Fair opens July 29 with a different look

Fair opens July 29 with a different look

The first day of the Mid Dakota Fair in Winner will be held July 29.

The theme for the fair is Mid Dakota Fair—Focusing on the Future.

While many counties have canceled a fair and some state’s have canceled their state fair, Tripp County will still have a fair but it will look a lot different due to COVID-19.

Persons attending the fair must follow SDSU social distancing protocol. Everyone must maintain six feet of distance between those outside of their household.

At first SDSU mandated that every one has to wear a mask at the fair but they have relaxed their rule where masks are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

The July 29 event will be the judging of 4-H exhibits. This year there will be no face to face interview with judges.

Families have been given a set time to drop off their exhibits. Only a certain number of people will be allowed in the 4-H center. This judging will be from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The same schedule will be followed on July 30 as 4-He4s will drop off their projecs and then leave,

This year there will be no display of 4H projects for he general public to view.

A schedule as been set for Aug. 3 for 4-Hers to come and pick up their projects.

The fair will run through Aug. 8. 4-Hers will show their animals on set days but there will be no public viewing of the show.
The animal shows will be live streamed on Facebook at Tripp County 4-H Animal Shows livestream.

he Tripp County Leaders Association received a grant to purchase eight pens to house the swine for the swine show on Aug. 8.

The grant is from the Tripp County Foundation and the South Dakota Community Foundation.

Trailers that bring animals to the fair can park across from the rodeo arena or in the north lot across from the 4-H Center.
4-Hers can sign up for text alerts to keep track of what class is being judged and the time they need to bring their animal into the arena. For example for the beef show persons can text beef show to 31996. When the show is over they can type “stop” to 31996.

There will be no breakfast or no meals served this year. There will be an outdoor concession stand but no concession stand inside the 4-H Center.

The public speaking finals will be in the afternoon of Aug. 4. Again, each 4-Her is giving a time to give their presentation and there will be no public viewing.

“We realize this is not the ideal fair event, but we appreciate your cooperation so w are allowed to still have this opportunity for our members,” said Laura Kahler, Tripp County 4-H advisor.

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