It’s for the Good, Though Colome is Getting Dug-Up

DiggingBy Dan Merritt, Advocate reporter

It’s progress for the good of the residents says Linda Hespe of Colome about insertion in the ground of new cable lines all over town by Golden West Telecommunications.

“I want fiber optics,” says Gerry Bingen, another town resident.

It means better internet, TV, and phone service, according to GW.

It also means backhoes and trenchers is people’s yards, men in lime green neon shirts walking around on people’s property, and big rolls of orange cable set in various places.

“I really would rather them not,” said Bobbi Harter when reached by phone by the Advocate early last week.

“They’re going through my yard and my dog pen and through my driveway and all the way up to the west side of my house.

“And my husband (Casey) three or four years ago, he put an electric line from our house to our shed so we had light out there. And we told (them) that they’re going to go right over the top of it.

“So I don’t know, when they start diggin’, (possibly) they’ll run into that wire.”

All in all, “I don’t know,” Harter bemoaned, “I just don’t want them to do it. But they’ve got to do it, I guess.”

Got to, though “it’s caused quite a bit of complaint,” Harter said she’s heard.

Bingen said she’s heard the same thing.

“I did hear from one of the councilmen that people have been squawking.

“But you know what, if they want better they’re going to have to put up with it.

“Because when they (cable workers) get done, the dirt is all put back. They take a rake and rake the dirt back.

“So I’m going to put up with their diggin’. Yes, they did cut a water line, but they fixed it again.”

In fact, water has been off at various times in town since the work started last month.

“The school was out of water for awhile there,” Harter noted. She has a child in the after-school program at school and they had to be re-located to another building downtown.

Hespe said the presence of workers around town and in her yard certainly hasn’t escaped the notice of her dog, Cookie.

“She was curious, something was going on that wasn’t supposed to be going on.”

But the cable workers didn’t seem bothered by her presence, probably in large part because she’s a little dog, Hespe reported.

“They would just sort of pet her and I hollered at them, ‘She’ll lick you to death before she hurts you.’

“And they would just sort of wave. And (now) they just don’t pay no attention to her. And she don’t pay no attention to them.”

In general, Hespe said she’s been impressed by the workers and their cable burying labor.

“They are respectful. On my land, they went very slow, respected the sod, didn’t tear it all up.

“Stomped it back in. Re-seeded what they had to. I was very impressed.

“And across the road from me is a pasture and they had to put in a huge box. A lot of digging.

“And the ground is all leveled back. It isn’t ruts here and ruts there. I am very, very impressed with them.”

Likewise, said Bingen. “They were right in our front yard here. And I can hardly see where they dug.

“They put everything back, except for seeding the grass and I can do that. It’s just a little spot.

“They don’t dig where they don’t have to.”

Harter — whose property hadn’t yet been touched yet by the cable workers when spoken to by the Advocate — said she was hopeful for minimal disturbance of her yard and family life and that things would be done quickly.

“That they don’t take forever.”

She realizes it’s for the best, according to Golden West, she added.

“I’m hoping so. When it’s done and over with I’m hoping we have better internet, cable, and so forth.”

Calhoon Receives White Coat

sarah calhoon

Sarah Calhoon received her white coat at South Dakota State University College of  Pharmacy’s white coat ceremony on April 10.

The white coat ceremony is a tradition which marks a student’s transition from the study of preclinical to clinical health sciences and is awarded after successful completion of the first year of pharmacy school.

Calhoon is a 2012 graduate of Winner High School and the daughter of Mike and Susan Calhoon of Ideal.

New CFO Joins Country Pride

mark oberle

Mark Oberle is the new chief financial officer at Country Pride Coop of Winner. He started his new duties March 17  and takes over from Marsha Whetham who is now working for a cooperative in Nebraska.

Prior to moving to Winner, Oberle worked for  couple of months as the chief finance officer for a railroad company manufacturer in west central Minnesota.

From New Ulm, Minn., Oberle has a strong background in agricultural accounting. His diverse accounting and finance career include nine years as a CFO of a large ethanol producer.

