Barbeque Winners Named

The Pit Boys were the overall grand champions of the Winner Area Chamber of Commerce pit row barbeque held Saturday on Main Street.

The overall side dish winner was Apocalypse BBQ—Mardi and Marty Pederson. The winning side dish was grilled peaches.

There were 13 teams in the competition.

The pork winners were:

Winner Volunteer Fire Department, 1st; Smoked Encounters of the Third Swine, 2nd; Pit boys, 3rd; Apocalypse BBQ, 4th and R. J. Bones, 5th

The brisket winners were: Totally Smoked BBQ, 1st; Sizzlin Bacon, 2nd, Apocalypse BB 3rd Smoked Encounters of the Third Swine, 4th and Pit Boys, 5th

Winners of the ribs were: Pit Boys 1st; Grossenburg Implement A, 2nd; Pheasant Bar, 3rd; Grossenburg Implement B, 4th and Smoked Encounters of the Third Swine, 5th

A large crowd was on hand Saturday night to enjoy the good food.

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