Dr. Berg Retires after Thirty-five Years

dr berg

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

Dr. Tony Berg has given his heart and soul to the people of this community for over 35 years.  He is retiring from seeing patients at Winner Regional Clinic.  A retirement party honoring Dr. Berg will be held Jan. 12 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at the clinic.

Though, no longer seeing patients in the clinic, Berg will take ER call every fifth week. He will keep his long term care patients and will work a total of two days a week in Mission, White River and Martin.

“While I have given my heart and soul to the people in this community, I believe it is time that I slow down a little and begin to enjoy the next phase of my life,” he said.


Legislative Session to Begin

The 92nd session of the South Dakota Legislature started on Tuesday, Jan. 10.  Representing Tripp County are legislators from District 21 including Sen. Billie Sutton, Democrat, Burke; Rep. Julie Bartling, Democrat, Gregory and Rep. Lee Qualm, Republican, Platte.

Bartling is starting her seventh term in the legislature. She will serve on state affairs and agriculture committee. During the interim she will serve on the rules committee.

Sutton will be starting his fourth and final term in the senate where he is the senate minority leader.  Sutton will serve on the appropriations committee and state affairs.

Qualm is the new house majority leader and he will also serve on the House state affairs committee.  In his new duties as majority leader, Qualm will preside over the Republican caucus, decide the calendar schedule, look at issues which are important and the stand that the Republicans will take on these issues.

dan bechtld hall of fame

Bechtold is Inducted

Dan Bechtold always knew he wanted to be a journalist, he just did not know what direction his career would take him.  Bechtold grew up in a journalism family in Sioux Falls. His father, the late Herb Bechtold, was the long time city editor and columnist for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader and his mother, the late Catherine Bechtold, worked in the advertising department at the Argus.

Saturday night Bechtold was inducted in the Winner School Hall of Fame.  Bechtold said he was humbled by the honor. He said it is great to be included with the others who have been induced into the hall of fame.

Dan Aaker, Winner activities director, said “Dan has been a true staple at Winner Warrior activities for years. He rarely misses any events and we can’t thank him enough for the coverage he provides for the Warriors throughout the entire year. He is very deserving of this award with his contribution to the school district,” said Aaker.

Bechtold has worked at the Winner Advocate for 47 years and over those four decades has seen a lot of athletes, musicians and art students graduate from Winner High School. And it is highly likely Dan has taken a picture or two of these students.

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