Local Students Learn the Value of Ethics through Junior Achievement

Winner, SD– Junior Achievement partners with over 350 local business executives and community leaders across the state to prompt students to begin questioning their own set of Ethics. Through the JA Excelling through Ethics program, nearly 8,000 South Dakota middle and high school students will be challenged to think about the impact of their choices. These community members will provide each student an opportunity to think critically about situations they may face in relation to ethics. The JA Excelling through Ethics program was created specifically for South Dakota students. The curriculum, along with the experiences of the volunteers, encourages students to begin thinking about their own personal set of ethics, morals, values, perspective, and character. Junior Achievement’s efforts to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy are enhanced by offering an engaging experience through this program.

On December 3rd, nearly fifty Winner High School students will participate in the program. Business executives and community leaders will share real life ethical decisions they have faced and talk about how they responded. Through these discussions, the students will gain a better understanding of their responsibility to society, and comprehend the role ethics plays in the workplace and in life.

Junior Achievement of South Dakota President, Kayla Eitreim, said, “We are grateful for the time executives take to share their personal experiences and challenge the students to think about the impact of ethical decision making. JA realizes the impact of these discussions can benefit the students both now and in the future.”

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