Originally from Chicago, in 1969 his family moved to Mankato, Minn. He graduated from Mankato State University in 1979 with a degree in accounting. In 1985, he became a certified public accountant and holds an inactive CPA license.

After graduating from college, he went to work for a concrete  pipe manufacturer and then went to work four years for Titan Wheel in north central Iowa where he served as a controller.

Oberle went to work for Advertising Unlimited in Sleepy Eye, Minn., where he was the controller.

A move to Winnebago, Minn., saw Oberle taking over as CFO for Corn Plus.

Oberle heard of an opening in Winner  and the weekend of Feb. 21, he came to Winner for an interview.

The culture of the staff and administration of Country Pride attracted him to his job in south central South Dakota.

He has visited the 11 locations where Country Pride is located and he said the common denominator is that all staff are hard working individuals.

Oberle and his wife, Barb, have three grown sons: Adam, Thomas and Eric.

Though he has only been here a month, the CFO is looking forward to working with the patrons of Country Pride.

Bainter Honored for 50 years in ESA

jodee bainter 50 years in esaBy Marsha Risseeuw , ESA member 

In 1965 many interesting events were occurring, let me jog your memory a bit with this memorabilia.  The Beatles were #1 on the charts for 18 weeks and John Lennon was issued a driving license.  Martin Luther King marched in Selma, Mississippi; Cher was the Goddess of Pop; mood rings were the in thing; Joe Namath signed on as quarterback– and Pampers were patented.  All very earth shaking and worth remembering.

But, right here in Winner, South Dakota something very interesting was happening.   Good friend Jodee Bainter was pledged to Alpha Phi by Bev Smith who was a loyal and dedicated member.  We are so privileged to have this opportunity to honor one of our own on her 50th anniversary as a member in our chapter. It is truly a wonderful event to celebrate!

“A Look at You”

Name:  Dave Baker

Birthplace:  Kansas City, MO

Family:  Wife Kristi. Daughter Bailey. Son Dalton.

Currently reside where:  Winner

Occupation:  State Trooper

The best thing about my job is:  I get to meet a lot of people. ϑ

My favorite childhood memory:  Watching George Brett play third base for the KC Royals.

Favorite sports team(s):  Kansas City Chiefs & Royals.

Favorite current television show:  Justified

Favorite past television shows:  Hunter & Six Million Dollar Man

Favorite movie(s):  Big Jake, Aliens. All of the 007 movies.

Favorite actor(s):  John Wayne and Clint Eastwood

Favorite actress(es):  Helen Hunt & Kathryn Heigl

Favorite musicians/band:  Metalica

Favorite publication(s) (newspapers, magazines):  Guns & Ammo, 4-Wheeler

Favorite holiday and why:  Christmas. Having the house decorated and being with family. 

Hobbies:  Shooting sports

Three things that can always be found in my refrigerator:  Steak, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce.

My favorite snack:  Raisinettes & Cashews

Someone I most admire and why:  Dale Earnhardt because of his will and determination.

I’ve never been able to:  Dance

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to:  Pearl Harbor

My definition of a great evening is:  A steak dinner on the plaza in Kansas City with my wife and kids.

Royals Pick Up Two Wins

Winner/Colome club baseball team defeated Martin and Hot Springs in games played Sunday in Martin.

The Royals defeated Martin 13-0 in five innings.

Carter Brickman threw a complete game shutout. He have up 4 hits, 1 walk and had 6 strikeouts.

Reed Harter had two doubles and a single. Holden Thieman had a triple and a single. Kelly O’Bryan had a double and a single and Nick Lantz added two singles.

Winner/Colome defeated Hot Springs 11-0 in five innings.

Kelly O’Bryan pitched a complete game shutout. He gave up one hit, no walks and had nine strikeouts.

In batting, Harter had a triple, double and single; Thieman, double and single; Brandon Bicek, 2 singles; Nick Lantz and O’Bryan, both 2 singles.

