Klein Finishes High School with Perfect Attendance

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

As a freshman at Winner High School, Ronae Klein set a goal to have perfect attendance.

She accomplished that goal as she graduated Saturday with perfect attendance all four years of high school.

The outgoing student is very active in school and is the top golfer on the Winner Area golf team. She is the daughter of Doyle and Brenda Klein.

The graduating senior almost had perfect attendance in middle school. She missed once, check out day, due to attending the graduation of a cousin.

In order to not miss school, Klein has had to move around orthodontist appointments and doctor appointments. In fact, she kept her braces on for an extra month so she would not miss school. The orthodontist told her she is the only person he knows of that kept on braces for an extra month.

Klein says it is beneficial to have good attendance in school. “It means you are not missing a lot of information in class and you do not have to do a lot of makeup work.”

She also sees that colleges will look at her transcript and see she made an effort to attend school.

In high school, Klein enjoyed the extracurricular activities. The senior said it helped her make friends.

And so as she walked a cross the stage Saturday afternoon to accept her diploma there was a sense of pride in her smile that she achieved one her major goals in high school.

Klein will attend Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell where she will be a member of the woman’s golf team. She wil major in English education and athletic training with a minor in coaching. She will also do the tech work for the DWU theater productions.

Curtis Graduation

Ashley (Curtis) DeHaan, a 2012 graduate of Winner High School, has received her Master of Arts degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of South Dakota.

She received her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders and minor in Psychology also from the University of South Dakota graduating with Cum Laude honors in December 2015.

She is currently employed with Avera Queen of Peace in Mitchell as a speech pathologist.

Also graduating from USD was Merideth Pistulka,Winner, with a master of arts in speech—language pathology.

Shaydel Davies of Winner graduated with a master of science in basic biomedical sciences.

Colome Fire Department Receives Grain Bin Rescue Training

The Colome Fire Department received life-saving grain bin rescue equipment on May 14 through a donation from Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica). A grain bin rescue exercise followed to train firefighters in the use of the specialized equipment.

The Colome Fire Department received a 10-panel system, slide hammer and other accessories manufactured by Outstate Data in Elbow, Minn. The equipment is designed by rescuers specifically for grain bin entrapments.
Even as the overall rate of serious injuries and fatalities on farms has fallen, the number of grain bin entrapments remains stubbornly steady, in part because the country’s high grain production has led to more bins that require more grain workers.

Grain can engulf and bury a worker in less than 30 seconds. The Colome Fire Department recognizes that grain bin rescue equipment significantly increases the chance of saving a life. Colome Fire Department is among the 42 rural and mostly volunteer departments receiving grain bin rescue equipment and training through FCSAmerica in 2018. Most of the recipient departments are part of mutual aid agreements that allow multiple communities to use and benefit from the equipment.

“FCSAmerica is proud to make grain bin rescue equipment a community service priority, said Michelle Pluta, vice president of retail operations at FCSAmerica’s Pierre office. “As a cooperative for farmers and ranchers, we understand the importance of farm safety. We see grain bin rescue equipment as one of the most worthwhile investments we can make in the rural communities we serve.”

Farm safety experts caution that bins in many areas of the country are filled with high-moisture corn and beans because of a wet harvest. Crusting can develop inside these bins, increasing the risk of entrapment. Safety experts advise against entering bins without at least two others present; everyone involved should know the steps to take in the event of an entrapment; and nobody should attempt a rescue alone.

Former Winner Man Dies in Shooting


A former Winner man was among people who died in a murder –suicide in Maryland.

Dan Murphy, who grew up in Winner, was visiting friends in Brookville, Md.

The suspect in the case Christopher K. Snyder had held his wife hostage. She escaped to a neighboring home. This is the home where Murphy was visiting. The husband of the woman who was held hostage burst into the home and started shooting.

Authorities say Snyder shot and killed three people at the neighboring home.

Murphy was a middle school English teacher a Brandon Valley Middle School from 1969 to 2004.

Murphy was born in Winner and graduated from Winner High School in 1965. He then went on to South Dakota State University in Brookings.

During his spare time and in the summer Murphy worked as a contractor building and remodeling many homes in the Brandon area.

“It Takes a Hero”

By Karlee Brozik

“It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle,” said Norman Schwarzkopf. I think veterans are American’s heroes because they are brave enough to risk their lives for the freedom of our country. Some people think of veterans and just think of the people who are armed, but there is many more than just those strong men and women, the others may not be fighting the enemy but instead fighting to keep a solider alive. There are so many heroes in the U.S. military that all need to be recognized.

Everyday soldiers are deployed and sent to battle away from their families. It takes someone that is strong, brave, and someone who has faith, and even more courage. Leaving your family and know you are risking your life is dreadful. But knowing that you are freeing America and other countries, well that is a feeling you can never recreate. These people who keep risking their lives battle after battle are our heroes, America’s heroes!

There are many kind of soldiers in the military, each play an important role in every battle. Doctor, dentist, cooks and even truck drivers are our heroes. Each and all of them are people that children look up to because they have lots of courage and fight for what’s right. This is an important aspect to have when you are a hero of a country.

Know you know why I think people who have served in the military are America’s heroes and should be recognized, fight or not they do a lot for our country. I hope you devote some time to learning some more about veterans. They are heroes we need to respect and honor them for what they do.

