Highway 44 Platte-Winner Bridge Project Update

Engineering design is underway for the proposed Highway 44 Platte-Winner Bridge over the Missouri River.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) design team is in the process of developing designs for the new bridge and associated new roadway alignment on either side of the river. Starting in May 2021, this design process has included the collection of geologic information about the new alignment.  In order to collect information in the river, SDDOT contracted with a barge company to provide access for our drilling equipment on the water. That work on the river was completed in June.  Our design team has moved out of the water to collect geologic information for the portions of the project on land. Recognizing that much of the sampling work is set to take place in the Snake Creek Recreation Area, we are trying to limit our work to weekdays and avoiding the July 4th holiday, when recreational activity is at a peak. Current plans are for the sampling to be complete in mid-July.

Overall progress on the project remains on track for completion of environmental studies later this year.  When the project’s Environmental Assessment is completed, SDDOT will conduct public meetings to share findings of the study and present related mitigation items such as improvements at the Snake Creek Recreation Area.  Construction of the new bridge is still planned to begin in late 2024.

Project documents, including the Corridor Study, are available for viewing on the project web site www.sd44bridge.com.

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