Policies and Procedures on Cats and Dogs

The city of Winner police department does not trap any cats. Persons who notice a problem in their neighborhood or around their business, traps are available for use from the city.

It is the city policy to not destroy any animals. However, containment can be an issue. The city is in search of families or farms outside the city limits who need cats for mice. Persons who would like to put their name on a list, call the city office at 842-2606.

The police department cannot issue any dog nuisance violations without a signed complaint by the complainer. When reporting a disturbance, a signed affidavit must be completed then it is forwarded to the city attorney.

Hrabanek Receives MTI Award


Chase Hrabanek of Colome has received the Spirit of MTI award.

Hrabanek received a degree in animal science from Mitchell Technical Institute and the award was presented at graduation on May 4.

The students have been chosen by their instructors as this year’s graduates who best embody the “spirit” of MTI and exemplify their chosen occupation through study, hard work, reliability, contribution to the program and future potential in their employment field.

Dean’s List

Area students have been named to the spring semester dean’s list at Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell.

Those named to the dean’s list are: Reed Harter, Zach Harter, Callie Heath, all of Colome; Drew DeMers, Tyrel Haley, Sara Husher, all of Winner.

Local Area Graduates

Area students who graduated from Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, include:

Cohl Ratermann, sports management with a concentration in human resources; Sara Husher, Winner, biology, summa cum laude.

Area students were among the graduates from Mitchell Technical Institute.

The graduates include: Chase Hrabanek, animal science, high honor; Taylor Hrabanek, business management, honor; Cody Heath, electrical utilities and substation tech, honor, all of Colome; Hunter Mortenson, agronomy; Ryan Sherman, power line construction and maintenance and Sam Hossle, precision ag technology, all of Winner.

Tripp County Horse Show

The Tripp County horse show was held June 26 with contestants competing in several categories.

Awards were presented at the end of the show.

2018 Tripp Co. Horse Show Results

Senior Western Showmanship:

Champion: Arista Kaiser

Reserve Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Purple: Burner Schenefeld

Junior Western Showmanship:

Champion: Athena Willuweit

Reserve Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Purple: Bailey Shelbourn, Jack Anderson, Maggie DeMers, Coy Assman,

Blue: Coy Shelbourn, Kyla Mammen

Red: Austin Blare

Beginner Western Showmanship:

Champion: Tyson Wetzel

Reserve Champion: Ash Kaiser

Purple: Abe Kaiser, Roper Moore

Blue: Oakley Schenefeld, Ryann Assman, Jedediah Blare

Junior Pony Western Showmanship:

Champion: Alana Supik

Reserve Champion: Stetson Shelbourn

Purple: Jack Anderson

Beginner Pony Western Showmanship:

Champion: Jocelyn Soles

Beginner English Showmanship:

Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Senior Trail Class:

Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Reserve Champion: Arista Kaiser

Purple: Burner Schenefeld

Junior Trail Class:

Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Reserve Champion: Stetson Shelbourn

Purple: Athena Willuweit, Jack Anderson, Ryann Assman, Tyson Wetzel, Oakley Schenefeld, Kyla Mammen, Austin Blare, Abe Kaiser, Roper Moore, Maggie DeMers, Coy Shelbourn, Bailey Shelbourn

Blue: Coy Assman, Jocelyn Soles, Jedediah Blare, Ash Kaiser

Senior Stock Seat Equitation:

Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Reserve Champion: Arista Kaiser

Junior Stock Seat Equitation:

Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Reserve Champion: Athena Willuweit

Purple: Coy Shelbourn

Blue: Jack Anderson, Coy Assman, Alana Supik, Stetson Shelbourn, Austin Blare, Bailey Shelbourn, Maggie DeMers, Kyla Mammen

Beginner Stock Seat Equitation:

Champion: Ash Kaiser

Reserve Champion: Roper Moore

Purple: Oakley Schenefeld, Abe Kaiser, Tyson Wetzel

Blue: Jocelyn Soles, Ryann Assman, Jedediah Blare

Senior Ranch Riding:

Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Reserve Champion: Arista Kaiser

Junior Ranch Riding:

Champion: Kyla Mammen

Reserve Champion: Bailey Shelbourn

Purple: Stetson Shelbourn, Jack Anderson, Coy Assman, Athena Willuweit, Bailey Fairbanks, Abe Kaiser

Blue: Alana Supik, Ash Kaiser, Coy Shelbourn, Austin Blare, Roper Moore, Maggie DeMers

Senior Reining:

Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Reserve Champion: Arista Kaiser

Junior Reining:

