Rave Reviews Given to New Pet Wash Station

By Dan Bechtold, Editor

Dewey never felt better.

The dog owned by Lisa and Jason Jankauskas had an oatmeal shampoo, conditioner, flea and tick protection, plus a nice blow dry. And to top it off he got a treat.

What more can you ask for. And Lisa J. did not have the mess in the house of washing the dog.

Lisa J. and her sister, Carrie Kuil along with Dewey stopped by the brand new T Bones Pet Wash during its open house on July 17.

The pet washing station is owned by Tom Mathis who also owns T Bones Tree House.

In 2003, Mathis opened the tree house which is used by hunters and is also available to rent for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas parties. In 2009, Mathis added the clubhouse.

The pet wash station is at a convenient location on Third Street just east of the Winner light plant. The pet washing station is easy to see from the highway and is convenient to get to as it is along Winner’s bike trail.

Mathis explained how the idea started for the pet wash. “I was dreaming one night that we need something for dogs in town and for all the hunters who have dogs,” he said.

One day he was in Sioux Falls visiting his high school buddy Mark Schramm when Mark took him to see a pet washing station. “When we getting ready to leave I looked back and people were eight deep waiting to get in,” he said.

When he got back to Winner, Mathis was not able to find the information he wanted on the internet.

On a trip to Mitchell with the kids, one his son’s pointed out there was a pet wash in Mitchell.

Mathis called the company in Chicago and got more specific information.

In the meantime, Mathis was looking for a lot in Winner to put the pet wash station.

He knew he wanted this pet wash so he purchased it without having a lot at the time.

Eventually, Mathis purchased a lot from Cody Moore.

It all worked out perfectly. The dog wash station was coming and now I had a lot.”

The pet wash is open 24 hours a day seven day a week. It is lighted, handicap accessible and heated and air conditioned.

The cost is $10 for 12 minutes to wash the dog.

Persons can also use a credit or debit card. On a push button panel, persons have variety of options like an oatmeal shampoo, tearless shampoo for the eyes and ears, conditioner, flea and tick protection, deodorizer and rinse. Persons can vacuum the dog and use a blow dryer.

When there is a minute left the machine beeps to allow you to disinfect the tub so the next person can use it.

For $1 you can purchase a bag of treats for your dog.

The pet wash has been open for 19 days and it has been busy. Mathis estimates there about four washes a day.

He says the washing station is for the whole community not just hunters with dogs. He noted persons from other towns traveling through Winner can make a quick stop to wash their dog.

Mathis has received a lot of feedback since it opened on June 27. Some persons have said it is tremendous since they do not have the mess at home. Others have said it is a more convenient atmosphere.

Mathis says in the future there are other opportunities that can spin off from the washing station. He noted maybe in the future his boys can pick up a person’s dog and wash it and bring t back to the owner. During hunting season, one of the boys could wash a dog if the hunter does not have the time.

And so what does Dewey think. Well, for sure he is going to be back for a return trip, maybe several.

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