Colome parade winners

Winners have been named in the Colome High School homecoming parade. The parade was held Friday with Tanya Fletcher as the parade marshal.

Winners of the pre-K-2nd grade division are: 1. Kindergarten, 2nd. first and second grade and 3.preschool/begindergarten

3rd-5th division

1. 3rd grade, 2. 5th grade, 3. 4th grade

6th-8th division

1. 8th grade, 2. 7th grade, 3. 6th grade

9-12th division

1. Seniors, 2. 10th grade, 3. 11th grade, 4. 9th grade

Business division

1. First Fidelity Bank of Colome, 2. Maggie’s B&B/ Sportsman’s Lodge

Class floats

1. Class of 1977, 2. Class of 2003, 3. Class of 1963

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