School set to reopen

By Dan Bechtold

Mike Calhoon was re-elected chairman of the Winner School Board at Monday’s meeting.

Scott Meiners was re-elected vice chairman as the school board started its new term.

Taking their seats on the board and taking their oath of office were Nelle Schlomer and Rusty Blare. They were elected to the board in the June 30 election.

Bill Mann was appointed to a one-year term on the board to fill the unexpired term of Haley Barfuss who has taken a position as middle school guidance counselor for the school district.

School board committee assignments include:
Buildings and grounds—Bill Mann, Rusty Blare and Scott Meiners
Finance committee—Mike Calhoon, Scott Meiners and Steve Kubik
Curriculum and personnel—Julie Manke, Nelle Schlomer and Bill Mann
Negotiations committee—Manke, Kubik and Schlomer
Calendar committee—Meiners, Blare and Schlomer
Amended consent decree—Calhoon, Kubik and Manke
Administrative assignments for the school term are:
Trust/agency—Laura Root and Cathy Ducheneaux
Title I, II and VI—Kim DeMers and Keven Morehart
Title IX-Morehart, Gerald Witte, Dan Aaker and Brian Naasz
PL 94-142 SPED—Naasz and Morehart
Section 504/ADA coordination—DeMers and Morehart
Title VII impact aid—Root, Morehart
Asbestos—Root, Morehart
Food Service—Root,Morehart
Facilities management—Orville Schroeder, Morehart, Naasz, Witte and Aaker
District technology—Witte and Brett Gardner
Truancy offciers—Morehart, Witte, Aaker and Naasz

Continuation of amended consent decree—Morehart and DeMers

The school board held a lengthy discussion on the opening of school.
Plans are for school to open on Aug. 20 with in person instruction in the classroom.

Students have not been in the classroom since early March due to COVID-19.

The local well start committee is working on coming up with a plan for the opening of school and guidelines to follow to stop the spread of the virus.

A public forum on the start of school will be held July 30 at 7 p.m. in the Armory where the school board will present the back to school plan.

Prior to the public meeting, there will be a special school board meeting at 6 p.m. July 30 in the high school chorus room.

Chairman Calhoon said parents he has talked to want school to open and the children to be in the classroom.

Supt. Morehart explained other school districts around the state are coming up with plans on what they plan to do to open school.

School board members said they need to be proactive and communicate with the community on the opening of school.

Dan Aaker, Winner School Activities director, sits on the South Dakota High School Activities Association committee that is coming up with guidelines for the start of fall sports.

In other business at Monday’s meeting the school board:
•Approved the chairperson as custodian of all legal depositories of all district accounts. Supt. Morehart and business manager Root remain on all legal depositories.
•Designated the official depositories of school funds to include BankWest, First Fidelity Bank, Sentinel Federal Credit Union and Wells Fargo bank.
•Authorize the business manager to invest and reinvest funds in institutions which serves the greatest advantage to the school district.
•Designated the Winner Advocate as the official newspaper of the school district
•Set date, time and place for regular school board meetings as the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in Room 200 at Winner High School
•Set salaries of school board members as $45 for regular meetings and $25 for special meetings for the chairman and $40 for regular meetings and $20 for special meetings for the board members.
•Set mileage, meals and lodging rates at state rates
•Authorize the publication of salaries
•Designate Rodney Freeman as the school attorney
•Set admission charges for the 2020-2021school year at $5 for adults, $3 for students for regular season events
•Authorize Supt. Morehardt to close school in emergency situations and in case of inclement weather
•Approve Laura Root’s contract as business manager
•Approve nursing service contract with Universal Pediatrics
•Approve school lunch and breakfast prices and there will be no change from the price charged last year.

In additional business, the school board approved the contract of Cyndy DeMers as the assistant dance coach.

Unique Sound of White received the bid to install a new sound system in the Armory. The firm’s bid was $16,498.

The school board canvassed the June 30 school board election.

The board approved the surplus and sale of 325 laptop computers.

Prior to the regular meeting, a public hearing was held on the 2020-2021 budget.

The budget totals $9,341,417 which is an increase of $490,417 from last year’s budget.

The general fund budget is $6,292,890 and the capital outlay budget is $1,400,000.

The special education budget is $1,259,58.

The school district will receive $2,232,158 in state aid based on a projection of 675 students.

he Winner School District will receive $260,267 in federal CARES funding.

This is funding to off set losses due to the coronavirus. The school district has a plan how to use this money.

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