Dakota Cash Lotto Game to Add Instant Win Option

Dakota Cash

South Dakota lotto players won’t have to wait until a drawing is held to become winners with their Dakota Cash tickets with the addition of an instant win option approved today by the Legislative Rules Review Committee.

The EZ Match option allows people to instantly win up to $100 when they purchase their Dakota Cash ticket by matching EZ Match numbers to Dakota Cash numbers.

The South Dakota Lottery Commission unanimously approved the rules on June 2, 2016. With today’s action, the option will become available for purchase beginning on Aug. 28, 2016.

Players can purchase the EZ Match option for an additional $1 per play (bringing the cost of a Dakota Cash ticket with EZ Match to $2). The option can be added to a Quick Pick ticket or if choosing your own numbers, by marking the appropriate spot on a Dakota Cash play slip. With EZ Match, five numbers are randomly generated and will appear under the regular Dakota Cash numbers on the ticket. If any of the EZ Match numbers match any of the Dakota Cash numbers, the ticket holder instantly wins the prize amount shown on the ticket.

Norm Lingle, executive director of the South Dakota Lottery, says the new option merges the immediacy of a scratch ticket win with the anticipation of a lotto drawing win.

“We wanted to add something new and exciting to our in-state Dakota Cash game, something our players hadn’t seen before on our lotto games. EZ Match was a great way to give our players a scratch game and lotto experience on one ticket. You can instantly win cash with the EZ Match option and still go on to win additional prizes with the Dakota Cash drawing itself. It provides the perfect play experience for people who enjoy playing both types of games,” said Lingle.

The Dakota Cash game began in South Dakota in 1993. It’s the only game offered by the South Dakota Lottery that is played and won only in South Dakota.

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