Piano Students Earn Perfect Score

Three Winner piano students earned a perfect 1+ (superior plus) at the recent piano contest in Gregory. The Winner 8th grade girls with the perfect score are Adrienne Lewis, Marissa Meiners and Hattie Hespe.

Other Winner area students participating in the piano contest were: Emily Sachtjen, Justin Hausmann, Amanda Blare, Brooke Burns, Jed Blare, Lena DeMers, Livvy Audiss, Maggie DeMers, Arnolla Duffy, Andrew Henderson, Emma Vandenbark, Ainsley Henderson, Leah Wiechelman, Faith Covey, Katie Welker and Maya Vandenbark, High marks were earned by all.

Piano teachers for these students are Danielle Catoe, Michaela Johnson, Carol Peterson and Jan Ringstmeyer.

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