Winter Storm Causes Power Outages

Winter just does not want to let go of its grip on the area.

Friday freezing rain and snow fell in the Winner area. The ice on the trees caused many branches to break. There were reports of lots of tree branches down all over Winner.

Due to ice on electrical lines here was some power blinks but there was never a total power outage in Winner.

In rural areas, some people lost power. Rosebud Electric Cooperative reported 75 percent of the power that was off was south of Colome and in the Clearfield area. They said at 10:15 a.m. on Friday the first outage was reported and as the day went on about 100 customers were without power. The REC got people back up and running on Friday but on Saturday when the heavy ice started dropping off the electrical lines, more people, including some of the same ones from Friday were without power. REC reported by 6 p.m. Saturday everyone had power. A full crew was working to restore power to their customers.

During the storm, only one pole was broken and that was in Colome. REC estimates there were a dozen wires broken.

With the poor weather on Monday, there were some sporadic outages reported by REC.

Monday there was light snow in Winner ranging from one to three inches. Fog early Monday morning reduced visibility.

The snow on Monday was wet and heavy meaning there was a lot of good precipitation.

From March 13 to March 19, Winner received 8.5 inches of snow. The greatest amount was recorded on March 17 when 3 inches was reported from the snow and icy storm on Friday. The precipitation from that three inches of snow was .25.

Due to Friday’s snow and ice there was no school in Winner. Colome school was on spring break. Due to the bad weather, the Tripp County Courthouse offices closed early on Friday afternoon.

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