Ron Waller Golf Tournament

Dan Bechtold/Winner Advocate Photo
Rich Crow Eagle, right and Mike Beardt were named the winners of the Ron Waller memorial member guest golf tournament at the Winner Country Club on Sunday. Making the presentation are Brenda Klein and Steph Waller.

Rich Crow Eagle and Mike Beardt were the winners of the 27th annual Ron Waller Memorial member-guest golf tournament Saturday and Sunday at Winner Country Club.

The pair from Mission shot a 126.

The derby champions were Cordell Nilson and Luke Fischer. The runner-up team was Blake Gardner and Barry Gardner.

Saturday flight winners include:

Flight A

1.  Rich Crow Eagle, Mike Beardt, 63

2.  Blake Bauer, Matt Bauer, 65; 3. Larry Aaker, Anthony Husher, 69; 4. Justin Zeigler, Erin Early, 70

Flight B

1.  Clay Fenenga, Jeff Seefeldt, 81; 2. Eric Pollard, Dan Diez, 81; 3. Jim Halverson/Chris Whitehorn, 81; 4. Kim Hanson, Brian Buchholtz, 81

Flight C

1.  Chad Peterson/Scott Pekarek, 86 2. Kelly Meiners, Mike Hammer, 86; 3. Barry Grossenburg, Bob Severson, 86; 4. Randy Kludt, Dennie Pravecek

Sunday flight winners were:

Flight A—1. Rich Crow Eagle, Mike Beardt, 63; 2. Larry Aaker, Anthony Husher, 64; 3. Lucas Jedlicki, Sam Hossle, 65; 4. Justin Zeigler, Erin Early, 66

Flight B—1. Chuck Keiser, Dave Keiser, 74; 2. Casey Osborn, Brady Moorhead, 75; 3. Joshua Antman, Patrick Iyotte, 75; 4. Chris Burns, Bruce Drapeaux, 75

Flight C—1. Vern Olson, Adam Hutmacher, 72; 2. Jim Hofeldt, Ben Beagle, 76; 3. Stormy Halligan, Troy Feisterman, 77; 4. Barry Grossenburg, Bob Severson, 79.

Pin prize winners on Saturday were:

Hole 2 closes to pin—member Russ Williams, guest Tim Marchese

Hole 3 closest to pin—Justin Zeigler, member and Luke Fischer, guest

Hole 4 long putt—Barry Gardner, member and Austin Moser, guest

Hole 5 closest to pin in 3 Justin Zeigler, member and Anthony Husher, guest

Hole 6 long putt—Blake Baer, member and Scot Pekarek, guest

Hole 7 closest to pin—member Kevin Keiser, guest Matt Bauer

hole 9 long drive—Cordill Nilson, member and Nick Larsen, guest

Pin prize winners on Sunday are:

Hole 2 Closest to pin in 2—Larry Aaker member and Mike Beardt, guest

Hole 3 closest to pin—Stormy Halligan, member and Phil Husher, guest

Hole 4  long putt—Chuck Keiser, member and Mike Cahoy, guest

Hole 5 closest to pin in 3—Bob Benson, member and Erin Early, guest

Hole 6 long putt—Izak Nespor, member and Mike Cahoy, guest

Hole 7  closest to pin—Mike Stickland, member and Anthony Husher, guest

Hole 9 long drive—Izak Nespor, member and Adam Hutmacher, guest

The calcutta winners were:

Championship flight

1. Lucas Jedlicki, Sam Hossle,60 2. Larry Aaker and Anthony Husher, 61; 3. Cordell Nilson, Luke Fischer, 61.5

4. Justin Zeigler, Erin Early, 62.5

First Flight

1-2 Chuck Keiser, Dave Keiser, Landon Engel and Garrett Gronlund, 74; 3-4 Casey Osborn, Brady Moorhead, Joshua Antman, Patrick Iyotte and Mike Stickland and Phil Husher, 74.

Second Flight

1. Vern Olson, Adam Hutmacher 71; 2. Jim Hofeldt, Ben Beagle, 73; 3. Kevin Meiners, Dan Drake, 75.5; 4. Stormy Halligan, Troy Feisterman, 76 

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