Local Retailer Named State Business Delegate

John Meyer of Office Products Center in Winner was among the business owners and operators who served as Business Delegates at the South Dakota Retailers Association’s (SDRA) annual meeting and awards banquet on Monday, January 8th in Pierre.

As part of the Business Delegate program, business people from each legislative district were invited by SDRA to participate in a legislative briefing regarding issues expected to be considered during this year’s state legislative session.

The briefing kicked off with Gov. Dennis Daugaard providing information on recent sales tax activity in the state including how the farm economy, increased healthcare costs and losing tax dollars from e-commerce impacts the State’s budget.

Attendees also heard presentations from Senate President Pro Tempore Brock Greenfield (R-Clark), House Minority Leader Spencer Hawley (D-Brookings) as well as SDRA’s legislative team, who offered their thoughts on some of the retail issues to be considered during this year’s legislative session. The delegates had an opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions about the issues.

Non-meandered waters were a hot topic of discussion throughout the afternoon. Other issues discussed included proposals regarding campaign finance and data security.

The briefing was followed by a dinner attended by SDRA Business Delegates, legislators, state constitutional officers and cabinet secretaries.

SDRA believes connecting legislators with business owners is important. This event gives legislators the opportunity to hear about real issues affecting their business community while educating retailers about becoming more active in the legislative process.

“It is imperative for legislators to understand how the laws they pass will impact the business community, and for retailers to understand how they can have a voice in the process,” state SDRA Board President Gary Cammack.

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