26 Participate in Fishing Tournament

Twenty-six youth took part in the fishing tournament June 16 at the Winner Bass Pond.

Winners include:

3 to 6-year-old group

1—Jeb Rolf, 2. Barrett Sampson, 3 Remington Rohde

Big odd fish/turtle—Jeb Rolf

7 to 10 year olds girls

  1. Nora Poither, 2. Tenley Rohde, 3. Gracie Rohde

7 to 10-year-old boys

  1. Aiden Semrad Schroeder, 2. TysonStands, 3. Tayson Stiehl

Big bass—Tenley Rohde

11 to 15 year olds

  1. Brianna Gilchrist, 1. Lane Moser

First place received a fishing pole, second place received a tackle box, third place received a tackle pack. All participants received a goody bag of fishing items.

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