Tripp County Community Foundation 2024 scholarships

The Tripp County Community Foundation would like to announce that application information for the 2024 scholarships administered by the Tripp County Community Foundation is now available. The applications can be found on the Counselor’s Corner tab of the Winner School Districts website, or you can contact the Guidance Office at Winner High School  There are a few that are also available to students in Colome.  Students can obtain information by contacting their guidance office.

These are the scholarships currently available:

Donald & Fern Jorgensen Scholarship – $750

Antes Family Memorial Scholarship – $500

Winner Rotary/Bailey Scholarship – $500

James & Lawrence Neyens Scholarship (Winner & Colome students) – two $1,000

Ray & Grace Neyens Family Scholarship  (Winner & Colome students) – $1,000

Charles Hellman Memorial Scholarship for Future Educators – $1,000

Harold E. Smith Scholarship – $1,000

Tripp Co. Water User District – Martin & Mary Jorgensen Scholarship – $1,000 and  Tripp Co. Water User District – Lawrence Wagner Scholarship – $1,000 (Applicant must be a child of a member of Tripp County Water User District or a resident in one of TCWUD participating communities.)

Gordon Horgen Memorial Science Scholarship – $1,000

Benson Family Scholarship – $1,000

Dr. Tony & Kay Berg Scholarship – $1,000

Mary Still Memorial Scholarship – two – $1,000

 Currently, the Tripp County Community Foundation Administers 15 scholarship funds that give $13,750 annually to students in our area wishing to continue their education beyond high school. All these scholarships have come from private donors.  These scholarships demonstrate the sincere interest and investment the families and community members are willing to make in the future of our community.

Students and parents in our community can reach out to their school guidance counselors or board members of the Tripp County Community Foundation for additional information on how to apply for these scholarships.

Tripp County Community Foundation current board members include:

Lynnelle Anderson   605-840-0642

Charles Axtell           605-842-3107

Judy Benson             605-842-2240

Dawn Covey             605-840-1334

Gary Fenenga          605-840-1630

Barry Grossenburg  605-840-1305

Chuck Keiser            605-840-2048

Rita Neyens              605-840-0165

Jeff Pinter                  605-842-0119

Eric Pollard               605-321-0339

Jeff Schramm            605-840-1343

Kim Vanneman         605-840-2751

Kara Zeigler              605-530-7406

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