Ag students attend range school

submitted photo
Twelve Winner High School ag students attended the Presho land and range school
near Reliance on Sept. 15. Pictured from left are Trista Kierstead, Clay Sell,
Blake Volmer and Luke Boerner

Twelve ag students attended the Presho Land and Range schooling near Reliance on Wednesday, Sept. 15. Three area schools attended. Four students participated in the range schooling, in which they learned to identify grasses, forbs, and shrubs.

They also used that information to calculate a similarity index which is used to determine how similar the make-up of plants are there now to it’s typical historical site.

Students then use that information to determine the carrying capacity of the land for both beef cattle and prairie grouse. Eight students participated in the land schooling, in which they evaluate the soil profile, slope, textures, and other factors to determine a land class.

That information is then used to determine what types of vegetative, mechanical, and fertility treatments need to be applied. They also use the factors to determine if the site would be good for a house, lawns, septic system, and/or sewage lagoon.

These students hope to compete in Wall for the regional contest on Sept. 23. There first place teams earn their way to nationals and first place individuals earn a $100 scholarship.

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