus the clock arrived
a good year early. Bob Kucera agreed to store it and to complete the installation. And so the project moved quickly along.

The committee decided to add a time capsule to be opened in 2025 which now rests on the corner of the Plaza. The flag poles were provided by Shippy Welding and featured the US flag , South Dakota State Flag and a
centennial flag created by Glen Novotny.

Many hands helped to create the Plaza as a lasting tribute to those who settled both South Dakota and Tripp County.

Now, back to the present. The update was financed by Rotary, a donation from the Tripp County Foundation and a check from ESA. Rotary has
a lease with Scott Schramm/KWYR which places the care of the Plaza in the hands of this civic minded group .

The project moved along smoothly and was ready for all to enjoy by the 2009 celebration.

As the words on the plaque say: LEGACY TIMEPIECE
—-“Time goes, you say! Alas, time stays, we go”.

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