4-Hers Compete in Shooting Sports

younger 4h shooters with katie welker

Tripp County 4-H sent five qualified shooters to the 2015 state shotgun and muzzleloader contest in Mitchell Sept 11-13.

Results include:

Muzzleloader—Megan McCarty, white (first junior)
Trap—Casey Assman, blue; Cody Assman, blue; Chet Bryan, purple (3rd senior), George Clark, purple, (2nd beginner), Jentry Gregg, purple (1st beginner); Justus Gregg, red; Luke Hennbold, purple; Wade McClanahan, blue; Loren Moeller, purple (4th junior); Tane Pravecek, blue and Katie Welker, purple.
Sporting clays—Chet Bryan, purple (1st senior); George Clark, blue; Jentry Gregg, purple, (3rd beginner); Justin Gregg, blue; Luke Hennebold, red; Wade McClanahan, blue; Loren Moeller blue; Tane Pravecek, white and Katie Welker, purple.
Skeet—Chet Bryan, purple (3rd senior); Jentry Gregg, blue; Luke Hennebold, blue; Wade McClanahan, red and Loren Moeller, purple.

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