Plans in place for arrival of vaccine

By Dan Bechtold


A lot of people are wondering when will the COVID-19 vaccine be available to them. The state Department of Health has set guidelines that prioritize groups for the vaccine.

This week the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived in South Dakota. Another vaccine by Moderna has been approved for use in the U.S. and will arrive soon in South Dakota.

Kevin Coffey, CEO of Winner Regional Health, says the leadership team has been meeting and planning for the distribution of the vaccine in the Winner area.

Winner Regional is in daily contact with Sanford Health who will be distributing the vaccine to Tripp County.

“We do not know when it will arrive,” said Coffey in an interview on Thursday afternoon. Also participating in the interview was Julie Hennebold, chief nursing officer for Winner Regional Health.

“We could get 20 doses or we could get 80 doses we just don’t know,” said Coffey.

When it arrives, the first ones to get the vaccine will be the front line workers like doctors and nurses who have been helping COVID patients. Then there is a tier system who will get the shot next. This is a recommendation of the CDC.

Winner Regional is also making arrangements with Community Connections and Elder Inn to give the vaccine to their staff and clients/residents.

Hennebold is working with Kathie Cole to have EMS receive the vaccine.

Coffey explained Walgreens in Pierre will be giving the vaccine to residents of the Winner Regional long term care center.

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