White Christmas wishes come true

Many people wanted a white Christmas. But did it have to come as a  winter blast.

After a high of  68 degrees last Tuesday, the weather turned nasty on Dec. 23. Snow and strong winds made for zero visibility which made travel impossible on the day before Christmas Eve.

At 7:15 a.m. on Dec.23 the wind was clocked at over 60 miles per hour. Strong winds persisted throughout the day.

Due to the wind, electricity was off in certain parts of Winner and the rural area also saw power outages.

Winner received two inches of snow with precipitation measuring .12.

There was a little break on Christmas to allow persons to travel for the holiday.

However, a more potent storm is predicted for Tripp County which was to start early Tuesday (Dec. 29) and lasting all day.

A total of three to six inches of snow is expected in this upcoming storm.

Drivers should be on the watch for slippery roads and areas of blowing snow will reduce visibility.

There is a new ordinance on Winner city books dealing with snow which persons should be aware of. Last year the city council approved an ordinance on a travel ban within the city limits if there is a potent snow storm making driving dangerous.

This ban would be for non essential persons who are driving on the streets. Persons driving during this ban could be ticketed.

Persons would be notified of the travel ban on the radio, social media and the city’s alert system.

The police chief, public works director and director of public safety all have to agree before a ban is put in place.

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