South Dakota’s Pump Price Average is Holding Steady


Nationally, the price of a gallon of gasoline increased one cent to $2.38 from last week; however, the price at the pump in 30 states has fallen as much as four cents. The moderate decline in gasoline prices is typical following a long holiday weekend.

South Dakota’s statewide average today is $2.369, the same week over week and four cents higher than one year ago. Prices over the last month have only fluctuated by one or two cents.

“As you’re heading out for that great American road trip this summer, it’s good to know what gas prices are doing in the states you’ll be traveling in and through,” said Marilyn Buskohl, spokeswoman for AAA South Dakota. “You’ll get up to date price averages for each state by checking”

Current Price Averages per Gallon of Regular Gasoline

Sioux Falls – $2.23, down 2 cents from one month ago … up 1 cent from 6/5/16
Rapid City – $2.42, down 1 cent from one month ago … up 14 cents from 6/5/16
South Dakota – $2.36, down 2 cents from one month ago … up 4 cents from 6/5/16
U.S. – $2.38, up 2 cents from one month ago … up 2 cents from 6/5/16

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