Winner Elks Rodeo Results

Over 300 contestants from 10 states competed for $30,000 in prize money at the 49th annual Winner Elks Rodeo July 27, 28 and 29.

The profits from this rodeo go to the outreach program at LifeScape. Thirteen children from LifeScape traveled to Winner to enjoy the thrills of a rodeo.

The Sutton Ranch stagecoach made an appearance at the Saturday night performance of the rodeo and the kids from LifeScape got to ride in the grand entry with the horse drawn stagecoach.

Stock for the rodeo is provided by Hollenbeck Rodeo Co. of Winner.

Winners of the ranch bronc riding were Evan DeBoer, Wewela; Lane Alley, Oklahoma; Nate O’Kief, Valentine, Neb., and Casey Heinger, Pierre.

Winners of the team penning were: Tom Jones, Steve Klein, Tom Varilek, 25.4 seconds; Chuck Nelson, Mick Varilek, Ross Varilek, 32.5; Gary Garbe, Joe Skibinski, Dary Hammerstrom, 44.9; Paul Borgmann, Larry Fossum and Collin Borgmann, 56.1.

Winners of the 50/50 drawing were: Monte Mayes, Roger Dice and Cody McKenzie.

Rodeo results include:

Bareback—Logan Glendy, Oconto, Neb., 71; Tanner Langdeau, Kyle, 70

Saddle bronc—Miles Kreeger, Wagner, 83; Wyatt Barstow, Springview, 79; Cole Hindman, Kadoka, 73; Kyle Hapey, Ft. Pierre, 73; Shadow Jensen, Martin, 72; Tristan Eklund, Valentine, 71 and Derek Keener, Wood Lake, Neb., 71

Bull riding—Casey Heninger, Ft. Pierre, 81; Riggin Shippy, Colome, 78; Justin McCall, Winner, 75; Dillon Micheel, Broken Bow, Neb., 72; Lane Gambill, Wood Lake, 68 and Rowdy Hughson, Hot Springs, 65

Calf roping—Rex Treeby, Hecle, 9.6; Miles Kenzy, Iona, 10; John Klooz, Purdum, Neb., 10.6; Blasius Steffen, Gregory, 11; Rance Johnson, Allance, Neb., 11; Trey Young, Dupree, 12.2

Steer wrestling—Boyd Sawyer, Thedford, Neb., 4.5; Beau Dean, Platte, 5.2; Brent Belkham, Blunt, 5.2; Jace Christensen, Flandreau, 5.2; Colbey Steeke, Rhame, N. D., 6.6 and Clint Nelson, Philip, 7.4

Senior mens breakaway—Kirk Ford, Sturgis, 2.6; Darren Lammers, Chancellor, 2.8; Steve Sherwood San Tan Valley, Ariz., 3; Glen Hostutler, Midland, 3.4; Jim Hales, White Owl, 3.7 and Barry Knippling, Chamberlain, 3.9

Lades breakaway roping—Payton Donnelly, 2.3; Karissa Rayhill, 2.4; Cy Christensen, 2.6; Countney Peters, 2.7; Tessa Caspers, 2.7; Abby Jo Treeby, 2.8

Barrel racing—Christy Willert, Kadoka, 16.46; Cyndy Peterson, Ree Heights, 16.51; Jenna Garwood, Atkinson, Neb., 16.72; Deb Thompson, Gordon, Neb., 16.79; Jill Moody, Pierre, 16.8 and Wendy Bechen, Rapid City, 16.83

Goat tying—Shelby Spanel, Anselmo, Neb., 8.4; Lacey Tech, Fairfax, 8.4; Sawyer Gilbert, Buffalo, 8.5; Haiden Thompson, Yoder, Wyo., 8.7 and Tanegia Zilverberg, Holabird, 8.9

Mixed team roping—Denise Nelson, Midland, Jake Nelson, Creighton, 7.4; and Trina Arneson, Melvin Arneson, Enning, 7.6; Trey Hermelbracht and Troy Hermelbracht, Homer, Neb., 7.6; Becca Kartak, Brady Graff, Ainsworth, Neb., 7.7; Bodelle Mueller and Marvin Mueller, Sutherland, Neb., 8.4 Hanna Hostutler, Jesse Hostutler, Midland, 10.1

Team roping—Cooper Brott, Gothenburg, Neb. and Steve Sherwood, San Tan Valley, Ariz., 5.9; Levi Walter, Wray, Colo. Jayden Johnson, Casper, Wyo., 6; Eli Lord, Sturgis, Jade Nelson, Midland, 6; Jason Thorstenson, Rapid City and J. D. Gerard, Kennebec, 6.1; Rex Treeby, Hecla and Elliott Gourneau, Kennebec, 6.5 and Clint Whipple, St. Francis and Shadow Jensen, Martin, 6.9

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