Winner Buried in 20 Inches of Snow

Persons are digging out from 20 inches of snow which buried Winner and other parts of Tripp County this weekend. A raging blizzard started Friday afternoon and lasted till Saturday morning after 10. Strong winds, at times over 40 miles an hour, caused whiteouts in many areas.

The storm was especially hard on area farmers who are in the middle of calving season. It was a race to save the new born calves.

Interstates 90 and 29 were closed all Saturday and opened later on Sunday morning.

Brent Gill, city of Winner public works director, says crews are busy picking all the snow piles. In addition to city trucks and vehicles, the city has borrowed trucks from Northern Plains Construction and Rosebud Concrete. The South Dakota Department of Transportation is helping with their snow blower to pick up snow on the four lane.

Gill reported some city workers started at 1 a.m. Saturday to get emergency personnel to work and others came in at 2 a.m. to help people who were snowed in get to work. Workers were busy Saturday making sure the snow was cleared from city streets.

Gill said some of the employees worked 18 hour days to keep emergency routes open.  Sunday, city crews worked on widening some areas so traffic could get through. Gill said the snow is very heavy and it is hard to move.

Rosebud Electric Cooperative reports 23 poles went down east of Fairfax. Persons in the Fairfax area and east were without power. Some customers had power restored Saturday but the majoring had power restored by dark on Sunday.

Where Winner and Gregory had snow, Fairfax area received some rain before the snow with ice causing damage to the poles.

Colome was hit with a lot of snow during the blizzard. No snow total was available when a check was made Monday morning.

Colome city officials reported crews were clearing the streets Saturday and Sunday with snow removal continuing on Monday.


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