Kathy Bryan New Winner Postmaster

kathy bryan wnner pmster1By Dan Merritt, Advocate reporter

There have been changes in her life connected with working at the Winner post office says new postmaster Kathy Bryan who officially got the position toward the end of March.

She resides in Winner now. “It’s a lot more convenient when you run out of milk.”

Otherwise she’s been a rural dweller which put her on the road driving to work, at one time, for 30-minutes one way.

“I don’t have a drive; that’s nice,” she’s rejoiced. “No deer dodging. I like that.”

Now, she’s five minutes from the US Post Office in Winner.

There, she has a desk in a large office with a sky-high ceiling, it seems. Before Winner, she was postmaster at Mission, she didn’t have a private office nor desk there.

But at Mission, she spent more time at the post office front counter waiting on walk-in customers, she noted.

At Winner, she’s not getting near that “face”-time with local townspeople at the front counter, she added. For the most part, she’s in her office working on reports, scheduling, and other paperwork.

And that’s somewhat too bad, she acknowledged. Dealing with townspeople directly, by waiting on them, helps get to know them all better.

From end of January this year to March, she had been the Officer In Charge at Winner, replacing postmaster Brenda Iwan who transferred to Wagner.

front colome king and queen

Winner Prom will have ‘20’s Theme

Winner High School junior class and advisors are busy getting ready for the Winner High School prom which will be held on Saturday, April 25.

The grand march will start at 6 p.m. in the Winner Armory. The doors will open at 5:40 p.m.

Advanced tickets for the grand march can be purchased at the high school office or they can be bought at the door.

Lynnelle Anderson will be the MC for the grand march. The king and queen of prom will be crowned following the grand march.

A banquet will be held at St. Mary’s Hall starting at 7 p.m. followed by a dance  from 8-11  p.m.

The prom servers are: Samantha Schuyler, Kyran Meek, Chloe Bartels, Rachel Sherman, Luke Engel, Cameron Kuil, Krockett Krolikowski and Chase Kingsbury.

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Brozik, Meyer Elected to City Council

Two new councilmen were elected to the Winner City Council in the April 14 election.

Serving in Ward Two will be Jody Brozik. He defeated Cory Assman 87-37. Brozik will replace Val Sherman who served on the council for 16 years.

In Ward Three, John Meyer will be the new councilman. He defeated Orville Lund. Meyer received 62 votes and Lund, 45.

Meyer will replace Zach Anderson in Ward Three on the council.

In Ward One, Frank Finney was unopposed.

VanOort and DeMers Re-Elected to Council

Bob VanOort and Bruce DeMers were re-elected to the Colome City Council in an election on April 14.

They were in a three way race for two seats in Ward Third on the Colome council.

Van Oort received 27 votes, Bruce DeMers, 21 votes and John Hofeldt, 8 votes.

At the May meeting, the two candidates will draw to see who will serve a two year term and who will serve a one year term.

There was no election in Ward One and Ward Two as the candidates who filed for election were unopposed.

In Ward One, the councilmen are Carl Westergren and Dave Duffy. There will also be a drawing in this ward to see who serves a two year term and who serves a one year term.

In Ward Two, Bradley Hill will serve another two year term on the council.

There were 30 people who voted in the election.

New Highway Funding Bill Passed

By Dan Bechtold, Editor 

The new highway funding bill that was passed this session by the South Dakota Legislature gives counties various options to receive funding to fix roads and bridges.

Doug Kinniburgh, local government engineer  and Larry Dean of the South Dakota Department of Transportation, explained how the funding will work at the Tripp County Commissioners meeting on April 14.

They presented Tripp County projects that are in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

One project would include crack seal, patching, chip seal, fog coat and intersection improvement. The project would be on Highway 18 south for 17.5 miles on 315th Ave to 296th St and then in the area of 310th Ave.

Kinniburgh explained the county could leave the project on the STIP plan or  delete it and get federal money to use how they see fit  for road projects. If the project is deleted, the county would get a check on July 1 for $272,358.56 and on Sept. 30 would get a buy out check for $335,768.46 on Sept. 30.

If the project is let in the state program, there would be about 81 percent federal money and 18 percent state match to repair the road which is scheduled by the state for 2016.

Kinniburgh said most counties are leaving the projects in the STIP  plan.

Bev Vaughn, director of the ambulance service, said an instructor has been found to teach an EMT class. She noted there has been interest in having a class in Winner.

The commissioners voted to pay the instructor’s fee of $4,000 with class members having to buy  books.

Vaughn invited the commissioners to a ceremony Sunday, April 19, honoring the six Cadettes who will graduate from Winner High School.

Susan Sanders of the Rapid City National Weather Service, presented a certificate to former sheriff Chip Schroeder for his years of work with the weather service.

Emergency manager Jon Burdette told the commissioners Tripp County will start to update its disaster mitigation plan and the first meeting will be held on April 29 at noon in the courthouse community room.

Veterans service office Terry Cousins received permission to attend a mini conference in Pierre on May 6.

Connie Christensen, secretary in the highway department, received permission to attend a training in Oacoma May 27-28.

A motion was made to advertise for highway supplies.

Megan Peterson and Deb Steinke of the Tripp County 4-Office reported they hired Brooke Schroeder as the summer assistant in their office. Two candidates were interviewed for he summer position.

Greg English visited with the commissioners and asked if they would consider lowering the mill levy since valuations in the county have risen.

English also noted with the dry weather and lack of moisture and a burn ban in place persons in the rural area need a place to drop off their garbage.

Auditor Barb DeSersa, treasurer Marla Liggett and register of deeds Louise Flisram received permission to attend the spring workshop May 13-14 in Pierre.

Assessor Rita Steele received permission to attend a training in Yankton June 2-5.

The auditor’s office will be closed May 15 so staff can attend training on Total Vote.

The package off sale license for Red Hills Last Chance of Carter was approved.

At noon, the board met as a county board of equalization. There were no appeals to consider.

The next meeting of the commissioners will be on April 28 and this will be a 5:30 p.m. meeting.

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