“A Look at You”

Name:  Dave Baker

Birthplace:  Kansas City, MO

Family:  Wife Kristi. Daughter Bailey. Son Dalton.

Currently reside where:  Winner

Occupation:  State Trooper

The best thing about my job is:  I get to meet a lot of people. ϑ

My favorite childhood memory:  Watching George Brett play third base for the KC Royals.

Favorite sports team(s):  Kansas City Chiefs & Royals.

Favorite current television show:  Justified

Favorite past television shows:  Hunter & Six Million Dollar Man

Favorite movie(s):  Big Jake, Aliens. All of the 007 movies.

Favorite actor(s):  John Wayne and Clint Eastwood

Favorite actress(es):  Helen Hunt & Kathryn Heigl

Favorite musicians/band:  Metalica

Favorite publication(s) (newspapers, magazines):  Guns & Ammo, 4-Wheeler

Favorite holiday and why:  Christmas. Having the house decorated and being with family. 

Hobbies:  Shooting sports

Three things that can always be found in my refrigerator:  Steak, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce.

My favorite snack:  Raisinettes & Cashews

Someone I most admire and why:  Dale Earnhardt because of his will and determination.

I’ve never been able to:  Dance

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to:  Pearl Harbor

My definition of a great evening is:  A steak dinner on the plaza in Kansas City with my wife and kids.

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