VFW Auxiliary Hosts Rock Hunt

The Winner VFW Auxiliary recently held a patriotic rock hunt at the Tripp County Historical Society grounds.

The high winds did not stop youngsters from hunting for a patriotic rock, having lunch and touring the military equipment on site near the Tripp County military museum.

Retired brigadier general Bob Benson, the Tripp County Ambulance Cadets, several historical society board members assisted the auxiliary in hosting the event.

The auxiliary expresses its gratitude to all who helped make this fun afternoon a reality.

Tripp County 4H Shooting Sports: Match 2 Results

Match 2 is the second of two matches the shooters can qualify for state match. The matches are shot at Tripp County 4H Center and Rosebud Arrow, Rod & Gun Club. South Dakota Shooting Sports State Match is April 27th, 28th and 29th at the Expo Center in Ft. Pierre. There are nearly 3000 competitors at State.

Archery: Scores based on possible 150 points, decimal is number of bull’s-eyes out of 30 shots. Compound Bow With Sights and Release: Spencer Calhoon 145.17, Jared Amidon 141.10, Joshua Musilek 139.08,Aiden Schroeder 134.04, Ryan Sell 132.07, Hunter Osborn 127.07, Bailey Fairbanks 126.05, Cam Irick 123.01, Miranda Fisher 121.04, Browdy Kocer 121.03, Kierra Bainter 119.05, Melanie Brozik 119.03, Deborah Harris 118.05, Evan Bartels 118.03, Carter Craven 116.05, Jordyn Harter 115.03, Selah Harris 115.03, Luke Hennebold 113.07, Trista Kierstead 112.02, Oren Sargent 112.01, Daisy McIntyre 112.01, Rylee Schroeder 111.05, Alex Larson 111.03, Jesse Larson 110.02, Ashton Klein 110.00.

Compound Bow with Sights and No Release: Austin Wheadon 88.04, Khiarra Evans 86.02. Compound Bow without Sights: Jaelynn Assman 91.02, Peydin Pederson 86.01, Jadelynn McCall 79.00, Joey Anderson 77.03, Devon Senter 77.00, Klayton Heath 74.00. Compound Open Class: Wade McClanahan 150.30, George Clark 150.22, Parker Baker 135.09. Recurve with Sights: Ellenor Harris 87.02.

Recurve Without Sights: Noah Manke 83.02.

Guns: Possible score 300. Prescision 22 Rifle : Parker Baker 240.00, Jared Amidon 232.00, Spencer Calhoon 195.00. Air Rifle: Parker Baker 211.07, Ryan Sell 203.01, Miranda Fisher 191.00, Jack Anderson 182.02, Selah Harris 168.00, Aiden Schroeder 133.00. Air Pistol: Derek Fenenga 146.01, Parker Baker 146.00, Alina Weiler 142.00, Ainsley Henderson 131.00, Ellison Kaiser 114.00, Rylee Schroeder 113.00 Selah Harris 111.00, Rusty Schroeder 100.00.

BB gun: Zoe Harris 355.07, Miranda Fisher 342.07, Cadence Senter 332.03, Hunter Shippy 325.02, Payton Sargent 324.04, Rylee Schroeder 321.04, SierraAnn McCall 319.03, Rowdy Moore 317.02, Landon Calhoon 316.02, Nathan Taylor 304.03, Mason Beehler 304.02, Roper Moore 295.04, Deborah Harris 295.02, Brody Calhoon 288.01, Noah Manke 287.02, Rusty Schroeder 276.01, Brianna Gilchrist 274.01, Carter Craven 272.00, Joey Anderson 264.01, Jadyn Ishmael 259.02, Evan Littau 256.04, Gracie Rohde 256.02, Jude Gregg 250.00 . CMP 22 Rifle: George Clark 285.05, Parker Baker 281.08, Spencer Calhoon 277.08, Katie Welker 254.05, Megan Brozik 248.01, Ellenor 235.00.

Colome CTE classes

The Family and Consumer Science department at the Colome Consolidated School offers the following CTE courses: JH FACS, FACS I, sewing, parenting, personal finances, and career exploration.

Most of these classes are taught using project based learning. In the sewing class, the students each completed a full sized block quilt as their main project. The students select appropriate fabric that coincides with their budget.

Many topics are covered in the career exploration class. The highlight of the semester was for each student to research careers of interest and then find relevant details such as: responsibilities, South Dakota schools they could attend to get a degree in their career, what degree they could earn, years to attend the school, cost of the school including room and board, possible salaries in South Dakota, risks of the job, and other interesting facts that are unique to that career. They also needed to find the outlook for that career as to whether it was a growing profession or not. Along with that, they also research careers related to their field. They brainstormed what classes they should take in high school to help them in college. They also presented a career of their choice to the class as a PowerPoint. Students then find a person to job shadow from the surrounding area to job shadow for the day. During the job shadow day, they interview the person about their career. The students picked various careers including a welder, veterinarians, an agronomist, mechanics, a carpenter, an accountant, a physical therapist, a truck driver, cosmetologists, teachers, a screen printer, a farrier, and a counselor. Following the job shadow day, the students completed both oral and written reports to the rest of the class to share their experience and knowledge gained.