Are You Listening?

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Anna Nesseth is using Facebook and music to help people.

By Marsha Risseeuw
We are feeling it, the stress and anxiety of living in a very different world. In fewer than 100 days our lives have become something that we don’t understand, that makes us fearful, that makes us ask a lot of questions.

A few of the obvious indicators include a feeling of restlessness, hyperventilating, difficulty concentrating, a general sense of irritation.

Anxiety is a natural response to stress, but, let’s take a clue from the people around us who encourage us to not give into these dark forces.

I say to all of you, grab your cup of coffee, put on a smile and make this day great.

One lady in our community has found a way to help us do just that. Anna Hockett Nesseth began sharing one of her many talents with us on Facebook. With little technical experience, Anna set up the phone camera in her living room next to her much loved piano and let the music flow.

Two miracles happened, her music and her connecting to Facebook.

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