Science Fair Winners Named

scicne fair ian tunnissen

There were several participants in this year’s Winner Science Fair.

In the biological division, Ian Tunnissen won best of show with a project on hand sensitivity.

Luke Hennebold won best of show in physical science with a project on row crop erosion.

Lucas Jedlicki and Nick Bare won best of show in ag for a project on phosphorus addition.

Biology results include: Rile Calhoon, gold; Levi McClanahan, Lauren Norrid, both silver; Destiny Ruden, Samantha Marts/ Madyson Frazier, all bronze.

Ribbons were awarded to: Matt Hartley, Dalton Baker, Charlie Novak, Zach Lapsley, Savannah Vogel, Emalie Duley, Ronae Klein/Daesha Klein; Mason Schuyler/ Alex Schaeffer and Aidon Bachmann.

Brandon Volmer received a gold medal in physical science. Silver medals went to Tyler Olson, Tedra Vrbka/Sophia Lewis.

Receiving bronze were Asher Kraft, Andrew Taylor. Ribbons were awarded to: Logan Tunnisen, Katy Lantz, Shea Connot, Sierra Hanson/Gracie Littau, Tyson Westendorf, Hunter Shopene, Alexis Richey and Sadie Woods/ Makenna Pederson.

Sid Durrin and Sam Hossle win a gold medal for a pH effect on a radish project.

Silver went to Devon Leiferman and Windsor Barry and a bronze went to Tristan Watzel.

Ribbons were awarded to Michael Massa/ Nathan Ducheneaux and Nathan Erickson.

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