Academic banquet is May 1

The 38th annual Winner High School academic banquet will be held May 1 at the auxiliary gym. The doors will open at 6 p.m. and supper will be at 6:30 p.m.

Donna Kubik of Antler Ridge Lodge will cater the meal.

The guest speaker will be Justin Hausmann, president of the National Honor Society.

The event will feature the induction of 25 members into NHS.

The new inductees are Jackson Bachmann, August Bartels, Ava Craven, Broden Duffy, Keelie Kuil, Hayden McMurtrey, Cora Moss, Aiden Schroeder, Tessa Sieh, Adam Miller, Matthew Brozik, Konner Osborn, Kellen Brozik, Kyla Mammen, Shawn Hammerbeck, Karson Keiser, Landon Calhoon, Austin Blare, Jacob Manke, Jenaya Schrader, Hannah Schroeder, Evan Bartels, Bo Hurley and Stratton Morehart.

The current juniors in NHS are: Leila Balsiger, Bailey Fairbanks, Ellison Kaiser, Ashlynn McPhee, Cassandra Shutt, Samuel Scholz, Garrett Phillips, Kendall Dice, Maxton Brozik, Payton Fisher, Emily Sachtjen, Jude Sargent, Saylor Schuyler, Cici Watson, Noah Best and Aiden Barfuss.

The seniors in NHS are: Kendyll Bachmann, Brindy Bolander, Melanie Brozik, Maggie DeMers, Justin Hausmann, Ainsley Henderson, Tessa Mann, Aleya Miller, Pierce Nelson, Dalton Petersen, Rylee Root, Blake Volmer, Leah Wiechelman, Mallory Thayer, Mali Beehler, Joselin Kludt, Chaz Blotsky, Kelbi Meiners, Shayne Day, Faith Covey, Amanda Blare, Jack Kruger and Clay Sell.

In addition to Hausmann, other officers are Emily Sachtjen, vice president; Tessa Mann, secretary; Jack Kruger, treasurer and Melanie Brozik, historian.

There will be 18  seniors who will receive plaques for having been honored at the academic banquet all four years.

Senior plaques will go to Kendyl Bachmann, Mali Beehler, Brindy Bolander, Melanie Brozik, Shayne Day, Maggie DeMers, Justin Hausmann, Ainsley Henderson, Joselin Kludt, Tessa Mann, Kelbi Meiners, Aleya Miller, Pierce Nelson, Dalton Petersen, Rylee Root, Mallory Thayer, Blake Volmer and Leah Wiechelman.

The academic banquet honors students in both academics and subject area.

Seniors to be honored for academics are Kendyl Bachmann, Ethan Bartels, Mali Beehler, Amanda Blare, Brindy Bolander, Melanie Brozilk,  Faith Covey, Shayne Day, Maggie DeMers, Justin Hausmann, Ainsley Henderson,  Trista Kierstead, Joselin Kludt, Jack Kruger, Tess Mann, Tayden Mathis, Kelbi Meiners, Aleya Miller, Rowdy Moore, Pierce Nelson, Hunter Osborn, Dalton Petersen, Rylee Root, Clay Sell, Mallory Thayer, Blake Volmer and Leah Wiechelman.

Seniors honored in subject areas are: Kendyl Bachmann, design; Amanda Blare, animal science; Brindy Bolander, anatomy; Melanie Brozik, American government; George Clark, intro to construction; Faith Covey, current events;  Illyanna Crabb, choir;  Maggie DeMers, choir; Justin Hausmann, Art I and band;

Ainsley Henderson, personal finance, art III and horticulture; Aleya Miller, parenting; Jack Peters, intro to technology; Tocarra Shot With Arrow, English 12; Mallory Thayer, band; BlakeVolmer, sociology, intro to welding, small engines, mechanics; Leah Wiechelman, chemistry II

Juniors honored for academics are: Leila Balsiger, Aiden Barfuss,Noah Best, Maxton Brozik, Kendall Dice, Bailey Fairbanks, Payton Fisher, Ellison Kaiser, Alexis Klein, Ashlynn McPhee, Garret Phillips, Emily Sachtjen, Sam Schultz, Jude Sargent, Saylor Schuyler, Cassidy Seeking Land, Cassandra Shutt, Braden Tarrell, Cecilia Watson

Juniors honored in subject area are: Leila Balsiger, biology II; Payton Fisher, advanced construction; Garret Phillips, vet science; Cassidy Seeking Land, psychology; Stetson Shelborn, advanced welding; Cassandra Shutt, English 11; Braden Tarrell, U. S. History and Cecilia Watson, nutrition.

Sophomores honored for academics are: Jackson Bachmann, August Bartels, Austin Blare, Matthew Brozik, Landon Calhoon, Kellen Cihak-Brozik, Ava Craven, Broden Duffy, Shawn Hammerbeck, Bo Hurley, Karson Keiser, Keelie Kuil, Kyla Mammen, Jacob Manke, Hayden McMurtrey, Adam Miller, Cora Moss, Konner Osborn, Preslie Petersek, Aiden Schroeder, Tessa Sieh.

Sophomores honored in subject areas are: Andrew Henderson, basic electricity, Bo Hurley, geometry; Karson Keiser, English 10; Keelie Kuil, Algebra II, Chemistry, Spanish II;

Kyla Mammen, wildlife & fisheries; Hayden McMurtrey, choir, world history; Adam Miller, cabinetmaking; Hunter Shippy, biology; Tessa Sieh, geography and Jacob Turney, English 10 .

Freshmen honored for their academics are Joseph Anderson, Livia Audiss, Lillian Barfuss, Matthew Calhoon, Jasmine Crow Eagle, Amanda Edwards, Bailey Fisher, Brianna Gilchrist, Addison Heenan, Abe Kaiser, Noah Manke, Parker Mathis, Roper Moore, Zachary Olson, Ryken Orel, Gracie Root, Kylie Sachtjen, Paige Sachtjen, Kaylee Soles, Olivia Swedlund, Sadie Tegethoff and Sierra Wise.

Freshmen honored for academics are Amanda Edwards, health; Addison Heenan, Art II, band, computer studies; Roper Moore, intro to ag; Royal Roubideaux, Lakota studies and cultures; Paige Sachtjen, employability; Kaylee Soles, Algebra I, English 9, Photographic arts; Sadie Tegethoff, Spanish I.

Lisa Jankauskas is the advisor for NHS and the academic banquet. This will mark the 38th year for the academic banquet which was started by Cyndy DeMers.

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