Calhoon Receives White Coat

sarah calhoon

Sarah Calhoon received her white coat at South Dakota State University College of  Pharmacy’s white coat ceremony on April 10.

The white coat ceremony is a tradition which marks a student’s transition from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences and is awarded after successful completion of the first year of pharmacy school.

Calhoon is a 2012 graduate of Winner High School and the daughter of Mike and Susan Calhoon of Ideal.

New CFO Joins Country Pride

mark oberle

Mark Oberle is the new chief financial officer at Country Pride Coop of Winner. He started his new duties March 17  and takes over from Marsha Whetham who is now working for a cooperative in Nebraska.

Prior to moving to Winner, Oberle worked for  couple of months as the chief finance officer for a railroad company manufacturer in west central Minnesota.

From New Ulm, Minn., Oberle has a strong background in agricultural accounting. His diverse accounting and finance career include nine years as a CFO of a large ethanol producer.

Originally from Chicago, in 1969 his family moved to Mankato, Minn. He graduated from Mankato State University in 1979 with a degree in accounting. In 1985, he became a certified public accountant and holds an inactive CPA license.

After graduating from college, he went to work for a concrete  pipe manufacturer and then went to work four years for Titan Wheel in north central Iowa where he served as a controller.

Oberle went to work for Advertising Unlimited in Sleepy Eye, Minn., where he was the controller.

A move to Winnebago, Minn., saw Oberle taking over as CFO for Corn Plus.

Oberle heard of an opening in Winner  and the weekend of Feb. 21, he came to Winner for an interview.

The culture of the staff and administration of Country Pride attracted him to his job in south central South Dakota.

He has visited the 11 locations where Country Pride is located and he said the common denominator is that all staff are hard working individuals.

Oberle and his wife, Barb, have three grown sons: Adam, Thomas and Eric.

Though he has only been here a month, the CFO is looking forward to working with the patrons of Country Pride.

Bainter Honored for 50 years in ESA

jodee bainter 50 years in esaBy Marsha Risseeuw , ESA member 

In 1965 many interesting events were occurring, let me jog your memory a bit with this memorabilia.  The Beatles were #1 on the charts for 18 weeks and John Lennon was issued a driving license.  Martin Luther King marched in Selma, Mississippi; Cher was the Goddess of Pop; mood rings were the in thing; Joe Namath signed on as quarterback– and Pampers were patented.  All very earth shaking and worth remembering.

But, right here in Winner, South Dakota something very interesting was happening.   Good friend Jodee Bainter was pledged to Alpha Phi by Bev Smith who was a loyal and dedicated member.  We are so privileged to have this opportunity to honor one of our own on her 50th anniversary as a member in our chapter. It is truly a wonderful event to celebrate!

“A Look at You”

Name:  Dave Baker

Birthplace:  Kansas City, MO

Family:  Wife Kristi. Daughter Bailey. Son Dalton.

Currently reside where:  Winner

Occupation:  State Trooper

The best thing about my job is:  I get to meet a lot of people. ϑ

My favorite childhood memory:  Watching George Brett play third base for the KC Royals.

Favorite sports team(s):  Kansas City Chiefs & Royals.

Favorite current television show:  Justified

Favorite past television shows:  Hunter & Six Million Dollar Man

Favorite movie(s):  Big Jake, Aliens. All of the 007 movies.

Favorite actor(s):  John Wayne and Clint Eastwood

Favorite actress(es):  Helen Hunt & Kathryn Heigl

Favorite musicians/band:  Metalica

Favorite publication(s) (newspapers, magazines):  Guns & Ammo, 4-Wheeler

Favorite holiday and why:  Christmas. Having the house decorated and being with family. 

Hobbies:  Shooting sports

Three things that can always be found in my refrigerator:  Steak, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce.

My favorite snack:  Raisinettes & Cashews

Someone I most admire and why:  Dale Earnhardt because of his will and determination.

I’ve never been able to:  Dance

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to:  Pearl Harbor

My definition of a great evening is:  A steak dinner on the plaza in Kansas City with my wife and kids.

Gardner Named Region “Coach of the Year”

gardner interviwed


Brett Gardner, Winner High School boys basketball coach, has been named the Region 8 head coach of the year.

Gardner, in his first year of coaching in Winner, coached the Winner Warriors to a third place finish in the State A basketball tournament.

Named as the Region 7 head coach of the year is Jeff Determan of Gregory and the Region 7 assistant coach of the year is Lonnie Klundt of Gregory.

The South Dakota Basketball Coaches Association makes the announcement of the region coaches.