On Thursday, Platte defeated Winner/Colome 4-0.

Riley Calhoon pitched five innings giving up 2 runs, 5 hits, 2 walks and had 7 strikeouts.

Lantz had 2 hits.

“Thursday was a tough game for us because we couldn’t get across some runs,” said coach Drew Weber.

It was a one run game going into the bottom of the 6th inning and the Royals had four to five chances to put some runs on the board but just could not get the big hit.

“We hit the ball hard all game but they weren’t falling. Riley threw a good game and really deserved to get the win,” said Weber.

The coach said Sunday was a great two wins although the team had to battle 30 mile an hour winds. “We brought the bats back from the dead and really hit well in both games,” said Weber. “We had been in a 3-4 game slump at the plate and we finally broke out which allowed us to relax a little bit and play our game. Brickman and O’Bryan threw two games and I think we were error free in both games, which was impressive given the weather conditions.”

The coach added: “We still have a ways to go to get to where we want to be.” Winner/Colome’s record is 6-1. “Considering our youth and inexperience that is something we can be proud of.”

The Royals will host South Central on Monday, April 27. The junior varsity game will start at 5:30 p.m. at Leahy Bowl followed by the varsity contest.

WHS Boys Medley Relay Qualifies for State

coleton schuyler bennett coWinner High School boys medley relay team qualified for the state track meet at the Corn Palace Relays in Mitchell on Saturday.

The medley relay team won first place in 3:49. Runner were Nick Hossle, Tyrel Haley, Nate Galbraith and Coleton Schuyler

Tyrel Haley won the 300 hurdles and Kelly Kidwiler won the Class B shot put with a throw of 41-8.

Coleton Schuyler won the 800 run in 2:06.70.

Other results of the Winner boys in Mitchell include:

4×200 relay—2nd, 1:38.90, Riley Calhoon,Isaac Naasz, Sam Naasz, Windsor Barry

1600 run—Luke Engel, 7th, 5:20

4×100 relay—2nd, :46.90, Jayden Schroeder, Isaac Naasz, Tyrel Haley and Riley Calhoon

400—Nathan Galbraith, 2nd, :51.50

300 hurdles—Tyrel Haley, 1st, :43.87

200—Windsor Barry, 6th, :25.70

high jump—Kayleb Brozik, 8th, 5-2

Discus—Brendan Harter, 6th, 130-11; John Kludt, 5th, 108-7

Long jump—Windsor Barry, 4th, 18-6; Nick Hossle, 6th, 18-0.50; Riley Calhoon, 7th, 17-11.5

Shot put—Jayden Schroeder, 4th, 37-0

Triple jump—Isaac Naasz, 2nd, 35-1.50

100—Haley, 9th, :11.6; Hossle, 10th, 11.6

Results  of the Winner girls in Mitchell include:

Shot put—Delores Herman, 5th, 33-10; Kyran Meek, 6th, 29-10.5

Discus—Herman, 9th, 81-05
Discus Class B—Brindi Felix, 3rd, 87-4; Casey Norrid, 8th, 79-2

800 relay—2nd, 1:38.9

Medley relay—2nd, 4:40, Rachel Sherman, Hayley Halverson, Alexis Richey and Chloe Bartels

1600 relay—1st, 4:29, Alexis Richey, Sydney Schuyler, Chloe Bartels and Hayley Halverson

400 relay—4th, :57.20, Rachel Sherman, Kelsey Bertram, Sydney Schuyler and Hayley Halverson

200—Hayley Halverson, 7th, :30.16

The WHS track team competed in Martin on Friday.

