Lariat Loopers Meet & Donate Money

lariat loopers 4h

By reporter Wiley Heath

The Lariat Loopers met at the Heath Home on January 9, 2015, 18 members were present.  The thank you committee completed the thank yous to the businesses that support 4-H and delivered all the candies.  The club decided to get new t-shirts.  Club members were supposed to go home and make a design and come back with the design for the next meeting.  Members were also encouraged to go out for the Hippology Team.

The Lariat Loopers gathered at the Heath Home on February 21, 2015.  There were 20 members present for the meeting.  The club met to discuss the Chili Cook-off at the Colome American Legion on February 28, 2015.   Our club made the “Fair” Chili that included lamburger and sausage from the animals shown at fair and then homeraised beef.  A committee was selected to design the t-shirts.  The club also talked about a date to do the bi-annual trash pickup on the highway.  While at the meeting the club also gathered all donations that were to be sent to the Nordby Hall in Huron.  The Nordby Hall replaces the old Clover Hall at Huron.  Twenty-seven  members donated money to this project.  Donations totaled $1320, some members sold half and half tickets at the Colome football games and most donated money from their Premium Check at the Mid-Dakota Fair.    Three members gave demonstrations at the end of the evening. Brandon Moody demonstrated on how to tie a square knot with a scarf, Zoe Harris gave a demonstration on solar energy and the final demonstration was caring for a turtle by Selah Harris.

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