Volleyball Team Runner-Ups at Big Dakota

Winner Lady Warriors volleyball team took second place in the Big Dakota Conference tournament Saturday in Ft. Pierre.

Alexis Richey, Abby Marts and Morgan Hammerbeck were named to the all-tournament team.

Winner was defeated by Miller in three sets in the championship. The scores were 25-23, 20-25, 19-15.

Addy Root and Maggie LaCompte were 100 percent in serving. Ellie Brozik was 92 percent in serving with two ace serves.

Gracie Littau had one ace serve.

Kalla Bertram had 7 kills and Brozik, 6.

Mackenzie Levi had 16 set assists and Root, 4.

Morgan Hammerbeck had 7 digs and LaCompte, Richey and Levi had 6 digs.

Hammerbeck and Bertram each had a solo block.

For the team, Winner was 90 percent in serving, with 3 ace serves, 21 kills, 21 set assists and 55 digs.

In the first match, Winner defeated Stanley County in two sets—25-13, 25-7.

Brozik and Richey were 100 percent in serving. Brozik had 3 ace serves and Root and Richey 1 ace serve.

Hammerbeck had 11 kills, Marts, 9 kills.

Levi had 15 set assists, Root, 7 set assists.

Richey had 18 digs and Hammerbeck, 9.

As a team, Winner was 88 percent in serving with 5 ace serves, 26 kills, 23 set assists and 45 digs.

Winner beat CEB in 2 sets. The scores were 25-12 and 25-16.

Hammerbeck, Brozik and Littau were 100 percent in serving. Hammerbeck had 7 ace serves and Brozik, 2.

Hammerbeck had 9 kills and Marts, 6.

Levi had 12 set assists and Root, 7.

Hammerbeck had 11 digs and Richey 10 digs. Brozik and Bertram had 1 solo block.

As a team, Winner was 98 percent in serving with 12 ace serves, 21 kills, 19 set assists, 34 digs.

Winner beat Chamberlain in two sets—25-17, 25-5.

Hammerbeck and Bertram were 100 percent in serving. Bertram had 6 aces and Hammerbeck, 5 aces.

Hammerbeck had 4 kills.

Root had 8 set assists and Levi had 3.

Richey had 10 digs and Brozik, 7.

As a team, Winner was 89 percent, 12 aces, 15 kills, 13 set assists and 31 digs.

It was a real up and down day,” said coach Jaime Keiser. We came out ready to play. We did a good job of attacking the ball against Stanley County and Cheyenne-Eagle Butte. We were put in the championship pool and played Chamberlain first. We came out a little flat and made some errors and gave Chamberlain some unearned points. The second set we took care of the little things and did a great job of serving and attacking which kept Chamberlain out of system,” said Keiser.

We had Miller in the championship and we knew they would want revenge after beating them earlier in the season. The first game we had everything clicking and played pretty good. We had all the momentum after winning the first set and took it into the second set. We had the lead with Alexis Richey went down with an injury and it took everything out of us and completely took away our momentum,” said the coach. “We stayed with Miller but just couldn’t completely recover after beating deflated by Alexis’s injury.”

Winner Lady Warriors defeated Lyman in four sets on Sept. 11.

The scores were 25-18, 25-14, 22-25 and 25-21.

The Lady Warriors are rated No. 2 in the Class A poll.

Alexis Richey and Gracie Littau were 100 percent in serving.

Mackenzie Levi had 4 aces and Maggie LaCompte, 3.

Morgan Hammerbeck had 18 kills, Ellie Brozik, 16 kills.

Levi had 23 set assists and Addy Root, 16.

Richey had 30 digs and Hammerbeck, 29.

Kalla Bertram had 3 solo blocks and 1 block assist.

Abby Marts had 1 solo block.

As a team, Winner was 88 percent in serving, 14 ace serves, 48 kills, 43 set assists, 122 digs and 5 blocks.

Lyman was a very scrappy team and they seemed to get over everything we hit at them,” said coach Jaime Keiser.

It was their homecoming week and they came out ready to play. We played flat and had a hard time getting anything going,” said the coach.

It seemed like we were just going through the motions and our minds weren’t in the match. We gave up too many unearned points with serving and attacking errors. I was proud of the girls that came off the bench and played the end of the fourth set. They stepped up and showed a lot of intensity and heart.”

The next action for the volleyball team will be Sept. 22 at Sisseton and Sept. 25 Todd County will be in Winner.

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