Student applies Rotary test to her life

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Sharlotte Tuttle won the Winner Rotary Club 4 way test essay contest. She is pictured with Lana Stickland of the Winner Rotary Club. Tuttle is a 6th grader at Winner Middle School.
She is the daughter of Jesse and Lexie Tuttle.

Sharlotte Tuttle, a 6th grader at Winner Middle School, won the Winner Rotary Club  4 way test essay contest.

Tuttle read her essay at the Rotary Club meeting on March 16.

Here is the winning essay:

It is important to tell the truth because spreading falsehood and lies can severely affect you and those around you. It can ruin reputations, jobs, friendships, your personality and even whole lives. Telling the truth can help to prevent these things and in some cases stop them entirely. Not all the time, I know. But help to stop? Absolutely. Telling the truth can improve trust and relationships and can stop these bridges from crumbling.

It is important to be fair because being fair is beneficial to all in the situation. Take a court case for example. If the judge was biased the decision is already made. If the judge is not biased, it could have a different outcome. The judge hears all evidence makes a decision and charges. Fairness prevents wasting time and energy and it means that everything is justified in the end.

It is important to do good and build better and stronger friendships because the good  you  do encourages others to do the same and makes you feel good as well. You don’t have to be a saintly hero to do good things. You don’t have to be the best person ever to build better friendships. Doing the right thing can be very easy. All you have to do is genuinely care about your friend to be a good one.

When you tell the truth, be fair and do good things. This will build better friendships and it will set a good example to those around you and help them do the same. Good deeds and behaviors spread. We need to help them spread and it will start up all around you. In your family, in your friends and their families, in classmates, in coworkers, in students and in teachers. If we all did this, it would not only be beneficial to us, but our environment and communities too. All we need is to do a little good to help the world around us.

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