‘New’ year means another photo together for kidney transplant brothers

BartlesBy Dan Merritt, Advocate reporter

April’s over and it’s into a new year for brothers Lane and Troy Bartels — the former of Sioux Falls and the latter at Los Angeles, Calif.

They know that at some point in the coming year it will be time again for THE PHOTO. A shot of them together, probably at Christmas at the home of their folks Ray and Judy Bartels, rural Winner.

The photo must be taken by their mother, according to the two men now ages 33 and 43 respectively. No “selfie” — a phone-photograph taken by either one of them as they stand side by side and then e-mailed to mom.

“It’s kind of like the first day of school picture,” Troy noted. Something that only a mother can do, when she takes a photo of her school-age children heading-out to their nearest educational centers.

Yes, it’s definitely a mom photo to take, Lane agreed. “It’s what she does.”

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