Levi Wins Rotary Essay Contest

Mackenzie Levi, a 6th grader at Winner Middle School, won the Winner Rotary Club 4 way test essay contest.

Levi presented her essay at the March 5 Rotary meeting. She is the daughter of Mike and Cindy Levi.

There were 32 students who entered the contest.

Here is  Levi’s winning essay:

The four way test has helped me in some different ways. I like the four way test because it asks good questions, like the truth, is it fair, will it build better friendship and will it be beneficial. This has helped me through a lot of things because of the questions. It has helped me through friendship and some uneasy things. Just asking four easy questions and simple questions make things easier. I am going to talk about a choice I had to make one time.

One day when  I was at my house my friend called and asked me if i wanted to go to their house next weekend for a  sleep over. I said back to her, that I would ask my mom and my mom said “yes.” I was really excited to go  and knew I would have fun. The next day after school she said that she couldn’t wait to  have me over for a sleepoverr and  I said “I can’t wait.”

Later that day another friend asked me what i was doing this weekend and I said, “I’m not sure,” because i didn’t want to tell her what I was doing and hurt their feelings. She said well you come over to my house this weekend and we can hang out. I said, Ok, but I have to ask my mom first. She said ok  that if I wanted to they were going to go down to the river and go tubing for the day.

The four way test helped me to ask myself would it be fair to all concerned. I thought to myself it wouldn’t be fair if I canceled on the first persons and then they somehow found out that I canceled to go do something more fun. Will it build good will and better friendships? It would built better friendships, if I didn’t cancel on the first person. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Yes, if I do the right thing the other friend will understand that I have already made plans and can’t go. Is it the truth? It could be the truth if I just tell my other friend I can’t go.

At the end I went with my friend that asked me first. You might ask why I wouldn’t  pick more fun with my other friend. I picked the friend that asked me first because it was fair and so I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. When the sleepover was over I was glad I did the right thing. I had a a lot of fun and felt good because of how I handled it. As you can see, the four way test is very useful in many situations and helps you do the right thing.

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