Public Presentation Winners Named

Winners were named in the Tripp County 4-H public presentation contest on May 1.

Results include:

Beginner illustrated talk—Ash Kaiser, purple, life of nine banded armadillos; Abe Kaiser, purple, Roving around Mars.

Beginner speech—Deborah Harris, Not only a pastor

Beginner demonstration—Lena DeMers and Madison Graber, purple, bath bombs; Jocelyn Soles, purple, cake in a cup; Jaelyn Assman, purple, slimetastic

Junior illustrated talk—Selah Harris, purple, horsing around; Matt Brozik, blue, welding safety and welders

Junior speech—Melanie Brozik, purple, Ida bell wells

Junior demonstration—Bailey Fairbanks, blue, pillows, pillows, pillows

Senior illustrated talk—Zoe Harris, blue, pawsitively healthy; Kayla Natoli, purple, framing video gaming; Elle Harris, purple, 10 women who changed the auto industry; Megan Brozik, purple, just breathe

Senior speech—Zoe Harris, blue, stars and stripes forever, our great flag

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