Richey Joins Staff at First Fidelity Bank

austin richey

Austin Richey has joined the staff of First Fidelity Bank of Winner as an ag loan officer.

The son of Randy and Nicole Richey of Winner, Austin graduated from Winner High School in 2012. He went to the University of Nebraska at Kearney for one year and sent four years at the University of Sioux Falls. He graduated May 21 with a double major in business administration and sports management and a minor in finance.

While at USF, Richey played baseball for four years. He also played baseball at Kearney.

Last summer, Richey did a month long internship at First Fidelity Bank. He did a lot of observation learning the general process of making both consumer and ag loans.

In October, Winner branch manager Kelly Meiners called Richey and asked if he would be willing to come back to the area if a position opened up. Richey said he would be willing to come back here.

Shortly after graduating from college, he was working at the bank. He started at the bank on June 1.

Right now, he is in the training phase and getting use to the computer system.  “I am glad I can be home and can still help dad on the farm,” he said.

The Richeys have a farm near Wewela.  All along it has been Richey’s goal to come back to the family farm.  “I liked the area where I grew up and it was not a place I wanted to leave. Even if I had become a college athletic director first, I still had plans to come back to this area. “I am glad I was able to do that right away,” he said.

Richey is looking forward to his new job and is ready to be done with school.  “I am looking forward to seeing what this new job has to offer me.”

When he first started college, Richey was leaning toward athletic management. The collegiate level was of interest to him.
“As I kept going in school I realized that was not something I wanted to do. I wanted to do something so I could come back to the area and I was ready to come home.”

Richey still plays baseball as he is member of the Winner/Colome amateur baseball team.

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