Champion: Kyla Mammen

Reserve Champion: Bailey Fairbanks

Purple: Abe Kaiser, Athena Willuweit, Coy Assman, Bailey Shelbourn

Blue: Ash Kaiser, Coy Shelbourn, Austin Blare, Stetson Shelbourn, Maggie DeMers

Beginner Flag Racing:

Champion: Tyson Wetzel

Red: Bailey Shelbourn, Roper Moore, Kyla Mammen, Athena Willuweit, Ryann Assman, Ash Kaiser, Jocelyn Soles, Coy Shelbourn, Abe Kaiser

Senior Barrel Racing:

Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Reserve Champion: Arista Kaiser

Junior Barrel Racing:

Champion: Athena Willuweit

Reserve Champion: Roper Moore

Purple: Bailey Shelbourn, Kyla Mammen, Coy Assman, Coy Shelbourn, Jack Anderson, Ash Kaiser, Austin Blare

Blue: Tyson Wetzel, Jocelyn Soles, Alana Supik

Red: Ryann Assman, Abe Kaiser

Jr. Pony Barrels:

Champion: Stetson Shelbourn

Reserve Champion: Jack Anderson

Senior Pole Bending:

Champion: Arista Kaiser

Reserve Champion: Sydney Hollenbeck

Junior Pole Bending:

Champion: Athena Willuweit

Reserve Champion: Roper Moore

Blue: Kyla Mammen. Ash Kaiser, Bailey Shelbourn, Abe Kaiser, Jack Anderson, Coy Shelbourn, Coy Assman, Austin Blare

Red: Jedediah Blare, Tyson Wetzel, Ryann Assman, Jocelyn Soles

Junior Pony Poles:

Champion: Stetson Shelbourn

Reserve Champion: Jack Anderson

Senior Break-Away Roping:

Red: Burner Schenefeld, Arista Kaiser, Sydney Hollenbeck

Junior Break-Away Roping:

Red: Roper Moore, Stetson Shelbourn, Abe Kaiser, Coy Shelbourn, Ash Kaiser

Sr Tie-Down Roping:

Red: Sydney Hollenbeck

Special Awards

Keith Lentz Traveling Trophy: Clovervale

Teri Swedlund/ Darci Novotny Memorial Award: Athena Willuweit

Kerri Kauer Memorial Award: Jocelyn Soles

Spirit of Alisha Ross Award: Arista Kaiser

Jr Girl All Around Buckle: Athena Willuweit

Jr Boy All Around Buckle: Jack Anderson, Coy Assman

Sr Girl All Around Buckle: Sydney Hollenbeck

Sr Boy All Around Buckle: Burner Schenefeld

Winner, Colome Teams Honored

The 2017-2018 school year marked the 22nd year of recognition by the South Dakota High School Activities Association of athletic and fine arts groups for academic excellence.

Winner High School groups honored are: girls track and field, student council, large group band, large group chorus, boys track and field, yearbook and girls golf team.

Colome group honored was girls track and field team.

Any varsity athletic team or fine arts group achieving a combined grade point average of 3.0 or higher is eligible to receive the SDHSAA academic achievement team award.

Numerous independent studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Education and major universities continue to demonstrate that students who are involved in interscholastic fine arts and athletic activities tend to have higher grades in school, have better school attendance, and have fewer disciplinary problems than non-participating students.

These studies clearly show that high school students learn valuable lessons and lifetime skills, not only inside the classroom, but also through their participation in fine arts programs and school athletics.

City Working on Controlling Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are nasty this year.

The city of Winner has been out as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the city is unable to spray while raining as it does no good.

For the fogger system, the best time to use it is early in the morning and later in the evenings. This means city crews are out late at night or very early in the morning when most people are sleeping. This is the most effective way to kill mosquitoes.

The city says mother nature has not worked well this year in allowing the spraying to be done.

The spray that is used is not harmful if a person comes in contact with it.

Person Injured in Rollover

South Dakota Highway Patrol troopers responded to a crash about five miles east of Winner on June 20.

The driver of a Chrysler PT Cruiser lost control of their vehicle after they fell asleep.

The vehicle entered the ditch and rolled. The driver, who was wearing a seat belt, received minor injuries.

The Tripp County ambulance assisted.

Richey Part of Team in Wisconsin

The Corn Palace Area Club volleyball teams competed at the junior volleyball association Midwest festival June 9-11 in Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

The CPAC 17 Black won the 16-17-year-old division.

Alexis Richey of Winner was a member of the Black team.

The CPAC Black team went 8-0. The team defeated squads from Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana.