Road Race Winners

Road Race2015 medal winners

Kade Watson and Sydney Schuyler were the overall 5K winners in the Winner Regional Healthcare Center road race.
The overall one mile winners were Pierce Nelson and Cici Watson.
Race results include:
Mens 5K
0-18—1. Kade Watson, 2. Brendan Collins, 3. Izak Moleterno
19-49—1. Todd Crooks, 2. Delbert Black Bear, 3. Jon Hanson
Women 5K
0-18—1. Sydney Schuyler, 2. Sarah Keefe
19-49—1. Calley Schuyler, 2. Leslie Bowar, 3. Amy McCullough
50 Plus—1. Kay Ducheneaux-Studeman
Mens 1 mile
0-18—1. Pierce Nelson 2. Carter Craven 3. Roper Moore
19-49—1. Aric Craven
50 +–1. Dr. Tony Berg
Women’s one mile
0-18—1. Cici Watson, 2. Ava Craven, 3. Torre Buus
19-49—1. Ashley Robbins
There were several walkers who took part in the race.
Road race partners include: Lil’ Feller, Pink Posse, Winner Area Chamber of Commerce, Winner Physical Therapy and Winner Regional Clinic.

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