City of Winner Honored

The City of Winner has been honored for 15 years of membership with the SDML Workers’ Compensation Fund. The fund is celebrating its 30 Year Anniversary by recognizing long-term loyal members.

The fund was created in 1987 as a method of providing workers’ compensation coverage for employees of local government entities in South Dakota. During its longevity, it has provided competitive rates, outstanding customer service and a strong safety and loss control program to the now 493 members.

The pool is governed by a nine member board of trustees chaired by Karl Alberts, finance officer for the City of Aberdeen. “Our focus has been to provide stable rates to our members. The affordability aspect of the pool over the last 30 years has enabled our members to use the money saved to fund other areas of their budget,’’ said Alberts.

The fund is a non-assessable risk sharing pool available to municipalities, counties, townships, conservation districts and other special districts throughout South Dakota and is endorsed by the South Dakota Municipal League and the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners.

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