Gov. Daugaard Approves FirstNet Opt-In For South Dakota

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has given approval for the establishment of a public safety broadband network that will provide South Dakota’s first responders with advanced communication technologies. The new wireless broadband network will be built, operated and maintained by FirstNet using AT&T’s existing infrastructure as a foundation.

“We deal with our fair share of severe weather and natural disasters in South Dakota. Our first responders need to have access to communication technologies that work whenever and wherever needed,” Gov. Daugaard said. “FirstNet will create a single, interoperable system across our state to aid first responders in protecting citizens.”

FirstNet was established by Congress in 2012. The decision on opting in is left to each governor and states participate at no cost.

Local entities will be able to choose whether or not to subscribe to the services. AT&T has yet to announce specific rates for those wanting to participate, but says that they will establish a highly competitive pricing structure for public safety entities.


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