Officials elected to county and state offices

Dan Forgey, Dallas, Republican Tripp County Commissioner from District 2 was re-elected in the Nov. 3 general election. Forgey will serve another four years on the county board. In the election, Forgey received 353 votes to226 for Independent Marla Liggett.

Erin Tobin of Winner was elected the new state senator from District 21. She received 2,269 votes in Tripp County and her challenger Dan Kerner Andersson, Burke, received 366 votes. Tobin earned 79 percent of the vote from District 21 with 7,627 votes. Andersson received 21 percent of the vote 2,000 votes. In a Facebook post after the election, Tobin said she is “excited for the things we well achieve with our strong voice together over the next two years.” Tobin thanked the candidates that ran this election cycle. “The fact that you stepped forward, added more to your daily to-dos, and gave it your best, is something to be proud of—win or lose.”

In the state representative race, Rocky Blare of Ideal and Caleb Finck of Tripp were elected and will serve two years in the state house. In Tripp County, Blare received 2,221 votes, Finck received 1,173 and Jessica Hegge of Platte, 486. Blare received 44 percent of the vote with from District 21 with 6,328 votes. Finck received 5,038 votes and Hegge. 2,908.

District 21 includes Bon Homme, Charles Mix, Gregory and Tripp Counties.

Mike Rounds was re-elected to the U.S. Senate. In Tripp County, Rounds received 81 percent of the vote as 2,188 votes were cast for him. His challenger was Dan Ahlers and he received 501 votes in Tripp County.

Dusty Johnson was re-elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. He received 90 percent of the vote in Tripp County. He received 2,359 votes to 267 for Randy Luallin.

The presidential race in Tripp County had a big turnout. Donald Trump received 80 percent of the vote and Joe Biden received 18 percent.

South Dakota voters took a strong stand on who they want to fill the state Public Utilities Commission position. Gary Hanson was the winner for a seat on the PUC. In Tripp County, he received 2,125 votes. Devin Saxon received 79 votes and Remi W.B. Bald Eagle received 376 votes.

In the state supreme court retention vote, votes over whelming chose to retain Justice Steve Jensen. In Tripp County, the justice received 2052 yes votes and 386 no votes. Statewide, Jensen received 81 percent of the vote.

South Dakota voters showed strong support for medical marijuana and also approved a measure to approve recreation use of marijuana. South Dakotans gave a 54 percent approval to Amendment A, which legalizes recreational use of marijuana. In Tripp County, Amendment A was defeated. The No votes were 1,651 and yes 998. However, Tripp County voters approved the medical use of marijuana which was Initiated measure 26. The yes votes were 1,471 and no 1,194. Statewide, both marijuana measures passed. They will not take effect until July 1, 2021.

Tripp County voters approved Amendment B which allows sports betting in Deadwood. This was a very narrow vote with 1,331 yes and 1,315 no.

Voter turnout was very high in Tripp County with a 74.53 percent voter turnout. There were 2,721 ballots cast. The number of registered voters in Tripp County is 6,351.Statewide voter turnout was 73.88 percent. In this election, many people voted absentee. In Tripp County, there were 1,079 absentee ballots cast.

The staff in the Tripp County Auditor’s office was finished counting ballots at 11:30p.m. on Nov. 3.

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