Science Fair Winners Named

Shelby Scott and Presley Foudrey won the grand prize for their project at the Winner Science Fair held on March 22. There project was: What percentage of people are amusic?

The best of show at the middle school went to Joselyn Kludt with a project on “does coffee have different pH’s.”

The gold medal physical science project winners include:

Mackenzie Levi and Brennan Bachmann, “How does air pressure effect bounce?”

Preston Norrid, “What are the effects of friction?”

Jude Laude, Steven Lin, “Does yeast effect elephant paste?”

Kayla Natoli, “Does the splatter matter?”

Megan Brozik and Meagan Blare, “Does a cookie sheet effect baking?”

Teresa Taylor, “Which fabric absorbs dye the best?”

The biological gold medal winners are:

Saige Schuyler, “Does a chiropractic adjustment effect horse performance?”

Kiersten Durrin and Kara Ewing,
Does washing hands affect mold growth?

Dawson Phillips, Does plant population affect its growth?

Jacob Clay, Is water still the champ?

Phillip Jorgensen, Is a dog’s mouth cleaner?

Addy Root, What mouth wash kills oral bacteria

Zane Mandl and Jaynee Gregg, what manure is best for fertilizer?

Several special awards were presented at the science fair.

These awards include:

Best engineering—Preston Norrid, $25 sponsored by Haley’s Hiway Lumber

Best display board—Isabelle Leyden, $25 from Jorgensen Land and Cattle

Best new idea—Heather Rowe, $25 from Schramm Furniture

Best oral health—Addy Root, electric toothbrush from Winner Dental Clinic

Best ag related—Zane Mandel and Jaynee Gregg, $25 from Jorgensen Land and Cattle

Best health project—Morgan Hammerbeck, $25 from Animal Clinic

Best animal project—Saige Schuyler, $25, Animal Clinic

Best use of data—Megan Brozik, $25, Schramm Furniture

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