Pink Flamingos Could Be Coming to Your Yard

The Pink Ladies Dart League is holding a Flock Against Cancer fundraiser in the Colome and Winner areas.

Persons can sign up to have flamingos placed in friend’s yard. Friends and family will wake up to a flock of flying pink flamingos in their yard. The flock will spend a day of leisure in the yard before flying off for the next destination.

For an extra fee, persons can be in the witness protection program to ensure they never find out who called them in.

For a fee persons can place their address on the no fly zone to ensure the flock does not land in their yard.

To flock friends or family or to purchase flock insurance, contact Chrissy at 840-0343, stop by the Frontier Bar in Colome or place an order with any of the Colome Pink Ladies Dart Players.

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