Young Guns repeat as champs

The Young Guns repeated as champions of the Winner Area Chamber of Commerce sharpshooter bird & clay classic this weekend.

At awards banquet was held Saturday at the Tripp County 4-H Center.

The Young Guns had a total score of 30.96.

Members of the team are Jack Anderson, Klayton Heath, Oren Sargent, Hunter Shippy, Noah Manke and Austin VanDerWerff.

Second place went to Mark’s Misfits. Team members were Mark Rohde, Terry Laverik, Mark Bachmann, Bryce Hauf, Chris Welker and David Floyd.

Third place team was Sargents Farms and Arms. Team members were Cory Sargent, Craig Sargent, Cale Meiners, Kevin Meiners, Scott Dutt and Jamie Root.

The 10th place team and the 18th place team also won prizes. The 10th place got binoculars.

Crop Gun took 10th and team members were Adam Farner, Brett Langley, Josh Falk, Johnny Gustafson, Justin Koeni and Michael Dabney.

The 18th team was Mix & Match with team members Ray Bryant, Clyde Bryant, Ira Sherman, Ali Hakenson, Shane Lyons, Justin Dowling.

The landowners are an important part of the hunt. The 19 landowners were Red Hills Lodge, Sargent Farms, H & H Hunts, DeWayne Welker, Bolton Ranch Outfitters, Thunder Creek Ranch, Antler Ridge Lodge, Tresh Swedlund, White River Sportsman Larson families, Deadshot Outfitters —Steve Steinke, Big Hollow Ranch—James Massa; Tom Mathis, Rattlesnake Butte Hunting—Dalton Daughters; Rick and Becky Odenbach, Roger Fiala, Mountain Goat Outfitters—Gary Zimbelmann, Rick Shippy.

There were also 38 judges and scorekeepers. They included: Rusty Heenan, Amber Smith, Cliff Heyden, Dan Wranek, Marty Mortenson, David Gastonguay, Jonah Sachtjen, Jeff Farner, Jesse Larson, Evan Farner, Tex Holthus, Jordan Christensen, Blake Bauer, Ryan Radant, Don Bice, Michael Massa, Bryce Bohnet, Mike Whetham, Judd Kaiser, Laura Bryant, Hannah Leuke, Emilee Taylor, Dave Witt, Rusty Arthur, Kevin Wagner, Jamie Sachtjen, Wayne Bolton, Tristan Cable, Riley Sund, Cindy Pinter, Ricki Christensen, Justin Zeigler, Melanie Radant, Belva Weber, Brittany Massa, Ethan Ernest, Troy Best and Jeff Kaiser.

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