Bainter Honored for 50 years in ESA

jodee bainter 50 years in esaBy Marsha Risseeuw , ESA member 

In 1965 many interesting events were occurring, let me jog your memory a bit with this memorabilia.  The Beatles were #1 on the charts for 18 weeks and John Lennon was issued a driving license.  Martin Luther King marched in Selma, Mississippi; Cher was the Goddess of Pop; mood rings were the in thing; Joe Namath signed on as quarterback– and Pampers were patented.  All very earth shaking and worth remembering.

But, right here in Winner, South Dakota something very interesting was happening.   Good friend Jodee Bainter was pledged to Alpha Phi by Bev Smith who was a loyal and dedicated member.  We are so privileged to have this opportunity to honor one of our own on her 50th anniversary as a member in our chapter. It is truly a wonderful event to celebrate!

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