Hamill Hustlers 4-H Club Cemetery Fence Project is complete.

Photo by Katie Larson
Persons worked hard to complete the Hamill Cemetery fence project. In front from left are Joy Fott, Katrin VCanZandbergen, Ryland Hannas, Lane Littau, Coop,er Van Zandbergen, Kade Fenenga, Echo Fenenga, Kylee Van Zandbergen, Kelli Van Zandbergen, Geneva Sturlaugson, Kaylea Hannahs, Tracy Childress and Faye Heinis. Second row from left are Hunter Shippy, Austin Blare, Andrew Henderson, Jesse Larson, Jed Blare, Amanda Blare, Ainsley Henderson, Samantha Christensen, Lydia Sturlaugson. Back from left are Easton Shippy, Kevin Van Zandbergen, Holly Larson, Audie Larson, Roger Evans, Tara Fenenga, Brad Fenenga and Trace Larson.

After many years of fundraising by past and present 4-H kids, in addition to private donations, and a grant from the Tripp County Community Foundation, the Hamill Hustlers 4-H Club was able to meet their financial goal.  The club worked on a fence project at the Hamill Cemetery

At times a daunting task, the Hamill Cemetery fence project is complete.

“ God blessed us with rain the night before and a glorious day to work on Saturday. We were hoping to get it all done in one day, (but not overly optimistic), so we ran two diggers on opposite sides of the cemetery and met in the corner and 11 very long hours we were done,” said Holly Larson of the 4-H club.

The Hamill Hustlers appreciate everyone who helped in numerous ways. “We truly could not have done it without you,”said Larson.

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