Winner, Colome FFA members receive jackets

Winner and Colome FFA members were presented with blue jackets.

Receiving jackets from Winner were Austin Blare, Sierra McCall and Emily Sachtjen.

Colome  recipients are Raylynn Dehning, Landi Krumpus and Emma Vandenbark.

This fall 319 South Dakota FFA members from 75 chapters received their jackets through the SD FFA Foundation Blue Jackets Bright Futures FFA program.

The jackets were sponsored by various individuals through the SD FFA Foundation.

Scarecrow contest to welcome hunters

Pheasant hunting season is just around the corner and Winner Area Chamber of Commerce wants to give a proper welcome to all the hunters who come to the Winner area.

“We want to do a better job of welcoming hunters,” said Mike Scott, executive director of the Chamber.

He said the Chamber is trying to improve its visibility in welcoming hunters to the area.

One of the ways to do this is to host a scarecrow making contest.

The contest is open to all businesses, organizations or individuals. The scarecrow is to be made with a welcome hunter’s theme.

The deadline to enter the contest is Oct. 15. A picture of the scarecrow must be sent to the Chamber office by that date.

Applications can be obtained at the Chamber office or on line. Persons are asked to fill out the bottom portion of the application  and return it to the Chamber.

Scott says the displays can inside or outside. If they are inside, they should be somewhere that is visible to the customer.

There will be a first, second and third place winners. First place will receive $300 in Winner Cash with second place, $200 in Winner Cash and third place $100 in Winner Cash.

Another way the Chamber is welcoming hunters is with the purchase of “Welcome Hunters” banners that will be hung on Main Street. The colorful orange banners will be eye catching.

The Chamber has also purchased signs to be displayed at each  end of Winner and at the airport.

The Chamber is asking businesses to wear orange shirt or Hunt SD t shirts on the first three Fridays of pheasant hunting season.  

Pheasant hunting season starts on Oct. 16.

On Oct. 15, the Chamber is asking that businesses that dress in orange to take a picture and send it to the Chamber e mail.

The Chamber has the special Hunt SD t shirts available to buy. They are designed for both Winner and Colome.

The Chamber is asking that businesses who dress in orange to take a picture and e mail it to the chamber at

The business will be entered for a special drawing.

“We want to make sure we welcome hunters to town with our western hospitality,” said Scott.

Class of 1970

Dan Bechtold/Winner Advocate Photo
The Class of 1970 held their class reunion during Winner’s homecoming. Due to COVID-19 this 50 year class did not have a reunion last year so they celebrated their reunion this year. Pictured in front from left are Deb (Kirksey) Engel, Colome; Kathy (Woods) Nielsen, Winner; Vicki (Snow) Alter, Rock Hill, S.C.; Vicki (Pederson) Brown, Worthig; Caryl (Kappelman) Hesslink, Verona, Wis.; Kathy (Springer) Taggart, Winner; Alice (Schwartz) Graham, Topeka, Kan.; Peggy (Shea) Palecek, Philip; Mary Ellen Hartman, Portland, Ore.; Barb (Hinman) Chauncey, Carter; Eileen (Carlson) Swank, Crystal Lake, Ill.; Kathy (Soles) Scott, Council Bluffs, Neb.; Kathy (Petersen) Fritz, Volga. Second row from left are Pat Peters, Lead; Kathy (Gran) Calhoon, Winner; Judy (Ringstmeyer) McCready, Winner; Doug Kartak, Carter; Mary (Storms) Marso, Victor, Mont.; Rita (Jelinek) Neyens, Winner; Kitty (Bailey) Little, Winner; Karen (Kauer) Bertram, Winner; Bev (Backeberg) Axtell, Wewela; Jean (McCabe) Couch, Ft. Madison, Iowa; Scott Carr, Winner and Jerry Chauncey, Carter. Third row from left are Ron Hossle, Hamill; Dave Allibone, Sioux City, Iowa; Ron McCready, Winner; John Fisher, Winner; Ross Merchen, Omaha, Neb.; Kenny Kauer, Winner; Ron Weidner, Winner; Dennis Assman, Winner; Sharyl (Schramm) Hutchison, Chamberlain; Noreen (Laudenslauger) Phipps, Rapid City; Rick Palecek, Philip; Anita Brozik, Derby, Kan.; Gary Steele, Firestone, Colo.; Chuck Mills Winner; Susan Sawyer, Avon; Deb (Dodson) Counsman, Brandon, Fla.; Skip Edwards, Winner; Greg Jorgensen, Winner.

