Storm Wreaks Havoc

By Dan Bechtold

A storm that rolled through southeast Tripp County on July 9 did considerable damage to buildings, homes and crops. Several farmers lost crops as the wind ripped fields to shreds.

The National Weather Service reported it was not a tornado that hit Tripp County as there was no rotation on the radar. The weather service said the straight line winds caused all the damage.

Rosebud Electric Cooperative reports there were 80 poles that were down in the storm and 50 customers were without power.
All power was restored by 8 p.m. on July 10 said Kevin Mikkelson of REC.
He said about 30 customers had their power restored that night and the rest the next day.

He said the crews worked until 4 a.m. and then went back to work at 7:30 a.m. The wind with this storm was very powerful.

Dave Pravecek and his wife were coming back home from Colome when a bale hit the front bumper of their pickup. There was a lot of damage at the Dave Pravecek farm which is just off of 318th Ave.

The path of the storm seemed to follow a southeastern direction and farmers and homeowners who were in that path suffered damage with some very severe.

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