Results of the Winner girls include:

800—Chloe Bartels, 2nd, 2:35

1600—Bartels, 3rd, 5:51

800 relay—3rd, 1:59, Rachel Sherman, Sydney Fritz, Sydney Schuyler and Alexis Richey

medley relay—2nd, 4:54, Rachel Sherman, Sydney Fritz, Sydney Schuyler and Alexis Richey

Results of the Winner boys include:

200—Windsor Barry, 6th, :25.97

400—Kayleb Brozik, 3rd, :56.24

800—Coleton Schuyler, 1st, 2:04.37

Shot put—Trevor Sachtjen, 2nd; Jayden Schroeder, 4th

300 hurdles—Tyrel Haley, 2nd, :44; Sam Naasz, 4th, :45.8

Long jump—Barry, 2nd

Triple jump—Isaac Naasz, 4th

Harter Throws Shutout

The Winner/Colome club baseball team defeated Burke/SouthCentral 2-0 on April 13.

With the win, the Royals remain undefeated.

Reed Harter threw a complete game shutout to earn the win. He struck out 15, gave up 2 hits and walked 2.

Levi McClanahan and Ty Bolton each hit a single.

“This was a good old fashioned pitching dual between two pretty good teams,” said coach Drew Weber. “We were fortunate to scratch across two runs in the top of the first inning and then Reed and the defense went to work. We’d have preferred to be able to do a little more offensively but we’re very pleased with the job that Reed did on the mound. We were able to make plays when we needed them and that was good enough for the win,” said Weber.

In the junior varsity game, the Royals won 5-2. Kameron Meiners and Joren Bruun earned the win and the save on the mound.

Phillip Jorgensen and Jeremiah Yeaman each had two hits.

Winner Track Team Places Well at Miller

chloe bartels in martinTwo Winner High School girls relay teams took first place at the Miller Quadrangular on April 14.

The 1600 relay won first place in 4:31. Runners were Sydney Fritz, Alexis Richey, Sydney Schuyler and Chloe Bartels.

The 3200 meter relay also took first place in a time of 11:29. Runners were Hayley Halverson, Alexis Richey, Sydney Schuyler and Chloe Bartels.

Other results of the Lady Warriors include:

100—Rachel Sherman, 7th, :13.8

200—Halverson, 2nd, :30.6; Sherman, 4th,: 31; Kelsey Bertram, 8th, :32.40

400—Halverson, 4th, :68.11; Schuyler, 6th, :68.96

800—Bartels, 2nd, 2:36; Richey, 4th, 2:42

400 relay—4th, :57.15, Sherman, Fritz, Bertram and Kyran Meek

shot put—Casey Norrid, 4th, 32-2; Meek, 7th, 31-1

Discus—Norrid, 6th, 79-2

The Winner boys track team had several individuals who took first place.

Results of the Warriors include:

100—Nick Hossle, 1st, :11.55

200—Tyrel Haley, 1st, :25.57; Windsor Barry, 4th, :26.16; Riley Calhoon, 5th, :26.17

800—Coleton Schuyler, 1st, 2:07; Nathan Galbraith, 3rd, 2:10

3200—Izak Moleterno, 3rd, 11:46

300 hurdles—Haley, 1st, :44.22; Sam Naasz, 2nd, :45.52

400 relay—1st, :47.12, Nick Hossle, Isaac Naasz, Tyrel Haley and Riley Calhoon; 5th, :50.36, Jayden Schroeder, John Kludt, Brendan Harter and Levi McClanahan; 7th, :56.39, Alex Schaeffer, Chet Bryan, Kelly Kidwilier and Ryan Sherman

1600 relay—1st, 3:42, Luke Engel, Coleton Schuyler, Kayleb Brozik, Sam Naasz

3200 relay—2nd, 9:20, Coleton Schuyler, Luke Engel, Izak Moleterno and Kayleb Brozik

High jump—Brozik, 4th, 5-3

Long jump—Hossle, 2nd, 18-6.5; Riley Calhoon, 4th, 17-8; Windsor Barry, 7th, 17-2.5

Triple jump—Isaac Naasz, 5th, 36-5.5

Shot put—Kelly Kidwiler, 2nd, 42-6; Brendan Harter, 4th, 41-7; Trevor Sachtjen, 8th, 37-1/2

Discus—Harter, 3rd, 120-5; Wyatt Ewing, 7th, 110-5; John Kludt, 8th, 100-6