A Look at You… Mike Calhoon

Name:  Mike Calhoon

Birthplace:  Winner,  SD

Family:  Wife: Susan.  Children:  Megan (22), Sarah (20), Meredith (15), Shannon (13), Spencer (10), Matthew (7).

Currently reside where:  Ideal, SD

Occupation:  Rancher/Farmer

The best thing about my job is:  Being outdoors and watching new calves and crops grow.

My favorite childhood memory:  Going fishing with my Grandfather Leon.

When growing up, I wanted to be:  A Rancher/Farmer.

My most prized possession:  My family.

Favorite sports team(s):  Winner Warriors, Clearfield Sandburs,  SDSU Jackrabbits.

Favorite current television show: ESPN Sportscenter.

Favorite past television shows:  Cheers

Favorite movie:  The Longest Day

Favorite actor:  John Wayne

Favorite musician/band:  Merle Haggard

Favorite book(s)/author(s):  Max Brand, Louis  L’Amour.

Favorite publication (newspapers, magazines): Winner Advocate

Hobbies:  Woodworking,  coaching, or watching kid’s activities.

Three things that can always be found in my refrigerator: Cheese,  eggs, and milk. 

My favorite snack:  Dark chocolate chips.

Pet peeve:  People who talk negatively about our community and way of life.

Someone I most admire and why:  My wife Susan for being such a great mom.

Three words that best describe me: Honest, hard-working, reliable.

People would be surprised to know:  That I have had at least one child in the Winner School District for 31 consecutive years.

I’ve never been able to:  Snap my fingers.

I wish I could stop:  Worrying about the weather.

When nobody is looking, I:  Sing along to the radio.

I’m better than most at:  Calving out cows.

The best times of my life:  The births of my children.

My most embarrassing moment was:   Not saying.

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to:  Europe

If I won the lottery:  Take my family on a trip to Europe.

My definition of a great evening is:  Spending it at home with my family.

A goal I have for the future:  Live to see all six of my children happily married with children of their own.

The best thing about where I live:  The great people that also live here.

If I’ve learned one thing in my life, it’s:  Never stop learning and challenging myself.

Finalists Named for 2015 South Dakota Leopold Conservation Award

front jorgensens

Sand County Foundation, the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association and the South Dakota Grassland Coalition announce the finalists for the 2015 Leopold Conservation Award®, which honors South Dakota landowner achievement in voluntary stewardship and management of natural resources.

Among the finalists is Jorgensen Land and Cattle Partnership of Ideal. This is a fourth generation farm, including diversified crops, livestock and hunting. It is owned by Bryan and Brenda Jorgensen, Cody and Abby Jorgensen, Greg and Deb Jorgensen, Martin and Mary Jorgensen and Nicholas Jorgensen. Their farm has been no-till since 1991 and contains 10,000 acres of non-irrigated crops, 850 registered Angus females and a 22 room hunting lodge.

Given in honor of renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold, the Leopold Conservation Award recognizes extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation. It inspires other landowners through these examples and provides a visible forum where farmers, ranchers and other private landowners are recognized as conservation leaders. In his influential 1949 book, “A Sand County Almanac,” Leopold called for an ethical relationship between people and the land they own and manage, which he called “an evolutionary possibility and an ecological necessity.”

Award applicants are judged based on their demonstration of improved resource conditions, innovation, long-term commitment to stewardship, sustained economic viability, community and civic leadership, outreach and multiple use benefits.

“Our South Dakota finalists work to enhance the landscape through their commitment to stewardship of natural resources and to sharing what they’ve learned with the broader community,” said Brent Haglund, Sand County Foundation President.

The 2015 award recipient, who will receive $10,000 and a crystal depicting Aldo Leopold, will be announced later this month and recognized at the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association’s Annual Convention in December.

Disaster Mitigation Meeting Set

jon burdette

Blizzards, tornadoes and floods are a few of the natural hazards that strike this part of the country. Events like this have the potential of causing thousands of dollars annually in damage to property. To lessen the impact of these disasters in the future, Tripp County is beginning the process of updating its current disaster mitigation plan.

A series of public meetings will be held this year to obtain input as the plan is developed. These meetings are open to everyone.

“If you have an idea about what can be done to prepare for future disaster events occurring in Tripp County, you are urged to attend the meetings,” said Jon Burdette, Tripp County emergency manager.

The first meeting will be held April 29 at noon in the courthouse community room. Agenda items for the initial meeting include why the plan is being updated and identifying and profiling the hazards that impact the county. Burdette said there will be a review the county’s current disaster mitigation plan.

Additional information about the meeting can be obtained by contacting Burdette at the Tripp County Emergency Office at 842-1890. Persons can also call John Clem at 800-952-3562 or email him at john.

“This is an excellent opportunity for your voice to be heard,” said Burdette.