Moss ~ SD A.A.R.P. Grandparent of the Year

My Grandma Ellen Moss should win the A.A.R.P. Grandparent of the year award because she works hard and takes care of eight grandchildren and does a great job of it too! I think all the grandchildren could say that, especially me. She is brave, fun, and most of all kind.

My Grandma is the bravest woman I know, because she never lets anything happen to her family. She speaks up for me and everyone else. If anyone was mean to her family she won’t just stand by and let it happen, she will put a stop to it. My Grandma has stood up to multiple parents on different occasions. Most of all she never backs down from anything.

If you have ever met my Grandma, she is one of the most fun women you’ll ever meet. We love playing board games with each other and usually she always wins. My Grandma will also color with me when I’m bored. She also takes us to go get ice cream not just to spoil us but to show us we have worked hard in school and out of school to earn it. Lastly she will cook and bake all sorts of stuff with me!

My grandma has the strongest heart anyone could ever have. She attends all of my events, even if they are hours away. Secondly she comes to my house even if it’s just for a few minutes. When she’s around she does my parents a favor and brings me to any type of appointments. If you’re feeling down, once you see her bright pretty smile she will make you brighten up in just a few seconds!

You should choose my Grandma for the A.A.R.P. Grandparent of the year award. Like I said if you have never met my Grandma, I suggest you do because she is the bravest, most fun, and kindest person I have ever met. In fact this award should be called the best Grandparent of the year award because that is exactly what my Grandma is.

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Cora Moss

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