Winner High School Class of 1961

Dan Bechtold/Winner Advocate Photo
Winner High School Class of 1961 held its 60th class reunion at homecoming. Pictured in front from left are Rick Moore, Sioux Falls; Linda (Watzel) Hall, Arlington, Va. and Bill Schwartz, Topeka, Kan. In back from left are Dan Goodwin, Sioux Falls; Chuck Schramm, Sioux Falls; Bob Benson, Winner and Shirley (Strain) Bauer, Rapid City. Not pictured are Ray Bartels, Butch and Joyce Best, Driel (Johnson) Meiners, LeRoy Varilek.

Winner High School class of 1956

Dan Bechtold/Winner Advocate Photo
Winner High School class of 1956 held its 65th reunion at the Winner homecoming. Pictured in front from left are Ronnie Horstman, Winner, Donna (Earll) Moosmeier, Winner; Gloria (Nelson) Rowe, Witten; Harold Watzel, Winner; Jim Schramm, Winner. In back from left are Alice (Clark) Minchow, Winner; Janet (Schramm) Bruun, Winner; Marilyn (Fladabo) Laudenslauger, Winner and Rose (Ahlers) Rush, Winner.

10-digit phone dialing to become mandatory

South Dakotans are encouraged to start using 10-digit dialing to make all local phone calls. This could be a harsh realization for many that dialing all 10 digits of 605-(area code)-(last four digits) might not be programmed into cell phones or in land-line speed dials, or other electronic communications devices.

This transition is a necessary first step in the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) move to establish 988 as a new three-digit dialing code for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This will be required beginning as early as Oct. 24, 2021, and no later than July 15, 2022, depending on your telephone provider.

Every customer with a number from the 605 area code will change to the mandatory 10-digit dialing for local calls. Dialing 7 digits for  local calls will be prohibited for all customers in the entire area code.

“South Dakota’s area code remains 605,” said Leah Mohr, deputy executive director S.D. Public Utilities Commission. This action describes “the FCC’s move to establish 988 as a new three-digit dialing code to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which would require states with a 988 prefix to begin using a 10-digit code, including area code, to make local calls beginning Oct. 24, 2021.

In addition to changing your dialing patterns, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission recommends you take steps to update all contact lists ahead of the upcoming deadlines.

The PUC also suggests you take the time to update or reprogram all services, automatic dialing equipment or other types of equipment that may be programmed to complete calls using only seven-digit phone numbers.

“If you take a look at the technology you use on a daily basis or have in your home or office, you may find many devices or services with programmed call settings that will need to be updated. These can include smart home devices, home security systems, medical monitoring devices, calling networks within companies and call forwarding or voicemail services, just to name a few,” said Kristie Fiegen, vice chair PUC. “Taking the time to update these systems now will help ensure they continue working properly long past the required implementation deadlines.”

South Dakota is not the only state required to make the change. Nationwide, over 80 area codes in 36 states will be affected to ensure easy connection to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,” said Commissioner Gary Hanson.

Offices to close for holiday

Government offices in Winner will be closed on Monday, Oct. 11 in observance of Native American Day.

The Tripp County Courthouse will be closed. All state and federal offices in Winner will not be open for business.

The city of Winner office will also be closed on Oct. 11.

The Winner Post Office will be closed and there will be no city or rural mail delivery.

Financial institutions in Winner and Colome will not be open for business on Native American Day.

There will be no noon meal served at the Winner Senior Citizens Center.

Southern Plains Behavioral Health Services will be closed on Oct. 11.

Winner High School Class of 1981

Submitted Photo
The Winner High School class of 1981 celebrated its 40th reunion at homecoming. Pictured in front from left are Glen Novotny, Tammy Whitley, Deb Smith, Deanne Bolton, Barb (Berger) DeSersa, Darla (Butler) Orel, Bart Naasz, Roger Farley and Todd Moser. Second row from left are Monte Mayes, Anna (Hockett) Nesseth, Janet (Brunkow) Kauer, Stacy (Risseeuw) Halverson, Denise (Heinzman) Olson, Mary (Almendinger) Farley, Craig Schaeffer, Kevin Orel and Eric Gebhart. In back from left are Brad Hennebold, Bill Mann, Scott Nespor, Sayna (Nagel) Gregg, Mark Collins, Sandy Croston, Lori (Supik) Weaver, Jeff Gustafson, Kathy (Moeller) Mach, Gregg Ulmer and Todd Hansen.